Stress Relief 5 ways for Holiday Season

Stress relief during the holiday season does not have to be difficult. It is actually ironic that the season that should bring forth happiness, excitement and relaxation is the leading cause of stress to many people. That’s understandable considering the numerous shopping escapades to embark on, preparation for the holiday meals and a myriad of parties that you have no choice but to attend.

Catch a break this holiday season, why don’t you? You deserve a stress-free holiday too. Why don’t you try these stress relief ideas?

Most effective 5 stress relief tips:

1. Prepare beforehand

Once the holiday season is approaching, you should already start dividing your tasks. Create your holiday menu and list down the ingredients you need to buy. If you are hosting, clean your home a week before.

Prepare fresh bed linens for your guests. Don’t try to tackle these tasks in just one day. Try to maximize your time.

Find pockets of time where you can squeeze in a few extra tasks like chopping vegetables for the next day’s feast or dry cleaning some of your pillows.

This way, you can be virtually stress-free when your guests arrive.

2. Seek help

Chore hoarders are people who have perfectionist tendencies. Why not entrust some of those chores to the other members of your household? Simple chores like chopping vegetables can be designated to the men in your household while they are watching television.

Your kids can help you bake some cookies. If you have friends going over to celebrate the holiday season, assign tasks to them like bringing champagne or antipasti salad. These little chores can help you a great deal.

3. Look for easier gift solutions

One of the main causes of stress during the holiday season is gift-giving. Here is a nifty stress relief solution: give gift cards instead. Gift cards can be sent to your loved ones.

It might not be the most creative gift in the world but it can actually give your loved ones a chance to buy the stuff they really want or need. You can also sidestep the cumbersome gift wrapping.

4. Understand what the holiday season is all about

Most of us just scratch the surface when it comes to celebrating the holiday season. Whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas, there are always reasons why you are celebrating them.

Instead of fussing over trivial matters, why not get down to the root of the occasion? Contemplate why you are really celebrating Christmas or Thanksgiving and revel on the beauty of the occasion.

Christmas is a time of giving and Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks to all your bounties. You should remind yourself of the reasons why that day is celebrated and you will enjoy life more.

5. Get some much-needed shut-eye

The holiday season is the best time to catch up on sleep. Why don’t you try to sleep early and wake up early? This will help you get many chores done during the day and will then provide stress relief.

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