5 Experts Advice & Guide for Devil Tarot Cards

Are you searching the devil tarot Advice & Guide? Devil cards are often not as bad as we think. It’s often about sadness, obsession, and addiction to stay away from what we want to do to fear getting in the way of life.

We interviewed 5 professional tarot experts. Today we will show you their opinion about the Devil tarot card reading.

The Devil Tarot Advice & Guide from Professional Tarot Readers:

Let’s see what the expert says in describing the reaction of the devil tarot card…

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1. Melita Conradi, 40 years of practice and teaching Tarot.

The main theme of The Devil Card’s Tarotype includes many possible explanations for the Tarot. As I’ve said in many of Tarot’s responses, the meaning depends on the specific context of your question as well as the other cards scattered. Other cards will indicate what the card means, especially in that case.

Instead of reacting to the superstitious, knee-jerk reaction to this card, practice meditating with it so that you can develop an intuitive response to it that will truly support your lesson.

Do this without mentioning the existing traditional theological explanations. Build your own intuitive relationship with it. Ironically, the practice I’m suggesting is a way to “break free” from being limited by superstition,

 Which is the traditional reading of the Devil card??

For me, in general, the card always involves how we limit and bind ourselves without being associated with our intuition and/or our beliefs. There are many ways to enslave yourself or allow yourself to be manipulated. Sometimes it is obvious, and sometimes, especially if it is self-induced, it is very subtle.

The devil can mean the intellect of the body. The bound card must be bound as a symbol, either to be enslaved to some kind of material addiction or to reject the primitive knowledge of the body and the physical plane.

The card may call for a return to the body, including sexual and financial activity later. As I said, it depends entirely on the situation of the person. There is no general intervention in Tarot.

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2. Roxy Cap, Tarot Adviser & Practitioner 

Pay attention. The devil card represents some kind of extra. And pay attention to your thoughts when it comes to cards if you are taking too much medicine or having sex over anything.

? This card shows you the direction of your inner monsters or shadows. When the devil card arrives, he asks you if you are a prisoner of your own stench? He pays attention to what you don’t do, and it’s not always nice about him, like seeing yourself naked in the dark and seeing yourself, the flaws, and everything.

? He challenges you that he will no longer serve you and let you see your ugliness. You cannot deny your shadow. It will frustrate you if you do not look at yourself and continue to decide whether you want to be on a self-destructive path right now.

 ? The devil card basically gives you a mirror, and you look like yourself. Your bad habits, your ugliness, and your inner ghost. He asks you if you are ready to let it go and reminds you that you have the power to change anything in your life to reach your maximum potential.

Some people find this card scary because not everyone wants to admit their misery or face their inner monsters, but this card is perfect and transformative. And after this card comes the tower. This means if you don’t face your misfortunes and face your inner monsters, you will face disaster and strife.

Your whole foundation will be shaken and pulled from the bottom. The Devil gives you a chance to see it before it happens.

The devil card represents a very manipulative and dangerous person, person and you need to remove this person from your life.

3. Pen mara Brandywine, 12 years as a tenor reader and counting

The devil card is associated with Saturn and Capricorn in astrology. Saturn is the hard taskmaster or strict guardian. Capricorn is “the piece of your nose that does all the work and no sports work.” If you don’t learn your lessons, you go through obstacles and limitations. It also represents areas of life where you are oppressed or stuck.

? Devil is a symbol of hard-earned money and well-known text. Devil says, “You are going to fight for it;” Or “You can’t keep it at all.” Devil presents obstacles, negative emotions, “sin,” temptation, prohibition, separation, prohibition, obsession, excessive amounts of money; Anything addictive in nature, or you turn it into an addiction, whether well-intentioned (such as entertainment / Netflix, gaming) or bad (drugs and alcohol).

  • Devil is the shadow of life and/or the dark side of the mind.
  • Devil offers a “no” answer to any question.
  • Moreover, the devil’s advice is to “think carefully.”

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4. Victoria Sijimula, Ricky Master Teacher and Intuitive Reader

Devil is often identified as “negative,” but this is not always the case. Its meaning may change depending on the other cards around it. It can represent;

  1. Capricorn and/or Capricorn person’s sign
  2. Obsessive-Compulsive/Addiction 
  3. Procrastination
  4. Past Life/Work Bond 
  5. Intense sexual attraction
  6. Co-dependent behavior in relationships 
  7. The temptation

5. Koi Waz, Tarot Adviser, and Expert 

 I’ve been researching the paranormal since I was little.

The devil card advises you that it presents something that is not good for you or something tied to you. A thing that takes and accepts and gives nothing in return. When this card appears, it advises you to break the chains from what you say, and once it’s done, you’ll have more time, energy, and resources to focus on something non-toxic. It tells you to get rid of things that are not positively serving you.


Many people think that the devil tarot card always has a negative reaction. However, it keeps you away from negative things or helps to change many bad things, according to experts. Devil Tarot is not dark or black psychology rather;, it can be a good psychology gift. It gives you an idea of the Bad effects that can come into your life.

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