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Through this article, we will know about an important issue of all humanity’s psychological life. Most of us are unaware of Dark psychology though we face this in everyday life in many ways. This article will get a comprehensive idea about dark psychology and how it works to manipulate people’s minds. Dark psychology is an open secret of the entire human life. Also, you will get a complete review of a few essential books. Let’s know about it.

What is dark psychology?

At first, we have to know the definition of dark psychology.

According to a successful author Michale Nuccitelli, “Dark psychology is both a human consciousness construct and study of the human condition as it relates to the psychological nature of people to prey upon others motivated by psychopathic, deviant or psychopathological criminal drives that lack purpose and general assumptions of instinctual drives, evolutionary biology, and sciences theory.

All of humanity has this potentiality to victimize humans and other living creatures. While many people restrain or sublimate this tendency, some people perform these impulses again and again. Dark psychology explores criminal, deviant, and cybercriminal minds.

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Analysis of the definition:

Analyzing this explanation given by Michale Nuccitelli, we can realize that dark psychology is a skill of controlling other people’s minds. We all have this potentiality and also using knowingly and unknowingly. It’s a game of mind where we play with other people’s thoughts, feelings, perceptions, etc., to satisfy ourselves by gaining desired goals. For example, we can say that a salesman is very passionate about selling his products to the customer and using dark psychology to manipulate the customers. He is doing this knowingly.

On the other hand, a selfish one is playing the game with others’ minds to fulfill desires unknowingly. Dark psychology applying unknowingly can be very harmful cause it can hurt other’s feelings deeply. It’s also not good to apply on other knowingly.

Darkness Manipulation:

It’s an unimaginable superpower of manipulating darkness or shadow. This is the opposite of Light Manipulation.

This superpower users can create, shape, and manipulate the darkness or shadow for various effects, sizes, shapes, and intensity levels. Depending on the level of strength, using this incredible power perfectly, one can blanket a whole city, country, or even this world in eternal darkness for the entire time.

There are some famous users of this superpower, including:

  • Ichibei Hyosube and Shunsui Kyoraku (Bleach)
  • Marshall “Blackbeard” D. Teach(One Piece)
  • BlackStar (Soul Eater)
  • Rouge Cheney (Fairy Tail)

Moreover, this ability is as profitable as one wants to, and its power depends upon the user.

Dark Sense of Humor Psychology:

In dark psychology, a dark sense of humor is a new addition. A dark sense of humor is an indicator of high intelligence. According to a very recent study, there are some forms of black humor like taboo jokes, “People who appreciate taboo jokes, show higher levels of intelligence.”

According to the findings of a new Austrian study published in the journal Cognitive Processing, An appreciation of black humor could be an indicator of intelligence levels. Another researcher team of the Medical University of Vienna has found that the enjoyment of so-called “gallows humor is linked to high levels of both verbal and nonverbal intelligence.

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud in his theory of humor, 1905, proposes that Humor allows for a provisionally and comparatively safe discharge of typically repressed sexual and destructive urges in the form of wits. There is going on so much researching and experimenting with this black humor and dark sense of humor. In this world, there are a few who are having this kind of sense of humor. It indicates a high level of intelligence.

Dark Psychology Tactics:

Psychological manipulation means changing other’s opinions, feeling, views, thinking even values systems. This is one type of social influence that aims to mislead perception through various tactics. For example, friends, family, and doctors can influence modification contrary to habits and behaviors. In these phases, manipulation books can help you to know various systematic approaches.

In our everyday life, we are facing dark psychology tactics unconsciously. The manipulators attack us silently, and we couldn’t even realize. In this fact, manipulators use tactics knowingly. Psychologist George Simon said that- These covert manipulators intentionally say and do things to get what they want for power and control.

The manipulation types are including, covert aggression, criticism, narcissistic abuse, and subtle forms of emotional abuse. The most used weapons are below:

  1. Making me feel your guilt and shame
  2. Complaining against you
  3. Comparing you with someone else
  4. Lying, denying
  5. Avoiding you
  6. Playing with your mind.
  7. Emotional blackmailing
  8. Showing sympathy
  9. Apologizing
  10. Doing favors for you.

Manipulators use these tactics with consciousness. These destructive tactics can be traumatic for you and also can damage your self-worth. For our self-protection, we should find out how to deal with a narcissist and difficult people.

Dark Psychology Tricks:

Every single thing in this world has positive and negative sides. If we can use dark psychology to manipulate people’s minds for human civilization’s welfare, it will be great. There are so many tricks of dark psychology for manipulating someone. We can use these tricks easily and obviously wisely. While using tricks, we have to remember that not to be the cause of any harm to other people.

Here are some pragmatic tricks and tips to control people’s minds.

Let’s use these as art-

  1. Smile before talking: This will help other people to feel comfortable with you, and they will open up to you.
  2. Eye contact: This helps you to be smart and sharp to others. People will take you and your speech seriously.
  3. Being nice to others: Say “hello” to your neighbors and others you know and establish yourself in front of them as a well-behaved person.
  4. Choosing sentences or words wisely: For example, instead of saying, “I know,” you should say, “You are right” thus, the other person will feel good to talk with you.
  5. Staying quiet: If you want to know more information, don’t ask; keep silent; the other person will automatically fill up your thirst. On the other hand, if you want to avoid someone to stay quiet, he/she will stop irritating you.
  6. Give importance to others: While talking, gives him/her enough space to express his/her opinion. Listen carefully to their speeches.
  7. Make others feel free with you: While talking, use people’s names with affection. Never make an embarrassing situation. Give them a chance to understand you.
  8. Stop arguing: When you know that he/ she is saying wrong, don’t say this directly, don’t even try to argue. Let them finish and try to use positive words to make them understand the fact.
  9. Make people laugh: You should make people laugh if you want to control someone’s minds because laughter makes them vulnerable.
  10. Handling aggressive person: Keep quiet and then say the just word that will directly attack him/her. Thus he/she will be controlled.

Dark PsychologyIf you want to know more and analyze this topic, you can read a book written by Dr. Felicity Gray named Dark Psychology Secrets: Trick to Influence and Manipulate People. You could learn the Secrets of Covert Psychological and Emotional Manipulation, Brainwashing, Deception, and Persuasion. Narcissistic Revenge”

Dark Psychology Secrets:

This is the most wanted book for the researchers and for them who want to know about dark psychology and the harming manipulators for self-defense. The full name of this book is “Dark Psychology Secrets: How to stop being manipulated.”

Dark PsychologyThe author is Richard Martinez. If someone wants to access the tricks and tips of dark psychology and never become a victim of toxic manipulators again, this book will be a great blessing for him or her.

In this book, the author said that anyone could be victimized by manipulators who are very close in our everyday life, including colleagues, friends, and family members. By reading this book, we know how to recognize these manipulators and will be aware of them. We should know our dark sides also to stop being victimized. You have to be able first to protect yourself by gaining knowledge. So read and enrich your mind. Thus you can help yourself in a better way.

Dark Psychology 101 Summary:

Dark PsychologyThe book consists of a short text that cannot give us perfect lessons about dark psychology or general psychology, though it can be useful for beginners. In this book, the author with the pen name Michale Pace has shown the benefits of knowing our dark sides and mentioned six steps to change thought or thinking styles. I think it is a self-referential book. Though there are a lot of lacking, we should read this book to gain primary knowledge easily.

Also, you can buy Dark Psychology 102. It is an updated and follows up book of dark psychology 101. This book will give you more advanced techniques of Dark CBT, deception, seduction, mind control, social welfare, manipulation, and persuasion.

Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight

This is a famous comic book written by Travis Langley is a psychology professor at Henderson State University. We can realize how effective and popular this book is through the speech about this book given by famous comic book writer and editor Dennis O’Neill, “It is a terrific book.

It explains Batman’s various incarnations’ psychological complications, in print and on screens, both large and small. In the process, it gives us a pretty thorough biography of Batman, his friends, and his enemies. It serves as a witty and obvious beginning to psychology, particularly clinical psychology.

We all are well-known to this most compelling and enduring comic character Batman. The children are very of the Batman cartoon series. It’s so popular all over the world. I have to mention this also, which is the undeniable truth that this book is also a diamond addition in psychology. Audible Audiobook for Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight is also available.

Dark Intelligence:

Dark PsychologyThis is a science fiction novel written by popular English fiction writer Neal Asher published in 2015. It is the first book in a high-octane SF trilogy set in Asher’s famous Polity universe and focuses on the black Al Penny Royal.



Top 10 Myths of Dark Psychology

Most of the people who are unaware of psychological manipulation misperceived the myths of dark intelligence. 10 common myths are listed below:

  1. Dark intelligence is not hypnosis to manipulate other’s minds.
  2. It is not NLP “Hidden seduction triggers.”
  3. It is not Brainwashing.
  4. World control by a small number of people.
  5. It does not turn anybody into a cult-sect follower.
  6. It works like a Hollywood movie.
  7. Psychopathy has more capability to use dark intelligence.
  8. It is the same as Sears, psychics, spells, curses, potions, fortune tellers.
  9. It is totally Subliminal manipulation.
  10. It is a symbol of creepy pictures that describes the light vs. dark.

Influence of Dark Psychology in Relationships

Conflict is natural facts in the relationship. According to research, there is less conflict in relationships rather than in dating.

Women typically use psychological tools to control their men. They use to outright abuse, jealous control, lowering her self-esteem. There are also psychopath control tools like devaluation, operant conditioning by punishment, and reward system, using drama by showing positive or negative emotions, dread game.

Frequently Asked Question


What is dark psychology manipulation?

Ans. It is a phenomenon by which people play mind games with others’ feelings, emotions, thoughts, perceptions, etc., to gain desired goals knowingly and unknowingly. Most of us are doing this art of manipulation and mind control unknowingly. Moreover, this is a topic from abnormal psychology. By using dark psychology with knowledge, many kinds of crimes are happening every day. Every human has this potentiality.

Why are people afraid of dark psychology?

Ans. Most of the time, dark psychology tricks are used unethically by people with knowledge and without knowledge. Various kinds of criminals are using this power with great knowledge to fulfill their desires. Even they don’t care about your feelings, emotions. In this fact, cybercriminals are on the first track. The big reason is people don’t know about it, and they haven’t even basic knowledge about this term of psychology. These are the main cause.

What is the dark triad in psychology?

Ans. The dark triad is a psychology term that consisted of three anti-social personality traits of Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopath. They are called dark because of their evil qualities. The dark triad is used in applied psychology, especially within law enforcement, clinical psychology, and business management.

Most important, another best dark psychology books:

There are so many books that are used to manipulate others. Here are selected some –

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If You want to know about any topic, then the book is very authentic and useful. You can read these best dark psychology books to know it smoothly.

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