The Good Tarot by Collete Baron-Reid: REVIEWS

As a tarot practitioner, I use the cards for all sorts of purposes. I’ve worked with many clients, from new business owners to those who suffer from deep emotional wounds. In all cases, “The Good Tarot” cards have helped me see the patterns that have led to their current situation and help them find solutions to their problems.

This deck has been very interesting. The cards themselves are very pretty and have been designed by an experienced artist, and the accompanying booklet is well written and illustrated.

I like that each card is dedicated to a mythological creature and that each card has a brief description of a particular culture or mythology. I think it is very nicely done.

We have provided the details on The Good Tarot in the article. Check them out below.

The good tarot card meanings:

There are many different interpretations of the tarot, and the good tarot card by the author Collete Baron-Reid is not traditional. It’s a one-of-a-kind tarot card written for the modern tarot reader to provide additional insight into the tarot card images in your daily life.

The Good Tarot
4,533 Reviews
The Good Tarot
  • Baron-Reid, Colette (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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How to read good tarot cards?

It encourages the use of the ‘good tarot card’ to help make decisions and help you figure out what is best. The tarot cards are laid out in a spread, where each card shows a different image and possible meanings.

Some of the cards can be positive, and some can be negative, but the cards are all positive or negative only within the context of the spread.

The main idea behind the good tarot card is to look at the complete spread without paying attention to the negative cards.

About Author

This deck was created by the author Collete Baron-Reid.

Colette Baron-Reid is the world’s over acclaimed oracle specialist, thought leader, and first fine promoting writer of “The Map” and different books and products, along with Oracle cards and meditation apps.

She is a well-known author and published in 27 languages, and is a spiritual teacher. Her fans affectionately call her “The Oracle Queen.”

Some of her best-selling, top ratings, popular tarot decks are listed below. 

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The Good Tarot Review

When Colette Baron_Reid began doing expert reading nearly 30 years ago, she used the traditional tarot to supply intuitive guidance. Now she has taken the classical shape and given it a cutting-edge twist, with fits and meanings targeted at transformation and personal growth.

Grounded in a divination machine dating back centuries ago, Good Tarot has a mental structure that is the core of today’s high-quality psychology and, above all, the most appropriate expression for all. We can stumble with others or even within the world.

The Good Tarot has four suits of elements, including traditional swords, Water changing Cups and Wands, air status with fire.

An important difference from the conventional deck is that the message on playing cards is written as a timeless, wonderful recognition of the gift rather than a prediction, instruction, or warning.

Those who use play cards in a counseled manner can combine their strengths at once and in person.

Even so, traditional tarot fanatics can still observe their favorite spreads near their decks because its structure does not stray too far from what is already known and inspires unique images to watch this breath.

In moments of uncertainty, everyone needs to be steering, with light shining through the darkness, “ Colette Write.”

The Good Tarot is especially effective when you feel lost, almost in a way you need to confirm that you are going, almost involving the results that you have created options or looking for more information in your situation.

It almost spots a variety of truths and sees the light part with the shadows so you can help the light increase its brightness.”

Features and Specifications:

This deck was published by the Lifestyles a Box Crds/P edition on April 01, 2017. It comes in the English language and has a 152-page guidebook. It weighs 1.08 pounds and has 3.94*2.12*5.5 dimensions of inches.

  • Its features contain a 78 card and a guidebook provided with all 78 cards and its suit, spread information.
  • This deck is rooted in positive psychology and personal transformation.
  • Its booklet gives a nice brief background on the Arcana and card suits.

User’s Experience:

  • The deck is positive and affirming and looks at the good side of all cards in the Tarot.
  • The appearance of the card artwork is soft, dreamy, magical quality.
  • Some user’s claimed that there is a problem with the card size as they are wide and difficult for small hands to shuffle.
  • This deck is suitable for meditation, exploring in-depth changes that you are undergoing or contemplating counseling, and a daily affirmation.
  • The deck of the little book doesn’t include any negative or reverse meanings.
  • The deck of the images has many-layered and is blended in photoshop style, and there is so much in each picture.
  • The appearance of the card pictures is soothing and gentle is great to meditate.
  • The deck focuses on these present and positive outcomes, and every card has an affirmation instead of a meaning.
  • Some user’s claimed that its book does not provide much detail about the cards and different interpretations of the tarot.
Pros: Cons:
  • The deck helps us and shows us guidance to overcome our obstacles.
  • It understands our circumstances and the choices we made.
  • It recognizes many forms of truth and shows us the light that accompanies the shadows, and helps the light to increase its brilliance.
  • The deck of the card is easy to use and shuffles well.
  • The deck includes images that are all positive and soothing.
  • Its guidebook provided all the instructions and information on the Good tarot.
  • The deck is full of light and helps to inspire in our journey of life.

  • The deck of the guidebook doesn’t provide reverse meanings.
  • Its guidebook lacks a proper explanation about the cards.
  • The size of the card is wide and small, so it will be difficult to shuffle; otherwise, it is perfect.


The good tarot is a divination tool that is widely used to gain insight into the future. It is believed that the tarot cards themselves have the power to move us in our quest for enlightenment and can give us the strength to overcome the obstacles we face in our lives. So, we hope that you have understood all the details that we have provided in the article. Feel free to choose this deck.

Happy Shopping.

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