What Not To Do With Tarot Cards in 2022?

If you are a beginner don’t know any idea what not to do with tarot cards, then follow this instruction which we have provided below:

Don’t look up the tarot card meanings

I know this can be the most difficult rule, but you don’t trust your intuition, where tarot is all about honing your instincts. Second, you are relying on other people’s explanations and opinions. On the other hand, you should develop your connections with the card. Finally, tarot is a visual modality that works with your claim. There is no such thing as reading.

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Don’t mix your spirits

Don’t do this when someone says to you have a glass of wine for your friend. Tarot is all about a sacred practice. It is not about having fun. Secondly, If you are addicted to drugs or don’t have any firm command about what forces to use or let go of. Drinking twice a day increases your chances of picking out something you don’t enjoy at once.

Do not offer a free reading

If you give reading without any exchange, you are underestimating your talent and tarot because tarot is all about skills and needs to be recognized. You don’t have to ask your plumber friend to make the house free. Likewise, people don’t pay for reading messages if they are free.

Do not predict or fortune to tell

Many people think that tarot is all about predicting the future. But, this is a wrong misconception. It just gives you suggestions. People merely ask, “when will I get a job?” “What will be my future?” Instead of it asked, “What step need to do to get a better job or better life?”

I hope you have understood now. You will need to know the right way to put tarot cards in sequence. So let’s check:

How to put Tarot cards in Order?

As we know, there are 78 decks divided into two groups; major arcana and minor arcana, where major arcana start from 0-21, and minor arcana is 56. Each card comes in four suits with 14 cards each. You seemed too confused about how to put cards in order. To do that, you need to follow this step starting with 0 or The Fool card:

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Major Arcana

  1. The Fool
  2. The Magician
  3. The High Priestess
  4. The Empress
  5. The Emperor
  6. The Hierophant
  7. The Lovers
  8. The Chariot
  9. Strength
  10. The Hermit
  11. The Wheel of Fortune
  12. Justice
  13. The Hanged Man
  14. Death
  15. Temperance
  16. The Devil
  17. The Tower
  18. The Star
  19. The Moon
  20. The Sun
  21. Judgment
  22. The World.

 Minor Arcana

Suits Of Wand

  1. Ace of wands
  2. Two of wands
  3. Three of wands
  4. Four of wands
  5. Five of wands
  6. Six of wands
  7. Seven of wands
  8. Eight of wands
  9. Nine of wands
  10. Ten of wands
  11. Page of wands
  12. Knight of wands
  13. Queen of wands
  14. King of wands.

Suits of cup

  1. Ace of cups
  2. Two of cups
  3. Three of cups
  4. Four of cups
  5. Five of cups
  6. Six of cups
  7. Seven of cups
  8. Eight of cups
  9. Nine of cups
  10. Ten of cup
  11. Page of cup
  12. Knight of cups
  13. Queen of cups
  14. King of cups.

Suits of swords

  1. Ace of swords
  2. Two of swords
  3. three of swords
  4. Four of swords
  5. Five of swords
  6. Six of swords
  7. Seven of swords
  8. Eight of swords
  9. Nine of swords
  10. Ten of swords
  11. Page of swords
  12. Knight of swords
  13. Queen of swords
  14. King of swords

Suits of pentacles

  1. Ace of pentacles
  2. Two of pentacles
  3. Three of pentacles
  4. Four of pentacles
  5. Five of pentacles
  6. Six of pentacles
  7. Seven of pentacles
  8. Eight of pentacles
  9. Nine of pentacles
  10. Ten of pentacles
  11. Page of pentacles
  12. Knight of pentacles
  13. Queen of pentacles
  14. King of pentacles

I hope you have got the step.

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