Barbieri Zodiac Oracle Review (Pros & Cons)

Paolo Barbieri and Barbara Moore, the two authors behind the Barbieri Zodiac Oracle, have been in the field of astrology for many years. In their book, they explain how to use the prediction of the Zodiacs to understand the nature of the other aspects of the other-selves. This article has all the details about the Barbieri Zodiac Oracle with the advantages, disadvantages, previous users’ experiences, and product specifications. Let’s check the full Barbieri Zodiac Oracle Review.

Barbieri Zodiac Oracle Card Meanings

The Barbieri Zodiac Oracle or Zodiac Oracle Card is a popular choice among fortune-tellers for people to look into their future. It can help people find out what will happen and what they should do to avoid certain predicaments.

The Zodiac Oracle Cards are part of a fantastic deck of Tarot Cards that come in good packs. Each pack comes with a booklet that teaches you how to read the cards. The cards are significant because they are an excellent tool for self-discovery by helping you can discover who you are, what your passions are, what your life goals are, and how to achieve them.

How to Read Astrological Oracle Cards

If you believe in astrology, you’ll know there are many different types of oracle cards. Some are based on the traditional tarot cards; others are based on the I Ching, or Chinese oracle, the Jewish Zodiac, or the new-age system, which uses the Celtic system. Each one has its own approach, rules of interpretation, and of course, outcomes.

Though it is still relatively unknown, the art of reading tarot cards has been enjoying a surge of popularity among people of all ages. Since predictions are based on the question asked, the cards are also used to discover many other personal questions.

For instance, you can find out about your future love life, how you will spend the day, your professional future, your family, your health condition, geographical location, financial situation, home, job, and future. All this with the reading of one single tarot card.

Barbieri Zodiac Oracle
  • Barbieri, Paolo (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About the Author

Paolo Barbieri is an Italian painter who lives and works in the United States. In Europe and North America, his drawings have graced the covers of classic novels. Since the early 1990s, Barbara Moore of Northern California has researched and interpreted tarot. She’s the author of over a dozen books, including the best-selling Tarot for Novices. Barbara also consults with customers and hosts resorts and training around the globe.

Barbieri Zodiac Oracle Review

Famous Italian designer Paolo Barbieri, a creator of design and form, introduces an oracle deck packed with vibrant, beautiful artwork and celestial potential. Barbieri has transformed the symbols, constellations, and components into drawings of enormous, uncontrollable energy influenced by traditional celestial iconography.

This strong oracle is fueled by his special mix of enchantment, imagination, and the Zodiac, a device that will lead you to all the solutions you need. Most Lo Scarabeo deck companion pamphlets are available in five language families: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Llewellyn Publications published the boxed tarot edition on May 8, 2017. The card language is English. It weighs 8 ounces, and its dimensions are 4 x 1.25 x 5.25 inches.

Previous Users’ Experiences

  • The interplanetary, celestial, and fundamental cards are included in this deck.
  • This deck’s players will adore the stunning images and vibrant colors.
  • The card paper is good, the graphics are vivid, full color, and in a contemporary art style, the cards are marked, and the names and glyphs of each are printed on the top.
  • Excellent work.
  • It was well-packaged.
  • Because it’s a smaller deck, it’s much easier to shuffle and manage.
  • It comes with a handy little pamphlet that provides suggestions rather than in-depth explanations, which is excellent because it pushes you to accept your readings with some help.
  • The cards are beautiful and wide enough for the photographs to be appreciated.
  • Thinner than most other cards.
  • Not have durable quality.


After a few reads, the directions on how to read them are rather basic and easy enough to monitor learning flow. The art, though, is the star of the show, and it’s stunning digital art. You can tell that some cards have had a bit more processing and attention put into them than others, so it doesn’t always seem like the same set. However, examining each card and looking at the minutiae is a terrific way to pass the time.

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