5 Best Crystals for Solar Plexus Chakra in 2024

Best Crystals for Solar Plexus Chakra

You came here because you’d like to find the best crystals for your solar plexus chakra. Unfortunately, the sound is that you are stuck in a rut! The only problem is you do not know what a solar plexus chakra is. Or do you? The chakra system is a wide net covering all our emotional and spiritual functioning.

It has several chakras responsible for our physical well-being: the root chakra, solar plexus chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, and crown chakra.

I prefer to talk about the solar plexus chakra rather than the heart chakra when it comes to the chakras. As part of the throat chakra, the solar plexus chakra is at the center of our solar system. It is the “powerhouse” chakra. This chakra is also called the kundalini chakra.

The most talked-about chakra when chakras are discussed is the solar plexus chakra. Known as the seat of the ego, the solar plexus chakra is one of the most important chakras.

How to Choose the Best Crystals for Solar Plexus Chakra?

When it comes to choosing the best crystals for solar plexus chakra, it’s important to consider a few key factors.

First, focus on the color of the crystal, as yellow is the primary color associated with this chakra. Some popular options include citrine, yellow jasper, and yellow calcite.

Additionally, look for stones that promote confidence, self-esteem, and motivation, such as tiger’s eye and pyrite.

Finally, consider the crystal’s energy and how it resonates with your personal energy. Choosing a crystal that feels right for you and your unique needs is essential. Considering these considerations, you can confidently select the best crystals to support your solar plexus chakra.

5 Best Crystals for Solar Plexus Chakra

The article provides the 5 best crystals for Solar Plexus Chakra. Inspect them below for additional details.

1. CHEAVIAN Natural Yellow Jade Multi-Color Gemstone:

CHEAVIAN 45PCS 8mm Natural Yellow Jade Multi-Color Gemstone...
  • Material:Natural Yellow Jade Gemstone Round Loose Beads
  • Dia:8mm;Hole Dia:1mm,1 String (15 inches/String;45pcs/String).The...

Yellow Jasper is an excellent stone for solar plexus chakra healing! It carries the sun’s energy because it continuously emits positive vibrations and energies that promote happiness and positivity.

This stone boosts confidence in social situations while alleviating anxiety and depressive thoughts. It is referred to as the “Stone of Protection” due to its ability to absorb negative energy and manifest assistance during times of stress, thereby promoting a sense of peace and tranquillity.

CHEAVIAN Yellow Jade- features and specifications:

Cheavian manufactured this crystal. It comes with a weight of 1.06 ounces and has 5*3.35*0.47 dimensions inches. It features,

  • This Natural Yellow Jade round loose bead set includes Multi-Color Gemstones.
  • It measures 8mm in diameter, 1mm in diameter at the hole, and comes on a single strand (15 inches per strand; 45 pieces per strand).
  • AAA condition Superior quality, silky smoothness, and special polishing.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • The beads exhibit a violet fluorescence, a characteristic of sodalite.
  • They are over-polished and look great in front of the eyes.
  • Some buyers claimed that these beads are not pink in the slightest, not even a smidgeon of pink.
  • These are extraordinarily effective. Their honesty is palpable in their intensity.
  • They are stunning beads, exactly as pictured on the page, and shipping was also quick.
  • The beads are of excellent quality, and the color is spot-on.
  • These stones exhibit exquisite variation.
  • There are variations in the size and shape of the drilled holes and the quality of the drilled holes.
  • Some buyers claimed that these do not appear to be genuine. They have the appearance of artificial glass beads.
  • Yellow Jasper is a protective and discernment stone.
  • It imparts inner fortitude and mental clarity.
  • Yellow Jasper stones benefit protection while performing spiritual work or traveling physically.
  • In addition, yellow Jasper aids in attracting positive energy and the development of self-confidence and enthusiasm.
  • The appearance of the beads slightly varies from the picture.

2. ZENKEEPER Citrine Crystal Stone:

Zenkeeper 1Lb Authentic Raw Citrine Crystal Stone Rough...
  • HAND-SELECTED HIGHEST QUALITY: We select each stone by hand, with...
  • USE: Place Wherever a citrine is placed, it helps to attract money, so...

Citrine is referred to as the “Stone of Success.” It is easy to see why it boosts confidence and personal strength. This stone is said to bring success and abundance, especially in business.

It also radiates joyful energy that brightens the lives of those who wear it! Its ability to transform negative energies into positive ones makes it an excellent stone for a happy life. This stone is also good for the pancreas, spleen, and digestive system.

Zenkeeper Citrine Crystal- features and specifications:

The Zenkeeper contrived this product. It is 1.16 pounds and has 4.06*4.06*2.36 dimensions of inches. It was first free on September 27, 2020. Moreover, it features:

  • The stones are rough, unpolished, and appear in any size.
  • Its size ranges from 1″ to 2.5″, and it offers a worry-free warranty and friendly customer service.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • Some buyers claimed that the rocks are filthy and the dirt will not come off, and they are coated in deep white fractures and chips that are so awful that the color is lost.
  • These clear quartz crystals are genuine and excellent for the money.
  • Large stones that correspond to the advertised sizes. The bag contained no chipped pieces, which is a plus. They also arrived promptly.
  • They are all so vibrant and significant. Not minuscule pebbles.
  • They are more significant in size and clarity than any other quartz crystal.
  • They arrived in attractive packaging, complete with a canvases carry/storage pouch.
  • The stones were slightly soiled (which is good, they had not been cleaned or processed in any way).
  • It came with a gift, a small crystal that looks like fluorite. It’s pretty lovely.
  • Each crystal was at least 2 inches in diameter, came in the lovely pouch shown in the photo, and included a complimentary polished black tourmaline of a nice size.
  • Some buyers claimed that this rock is supposed to be all crystal, but it contains brown coloring, which leads me to believe it is a fake.
  • It is a beautiful Amazonite stone illuminated by a flashlight. These pieces are substantial in size, vibrant in color, and unique in size and character.
  • An excellent selection of Lapis pieces in generous sizes. Some are less attractive, while others are stunning in color.
  • Citrine is a stone associated with prosperity.
  • This extraordinary stone teaches how to manifest and attract wealth, prosperity, success, and all other positive attributes.
  • It is a cheerful, generous stone that encourages sharing your possessions while also assisting you in maintaining your wealth.
  • Citrine moves out of depression or negativity.
  • This radiant stone immediately affects your body, mind, and soul’s health and wealth.
  • Some of the crystals are filthy, but not all.

3. SUNYIK Natural Tiger’s Eye Stone Tumbled Chip Stone:

SUNYIK Natural Tiger's Eye Stone Tumbled Chip Stone, Solar...
  • Unique crystal filled chakra pillows: approx 3.7" x 3.7"(9.5x9.5cm)...
  • Energy-infused embroidered chakra pillows are perfect for crystal...

Tiger’s Eye is a protective stone that gives courage, strength, and self-assurance. It encouraged action while dispelling fear and was traditionally worn as an amulet to ward off curses or “ill wishes.” Its powerful aura is said to protect its user from external chakra attacks. This stone is excellent for grounding, balancing, and cleansing.

SUNYIK Natural Tiger’s Eye Stone- features and specifications:

SUNYIK manufactured this product. It comes with a weight of 8 ounces and has 5.04*3.23*1.1 dimensions inches. Moreover, it features:

  • It is approximately 3.7″ x 3.7″ (9.5×9.5cm) for the pillow.
  • This Tiger’s Eye Stone includes an embroidered chakra symbol on the front of the bag.
  • In addition, it has soft velvet material for the bag’s classic zipper closure; you may substitute your crystals.
  • Chip stones are polished and irregular in shape, undrilled, without a hole, clasp, or core, and are available in small sizes ranging from 0.1″ to 0.5″.
  • Crushed pieces can also offer bowls, houseplants, vase filler, jewelry making, wishing bottles, inlay woodwork, art design, or other do-it-yourself projects.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • Some buyers claimed this is just a painted rock, unlike the picture.
  • However, it’s pretty, strictly based on the picture.
  • Some buyers claim the crystals are genuine but not quite what they appear.
  • The crystal color is good and combines clear smoke, white and yellow.
  • They are authentic products and of high quality.
  • They are comfortable and incorporate selenite shards to help boost the stone’s energy.
  • It restores equilibrium and offers therapeutic touch.
  • It possesses an exceptional ability to heal anxious and insecure individuals, those fearful and worried, and those with clouded and confused minds.
  • The Stone of the Tiger’s Eye attracts prosperity.
  • It can draw courage and strength from its presence to combat negative energy.
  • They are slightly different from the pictures.

4. SUNYIK Hand-Carved Carnelian Thumb Worry Stone:

SUNYIK Handcarved Thumb Worry Stone, Polished Palm Pocket...
  • Handcarved item, stones are about thumb size, they are polished smooth...
  • How to use: worry stones (palm stones, thumb stones, pocket stones)...

Carnelian is a beautiful gem for boosting self-esteem, and this stone of action stimulates self- Aspiration and drive. It boosts your power and helps you achieve your goals, guiding you down the path you’re meant to be walking on.

Carnelian is an excellent grounding stone for your practices because it anchors you to your three lower energy centers. In addition, Carnelian enhances concentration by promoting feelings of warmth and joy.

SUNYIK Thumb Worry Stone- features and specifications:

Sunyik contrived this product. It comes with a weight of 0.634 ounces and has a dimension of 3.25*2*1.25 inches. It features,

  • The stones are approximately the size of a thumb and are polished smooth with an indentation, making them comforting and compelling to hold.
  • The stone measures approximately 1.7″ in length, 1.3″ in width, and 0.1″ in thickness; it weighs 15 grams per piece.
  • It includes a pack of one drawstring burlap pouch.
  • Worry stones make exceptional personal gifts because they arrive at the recipient brimming with positive energy and cleansed of all negative vibrations.
  • They are ideal for crystal collectors, birthstone enthusiasts, housewarming gifts, or decorative stones to place in the office, front door, living room, or beside the bed.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • The stone fits nicely in the hand and gives the stability to keep from dropping it.
  • Some buyers claimed that the stone is twice as thick as other stones.
  • The hue is a pleasant bright orange. However, it is a little thin and does not have a substantial feel in hand.
  • It has a smooth surface and attractive colors. It is, in fact, a gift, and it fits perfectly in a pocket.
  • They are charming stones and very smooth.
  • Some buyers claimed they looked cheap and almost transparent, like losing them.
  • This stone assists in dissolving the toxic emotions and blockages that clog the heart chakra, allowing the energy of love to flow freely.
  • This stone is linked to the heart and supports the heart and circulatory system.
  • It improves circulation and oxygenation of the skin, removing toxins and impurities.
  • It will encourage nourishing and loving Chi in that area by keeping red rose quartz crystals in the bedroom.
  • Handling or wearing a rose quartz crystal can help you release physical and emotional pain, allowing positive energy to flood your body.
  • The stone is too thick, not the same as it showed.

5. Golden Rutilated Quartz Beads Nature Stone:

8mm Golden Rutilated Quartz Beads Nature Stone Loose Beads...
  • Quantity for strand:Approx 80 beads for 4mm;Approx 60 beads for 6mm;...
  • The Amazonite Gemstone Beads are well polished and in selective...

It is said that golden quartz is a master healer. Its high vibrational frequencies quickly increase energy flow and intent while eliminating obstructions when necessary. It boosts the immune system and cleanses the organs, bringing the body back into balance.

This crystal also aligns the chakras and enhances your joy. Knowing you’re on the right track can motivate you to make positive changes. It is a spiritual stone that can guide you to enlightenment.

Golden Rutilated Quartz features and specifications:

BENCHI manufactured this product. It comes with a weight of 1.34 ounces and has 3.94*2.76*0.24 dimensions inches. It first came out on October 31, 2019. Moreover, it features:

  • They accurately measure around 80 beads for 4mm, around 60 beads for 6mm, around 45 beads for 8mm, around 36 beads for 10mm, and around 28 beads for 12mm. In its entirety, 19-inch strands.
  • The beads are highly well-polished and of superior quality.
  • The dimensions are approximate, and minor size variations are to be expected.
  • The item’s color may appear slightly different when viewed on different monitors or displays.
  • The Loose Bead measures between 4mm and 12mm in diameter; the hole measures approximately 1 mm-1.13 mm.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • It comes with such beautiful pieces and pretty color variations.
  • These Jade Beads are stunning, they come on a single, double strand of thread, and the length from the beginning of the first bead to the end of the last bead is approximately 16 inches.
  • The beads are slightly less colorful than the image on my monitor, but they are perfect for use.
  • Some buyers’ claimed that it is not as saturated as the Amazon images, and a few are not entirely round.
  • These stones are stunning; they catch the light and shine brilliantly, highliperfectly fighting the tiger’s eye to beads are a lovely shade of blue and good quality.
  • The holes in these beads are slightly too small for use in hemp jewelry, but that’s fine.
  • These Stone Beads can bring good fortune and enhance intuition and judgment.
  • It has been reported to assist in clearing the mind, inspiring creativity, maintaining calm, reducing impulses, and boosting confidence.
  • This stone corresponds to the Third Eye and can open the soul’s window, strengthening the natural ability of insight and perspective.
  • The gemstone beads are exemplary for bracelets, necklaces, pendants, jewelry making, handcrafted jewelry, beading, wire wrapping, gifting, crafts, jewelry design, art creation, and adding a touch of class to beadwork.
  • Some of the stones are not round as they appear in the photo.

Finale Thoughts:

So, we hope you have all the details on the Best crystals for the Solar Plexus chakra we have provided in the article. All of the above crystals are useful and help to control your life. So, feel free to buy any of the desired crystals you want.

Happy Shopping.

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