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No one ever mentions that mental health issues cause more cases of physical illness than any other illness. This is because mental illness results from a lack of emotional intelligence or a high stress level and a long-term physical imbalance in the body. So, why don’t more people realize this? It’s because there are no signs of mental illness, which is why there are no signs of physical illness. This is what some private mental hospital in Dhaka is trying to change with a unique way of dealing with mental illness.

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How to Choose the Best Private Mental Hospital in Bangladesh?

Are you searching for a good private mental hospital in Bangladesh?

First, you need to figure out what type of mental hospital you want. Some of the main factors you need to consider include:

  • The location of the private mental hospital – whether the hospital is located inside the city or outside the city. If the place is far from the city, then it will be a very expensive option.
  • The mental hospital’s charges and fees – is the mental hospital free or not? If it is not, then this will be another expensive option.
  • The facility’s size – it is better to choose a smaller mental hospital rather than a big one because the staff of a small mental hospital is more experienced and knowledgeable.

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The mental healthcare industry in Bangladesh is still in its early stages. Therefore, there is huge scope for private mental hospitals to grow and become part of the healthcare system. However, it is difficult to find information about the private mental hospitals in Bangladesh, and therefore, you can get confused while choosing the best private mental hospital in Bangladesh.

Private Mental Health Facilities:

There are several types of private mental health facilities. They are: psychiatric hospitals, residential care homes or day centers, and a host of other facilities.

These facilities differ intrinsically from traditional inpatient mental health care in two ways:

  1. The focus is on helping people to live independently, and
  2. The services are often provided in the person’s home. While often not as well resourced as inpatient care, these facilities can provide some of the same kinds of services as traditional inpatient care.

A private mental health facility is the largest and most expensive because of the staff’s reputation, which is considered to be high class and reliable; it is the largest because it is capable of dealing with a wider range of clients.

Almost all countries have mental hospitals, but mental health care is available to the general public through private mental health facilities in some countries. You can get possible private mental health facilities from Dhaka.

Private mental health facilities are clinically different from public mental health facilities; private mental health facilities are much more consistent in providing a high quality of service to all mental health services.

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Reasons Why Nobody Talks About Mental Health Anymore:

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 18 percent of Americans will experience a mental disorder or illness in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, for people living with mental illness, the statistics are worse. That’s why mental health is a topic that many of us don’t want to talk about.

Everyone knows that mental health is important. After all, it’s the most frequently checked on of all medical conditions. But there’s a problem: most of us are not happy. We don’t like the way we feel, and we don’t want to talk about it. So why do we make it easy for ourselves to ignore the signs of mental distress?

Private Mental Hospital in Dhaka Location:

Following is a list of the private mental hospital in Dhaka.

  1. Modern Psychiatric Hospital (Pvt.), Address: Gate No. 1, Dhaka 1215, Phone: 01711-662709
  1. Niramoy Hospital, Address: 13, 19 Babar Rd, Dhaka 1207, Phone: 02-9145987
  1. Brain and Mind Hospital, Address: 149/A, Dhaka 1215, Phone: 01766-622273
  1. Mukti Mental Hospital, Address: Rajdhani Complex, New Elephant Rd, Dhaka 1205, Phone: 01714-533217
  2. Insight Psycho-social Care and Research, Address: 71/1 Pioneer Road, Segunbagicha, Dhaka, 1000, Phone: 01834-623022
  1. New Mukti Clinic, Address: 7th Floor, A K Complex, 19 Green Rd, Dhaka 1205, Phone: 01711-200720
  1. Safe House Mental Hospital, Address: Rd No. 3, Dhaka 1207, Phone: 01712-312429
  1. Dhaka Monorog Clinic, Address: House No 13, Dhaka 1216., Phone: 01841-448889

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