Best Tarot Spreads for Guidance Reading in 2023

Best Tarot Spreads for Guidance Reading

If you’ve been searching for some tarot spreads to guide you in some way, then we will show you the best tarot spreads for guidance reading. We hope you will find more possibilities to use in your tarot sessions!

However, if you are a tarot beginner and are curious to see what spreads in tarot for a guide, know that each spread is flexible and adaptable. As mentioned in the article, adaptability can come in handy when we need different directions.

Best Tarot Spreads for Asking Guidance Questions

Tarot can shed light on the difficult events we are going through, what happen in the wider world around us, or our personal lives. The tarot has a variety of spreads that can guide the quarantine and provide guidance for events like this.

Any tarot spread can be used appropriately to get directions about any situation. Most standard spreads include card locations that provide insight into the next steps to take to get help and advice on fixing the problem. The standard spread can be reused and adapted to any tough situation.

The following tips for spreadsheets can help you move forward whenever you find yourself struggling with self-doubt or a deadly mindset. Remember that any of these spreads can be customized to your liking.

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1. Obstacles

People, energy, situations, or things prevent us from achieving that focus. It refers to internal or external blockages.

  • What to address and reveal?
  • How to move forward?
What address and release?

This position lets us know exactly what can free us from our minds, activities, or those around us. Restricted blockages are marked in the first position. This second position warns of blockages within our power. It informs us how to release a limited internal mindset or resolve the situation best when we are affected by external influences.

How to move forward?

Are there any responsibilities that need to be taken? Or is it a way to move beyond demarcation and extra responsibility? This position provides guidance that helps us make difficult decisions.

Any flexible and wide three-card tarot spread that shows Quintana the way forward can be categorized as giving guidance.

2. Multiple cards spread

Say you are in complete darkness about a situation. Perhaps you have turned your head to try and determine what you can do next. A three-card spread may not be enough to describe a situation accurately.

The Celtic cross spread is The most common larger spread. Like many multiple-card spreads, these types of spreads focus on a specific aspect or question. The question will be more precise and in-depth, then maybe more helpful.

  • The root of the problem.
  • Hidden aspect/truth.
  • What can be learned?
  • Where support can be found.
  • To take advice/action.
  • The final result.
The root of the problem

It helps to identify the heart of the problem. Sometimes, the real root of the problem comes to the surface in various consequential difficulties. It is good to understand where the root of this problem lies.

Hidden directions/truth

This position reveals aspects of the situation we did not take the time to see clearly. Perhaps Quinter didn’t listen to their insights or wanted to avoid an issue so that the solution could go further.

What can be learned?

Why has this situation been brought to your notice? Everything enters our lives with a specific purpose. If this is a life lesson, the problem will constantly show itself if we do not understand what we need to learn from the situation. Is this probably a lesson that came up before?

Where can support be found?

Look for cards that signify support from internal power or external sources. A power card is a precise card that indicates that the quarantine contains all the energy they need within themselves; They just need to draw from it. However, the Justice Card displayed in this position will suggest divine help if played in your favor.

Taken/Action taken

How to approach the situation. Pay attention to specific suit and court cards and whether the card in this position is Major or Minor Arakan. The night present in this position may highlight that fast-paced action is required, while the King of the Cup may indicate that you need to manage and control your emotions before taking any action.

The final result

This usually refers to the situation’s outcome if the current continues with their current strength. If you do not like the result, it can be changed through your activity with the help of a suggestion card.

3. Spread for general guidance 

Sometimes, we may not have a particular problem or situation we want to solve. We all know that sometimes we can get stuck in low vibrational energy and get confused about what happens next. Maybe we just need a pat of reassurance from our decks so that our mindset and drive can be guided in the right direction.

These spreads can help reveal unexpected forces, which can help eliminate confusion and uncertainty to create a path of clarity.

  • Don’t focus
  • What to focus on
  • What to cultivate
Don’t focus

This position speaks to the obstacles present in our lives at the moment. What happened is not a delusion, but sometimes we can carry negative energy that, in reality, gives us back when we choose to move away from them.

What to focus on

Unlike previous positions, this position tells us where we have to manage our energy when overwhelmed with many more aspects of our lives.

What to cultivate

This position reveals aspects of our lives that we can focus on growing. One is the difference between focusing on strength and growth. Concentrating on vital forces helps clear up chaos, cultivating energy that needs to be practiced and that focus needs to be practiced, and that focus needs to be taken one step further.

Choose the right deck and spread it out for guidance  

Although the rider-weight tarot deck is considered the gold standard for traditional-themed tarot decks, there is no shortage of unique decks to choose from today. It all comes down to selecting a resonant deck with you. You use it to translate your reading prompts and message because it’s important to feel connected to the artwork and symbols in your call.

Explains DayaParvati is a professional data reader and energy practitioner who said, if you’re new to Tarot, you might want to take an adapted deck from Rider-Weight, as you’ll be able to find more material online about what each card means.

Once your deck is done, you can decide what to ask about it. Depending on the subject at hand, you can stretch a single card or spread a multi-card. The following five spreads from Parvati are a great place to start, but feel free to adjust them as you see fit. Once you’ve decided on a question to ask and a spread to use, it’s time to make a reshuffle and start pulling your deck.

Tarot spreads for guidance in life

The main baseline of Parvati’s spread is the following spread: a general arrangement of five cards to provide general guidance on life.

  • The first card represents your past.
  • Second, your present.
  • Third, your future.
  • The fourth card represents inspiration. And finally,
  • The fifth represents the verb that needs to be adopted.

> Place the first three cards next to each other from left to right

> Inspiration and action between the first and second

> Are placed horizontally at the top, second and third.

Regarding what the experts have said for Guidance Reading..!

Clelig Tobin, Certified Reiki Therapist and Tarot Adviser

I always go with Celtic cross spreads and three cards past, presenter, the future draw for newcomers.

  • The Celtic Cross is ubiquitous. So no matter where you are, it is probably easier to find a written article about it and support the information about the partition.
  • This includes including a timeline, the opportunity to take in a huge amount of detail for your questions, and its structure helps you learn the different effects of cards on each other based on their location.
  • The three-card numbers are great for any kind of question, and it creates a space for the past, giving the practicing reader a chance to start with the subtleties of something that has already happened before any kind of situation takes them. Away? Forward into what is perfect insight and explanation.

Bessie Curry, Tarot Card Reader for 25 years

The Rider Waite Tarot Deck is a classic, and for a good reason. It’s not as beautiful as the new deck, but you can’t go wrong here. It is fairly inexpensive and suitable for beginners. Divided, mysterious, and in Tourette, Minor Arcana represents a relatively mundane feature of life. Court cards represent those who are met.

Jean Bakula, Tarot Instructor & Writer (2010-present)

I like to spread out three cards for newbies. Past, present, the future one. Any situation that had to start somewhere (in the past) seems to be somewhere new, but it is not clear (present) and will eventually go somewhere (in the future).

It’s best to keep a journal and write down what you think your reading means. You can go back later and see if you were right or what it means.

I like to read 5 cards, “yes” or “no.” You can change cards well and make five deals in a row. The vertical card means “yes.” The opposite card means “no,” which means the middle card is counted twice.

So add it all up, and you have the answer. But you have five cards that give you information about that answer. I hope you find this helpful.


When we try and want a little guidance, tarot is a practice we can change. It helps us overcome our problems at a time when the foundations of our world seem to be crumbling. We grow through our experiences, and one finds comfort in knowing that our higher or subconscious selves are always talking to us.

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