Exploring the Shadows: Popular Dark Tarot Card Combinations in 2024

Popular Dark Tarot Card

The term tarot was originally known as Trinfi and Tarochi and Tarak until modern times when it became widely known as Tarot. None of the tarot cards in the Territory can be identified as dark, and all combinations must be explained in the light of the question asked.

The Tarot is a card-playing deck dating back to the 15th century. Some cards often deal with more problematic aspects of human nature and experience.

The cards were used to play various games, including Italian Tarokchini, Australian Conigrofen, and French tarot in different parts of Europe. A few of these games remain today, but the essence of the Terry card was dynamic.

Nowadays, tarot cards are read to predict the future for predictive and supportive activities.

What is the Dark Tarot?

A dark tarot is a variety of tarot decks that occupy a dark, somewhat terrifying, and unusual theme. The images on the dark tarot cards are scary, sad, depressing, and gothic.

Also, the dark tarot falls into the more negative meaning of the tarot card, discouraging the reader from considering the card a positive concept.

What does the Dark Tarot Card mean?

Although the images and names of the dark tarot cards have been distorted from the images of the dark tarot cards, the dark tarot decks retain their specific meaning, which can be explained by the symbols representing the cards.

 Dark tarot combination meaning

Dark Tarot is a combination of more tarot cards you add together. It is harder to read their combinations. I tend to read cards as evolving stories. For example, the former foolish magician meant that the seeker finds himself in new places that promote new skills and talents to use. The magician before the flower means that the seeker’s genius leads to a new place and situation.

Which cards would you expect in the darkest tarot card combinations?

The cards mentioned below are not “bad or individually dark cards.” For example, The Hermit is listed below – a card of spiritual travel, a time, rest, and reflection in most interpretations.

However, I put it here because it is a card that points to a personal journey that is usually taken alone. Although Hermit is included here, sometimes people think they are not taking the ‘time’ or choosing to be alone, but by force – a hospital stay, a mental health problem, hanging out with friends, something that is forcing This is on them. However, many people plan for ‘May-Time,’ ‘Spiritual Time,’ etc., even the experience of frightening loneliness alone for some time.

Cards that may indicate the end, betrayal, grief, or loss:

10 swords, 8 cups, 5 cups,

3 swords, 4 swords, 8 swords,

9 swords, 5 Pentacles, 5 Wand,

The tower, The High priests, 3 swords, Death, The Lovers, The hermit

Cards that can predict criminal conduct, criminal misconduct, and financial hardship:

7 Swords, The devil,

The Magician, 5 pentacles,

The moon, 7 Pentacles

Cards that can predict mental health issues, addiction, illness, and delusions:

The moon, The devil, The hermit,

4 pentacles, 3 swords, 5 swords,

9 cups, 10 cups, 5 Wands,

7 Swords, 8 cups

Any combination of cards listed above can create some dark tarot combinations, as these speak to the life of the one that is the saddest, scariest, or most difficult to overcome.

Think of it this way; Unfortunately, I’m going to use the cards to describe a person who struggles with ending a relationship involving the termination of a job,

For example:

  • Hermit – Loneliness
  • 7 Swords – Mental Health – I will take Divorce/Breakup, Cheating.
  • The Devil – Addiction and
  • 5 Pentacles – Financial Trouble
  • 10 Swords – Job Termination
  • 3 Swords – for Frustration

The combination of Dark Tarot is as Follows:

Hermit, 3 swords, 7 swords, The Devil, 5 Pentacles, 10 swords.

This is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully, it will provide insight into how the cards are assembled – in both positive and worrying situations.

What about the cards that make it dark?

You have a dark vibration due to ten cards. The selected cards may contain all kinds of messages related to them.

Darkness doesn’t always mean bad things. The same cards as the dark shadows, the same cards as the shadow concealment. These cards reveal all this depending on the amount of information you want to give.

What Some Experts Say About Dark Tarot Card Combinations…!

Adrian Austin, Tarot Master & Trainer

This is a wonderful subject, and I have to wonder why you are wondering why it is related to the Tarot, even in the case of darkness and light. Unless you are a writer of dark stories, in that case, it is understandable.

Tarot marks life’s journey, from the state of innocence and stupidity of life to the end of life’s lessons, whether Hero’s journey, stupidity to conquer the world or some aspect of yourself.

That means if I have to come up with a negative or painful indicator for an event, several cards can suggest it. I think I’ve used it as an example before in some program: if I see what this cheating ex is doing with her new boyfriend, I’ll enjoy a small, ugly pleasure seeing 3 and 10 swords together in the tower. You need to ask more specifically if you are looking for something else. Suppose what your purpose in getting this information is.

Joshua Grant, Tarot Instructor and Practitioner

Given that all tarot combinations and individual cards must be interpreted in light of the circumstances and as “live” as it was, everything has dark and light sides.

However, I usually get a fairly bad reading from the tower and usually ten of the swords.

At the end of both, the tower means the sudden destruction of something, and it is usually not good to say.

However, I once did a reader on behalf of someone in a deadly abusive relationship and received ten swords as part of the reading.

I explained it as the end of the relationship. Once the person got so tired, they probably couldn’t continue. About a week later, the man got into a fight with their SO, severing the relationship, and never had to look back.

So, you see how certain cards are usually very bad and can read well. 


Keep in mind that if the cards are in the past position, it can be a good sign to remove the past of any illness. The devil will depend on the context. Death is a good sign of change; even change is not easy. Other cards that are often emotionally harsh: 3 of the swords, ten sticks, five cups, and eight and nine of the swords are not as dark as mentioned.

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