Top Picks: Best Selling Tarot Decks for Online Purchase in 2024

Best Selling Tarot Decks

Are you looking for the best-selling tarot decks? Well, you have come to the right place. We know there are many tarot decks, and we always want to have the best-selling product. You might be confused about choosing the best-selling decks.

For this, We have provided the best-selling tarot decks in the article.

Here, all the details are provided. Each deck’s information, size, and publication details are provided.

What to do when you get a new tarot deck?

There are five things to do when you get a new tarot deck. First, look through the cards. Second, Bless, consecrate, or charge your deck. Thirdly, do an interview spread. Fourth, do a daily draw and take a course together.

7 Best-Selling Tarot Decks to Buy Online

Just have a look below and choose your desired one.

1. The Modern Witch Tarot Deck-Beautiful Artwork with More Diversity:

The Modern Witch Tarot Deck (Modern Witch Tarot Library) The Modern Witch Tarot Deck (Modern Witch Tarot Library) 21,137 Reviews $26.99 $20.66Amazon Prime

Lisa Sterle and Vita Ayala created this modern witch tarot.

This tarot is created with a modern, eligible, and colorful design to bring fun and fresh air to the tarot. Tarot has never looked polished and fashionable. This deck author Lisa Sterle, married youth, a stylish character, and conventional Rider Waite Smith deck symbols in our everyday life items.

This deck was published on November 5, 2019. It has 56 pages and comes with a weight of 1.05 pounds. It has a dimension of  3.5*2.5*5.


  • Beautiful artwork and provided all the informative information.
  • The card comes with a vibrant and stylish design.
  • There is no reversal explanation.


  • The card stock is thicker, which is difficult to shuffle.

2. The Rider Tarot Deck-Old Traditional High-Quality Cards:

The Rider Tarot Deck® The Rider Tarot Deck® No ratings yet $21.95 $15.75Amazon Prime

Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Solman Smith created this Rider Waite tarot deck. This deck is one of the standard and well-known decks from all tarot decks. Many decks are based on the rider tarot deck.

This deck was invented in 1909, and Pamela Colman Smith created its beautiful illustrated images under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite.

A unique feature and one of the main reasons for becoming popular is that all major and minor arcana cards represent the images and symbols. Before the Rider Waite deck, almost all of the pip cards of tarot were marked as arrangement signs: swords, wands, cups, and pentacles.

Embellish portrayal on all the cards allows interpretations without consulting the explanatory text repeatedly.

This deck was published on January 1, 1971. It has 56 pages and comes with a weight of 7.8 ounces. It has a dimension of 4.9*2.9*1.2 inches.

  • The cards come with vibrant old and original artwork.
  • There is guidance and explanation regarding the cards.
  • All the explanations are provided in the guidebook.
  • The cards are thick and sturdy.
  • The cards are easy to shuffle.
  • The cards are no longer glossy.

3. Guided Tarot-A Beginner’s Guide to Spreads Meanings with Intuitive Exercises:

Guided Tarot: A Beginner's Guide to Card Meanings, Spreads,... Guided Tarot: A Beginner's Guide to Card Meanings, Spreads,... No ratings yet $17.99 $10.79Amazon Prime

The author Stefanie Caponi, a professional tarot reader, created this Guided tarot.

This beginner tarot guide deck provides all the card meanings, spreads, and intuitive exercises for seamless readings.

This is an essential guide for tarot reading. This guide provided all the instructions on using the spreads and included information on all 78 cards.

Tarot expert Stefanie Caponi explains that all the cards combine knowing the card’s meaning, listening to your heart, and believing in your insights. Guided by tarot in his complete illustrations, he provides simple exercises to nurture and develop your insight to understand your cards’ universal meanings and understand your meanings.

This guide also shows how to gain strength with the deck for a more accurate lesson. You will be confident and an expert by reading tarot for yourself or friends.

These guided tarot features:
  • Strengthen your intuition and tarot interpretation skills.
  • This card illustrated astrological, numerological, and elemental meanings, guided career, love, spiritual life, and reverse card interpretations.
  • Provide bit-by-bit advice for beginners on how to read and prepare.
  • She provided a chart with card images and meanings.

This deck was published on October 27, 2020. It has 240 pages and comes with a weight of 1.3 pounds. It has a dimension of 7.01*0.65*10 inches.


  • All the instructions are provided on how to spread and use cards.
  • The guide is easy to read and provides all the informative information.
  • Easy to understand, and the pictures provided are excellent.


  • The guide doesn’t have any cons yet.

4. Star Spinner Tarot-Modern Classic Tarot Card for Inclusive, Diverse, LGBTQ Deck, and Many More:

Star Spinner Tarot: (Inclusive, Diverse, LGBTQ Deck of Tarot... Star Spinner Tarot: (Inclusive, Diverse, LGBTQ Deck of Tarot... No ratings yet $24.95 $19.67Amazon Prime

This Star Spinner Tarot was created by the author Trungles. This deck is a modern version of classical tarot mysticism. Enter a world where fairies play, mermaids crave, and threads of familiarity and greatness are cut together to guide your journey.

Featuring this magic illustrated deck, the author has reinterpreted the classic tarot image for a more elaborate and varied reflection of the modern world, drawn from various card meanings, history, and fairy tales.

This deck comes with a guidebook of 160  pages. This deck is perfect for the gist or those seeking guidance. Usually, a traditional deck has 78 cards, but this deck comes with 81 cards.

This deck was published on March 17, 2020. It has 82 pages and comes with a weight of 12.7 ounces. It has a dimension of 3.25*2.13*5.3 inches.


  • The card stock is sturdy.
  • The cards are easy to shuffle.
  • The guidebook provides all the informative pieces of information.
  • The artwork is beautiful and comes with a sturdy box.


  • Cards are thin while shuffling; they might be bent.

5. The Universe Has Your Back-Transform Fear to Faith:

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith No ratings yet $21.99 $17.19Amazon Prime

This universe card was created by the author Gabrielle Bernstein and Micaela Ezra.

This deck comes with 52 inspiring messages to open up the power of the universe. This deck provides spiritual guidance, connection, and support when lost and found strength while down, protecting the uncertainty and joy in all situations.

Now, it’s all in your hand. Follow the instructions the cards provide you, keep patience, trust, and believe that the universe is behind you.

This deck was published on September 05, 2017. It comes with a weight of 9.7 ounces and has a dimension of 3.88*1.26*5.38 inches.


  • This deck provided all the positive messages.
  • The cards are filled with inspiring and uplifting messages.
  • The cards are easy to shuffle.
  • All the cards are beautifully designed.
  • The cards are sturdy.


  • The cards have a religious theme but have not provided any information.

6. Tarot of Mystical Moments-Absolutely Beautiful with Traditional Meanings of Each of the Cards:

Tarot of Mystical Moments Tarot of Mystical Moments 1,738 Reviews $25.23Amazon Prime

This card was created by the author Catrin Welz-Stein. She created this deck in her signature collage style with decorated images drawn from imagination.

This card has a five bonus card in this unique 83 with a distinctly feminine perspective: four kings and emperors of the different female versions. This card contains a 96-page guidebook with gilded edge cards where all vertical and reverse meanings are provided.

Readers can personalize their deck by choosing the appropriate deck for their reading. This deck was published on January 08, 2021. It comes with a weight of 15.2 ounces.


  • The cards are thin and easy to shuffle.
  • The guidebook explains all the information.
  • The cards are vibrant and glossy.


  • Have some quality issues.

7. Golden Art Nouveau Tarot-Lovely cards to Make Connection with the Pictures:

Golden Art Nouveau Tarot (Golden Art Nouveau Tarot, 1) Golden Art Nouveau Tarot (Golden Art Nouveau Tarot, 1) No ratings yet $26.95 $21.78Amazon Prime

This Golden Art nouveau tarot was created by the author Giulia F. Massaglia. This outstanding calling gold foil detail perfectly complements the elegant designs of the classic art nouveau style and the delicately curved lines.

Artist Giulia F. Massaglia RWS embodies the essence of the symbol and makes it genuinely sacred by its perfect image. Whether you are reading for yourself, friends, or clients, this deck provides all the insights and knowledge of traditional-themed tarot by adding a stunning visual presentation.

This deck was published on November 08, 2019. It comes with a weight of 8.6 ounces and has a dimension of 2.75*1.25*5 inches.


  • The artwork is stunning, and provided gold foil gives a luxurious touch.
  • The cards are easy to shuffle.
  • The card stock is thin and flexible.


  • The tuck box is flimsy.


So, we hope you know and understand each of the details provided in the article. All these are the best-selling products. It comes with unique features. All the decks are easy to use and easy to understand. All these decks provide positive messages.

Just go for buying this product according to your choice. We assure you that this will not waste your buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Can you buy your tarot deck?

Yes, you can buy your tarot but you can’t steal it. If you steal it, they say that it may create bad luck. Researching and looking at the different cards is fun and exciting.

There are many exciting decks. Some provide positive messages, some are negative, some are fun and exciting, and some are modern and minimalist. Different people have different choices. They select the decks according to their preferences. The tarot is released every month.

So, You have plenty of options. If you are disappointed with one deck, you can have others. You can also give a gift to them. You can choose the deck according to their mind or personality if they are new to tarot.

 Q. How to choose a tarot deck?

If you are a beginner, we suggest choosing the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

This is very simple and perfect for those who are new to tarot. There is a big difference between the Rider Waite and the traditional deck.

There are many clones and variations in RWS, but if you want to learn color, symbol, and imagination in the traditional deck, go with the original one. If you don’t like this redrawing or flat color, they have standard reproduction of the RWS tarot. A few modern variations of RWS include Hanson Roberts, the Radiant Rider Waite, and the Universal Waite Tarot.

If the meanings of the original deck are easy for you to understand and you are getting to start, then we suggest you go to the deck where the artwork speaks to you. And also suggest you pick the deck that comes with a guidebook. Here, all the instructions, guidance, and information are provided.

Many decks are printed in different sizes. Some decks are printed on 2.75″ by 4.75″, larger than a pack of playing cards. Standard size fits the most hand, but we suggest an oversized tarot deck is perfect for teaching. They look pretty on a crystal grid, perfect for meditation spaces and others. Oversized might be difficult for small hands to shuffle, but there is an alternative way. You will also find many other mini tarot decks. They are easy to carry anywhere in a bag or purse.

Now, concerning the quality, many companies have an issue with cardstock, but those are new and have fewer issues than others.

And the last thing is to consider your intention. Why do you want to use it? For whom do you want to read? For friends, clients, or for practice. If you intend to practice, go for the Rider Waite Smith deck. This will provide you with deep meanings.

Q. How to lay out tarot cards?

If you are new to tarot and don’t know how to lay out tarot cards, this step will be helpful for them.

First of all, you need to choose your tarot deck. The deck should be chosen according to the connection that you feel.

Second, know why you want to read and select the spreads according to your aim.

Now, shuffle cards and focus on the questions that you have asked. When shuffling, choose the best method that you feel comfortable in.

Lastly, put the cards on the table and be open to the unexpected.

The cards sometimes may fly or fall at the time of shuffling. It doesn’t often happen. When it does, be careful because these cards often contain messages.

Q. How to shuffle tarot cards?

The proper way to shuffle cards are;

First, you need to open your tarot card deck and brand new need to cleanse it. Secondly, hold the cards and gossip about any questions you want to answer. After that, focus on the questions, and shuffle the cards in whatever way you want when you are comfortable and fit. Lastly, when the shuffle is complete, you can draw your cards.

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