Black Moon Astrology Cards Review & Guide

Black Moon Astrology Cards

If you like learning about our universe’s past, present, and future or how the planets, stars, and constellations affect our lives, then you’ll enjoy learning about the Black Moon Astrology Cards. This review article will provide this deck’s in-depth concept and pros & cons.

The study of Black Moon Astrology has been around for thousands of years, yet people are just now starting to become aware of Black Moon Astrology, with its many insights into the unseen.

The Black Moon does not appear on a horoscope or Biorhythm chart. The Black Moon is more than a mere astronomical event; it profoundly affects the unfolding of life.

Black Moon Astrology Cards Meaning:

Black Moon Astrology cards are a study of the relationship between the moon, the Sun, and the Moon and the Sun’s effect on the lives of humanity.

With the help of this deck of cards, you can harness the power of the moon and take control of your life. The Black Moon is an ideal time to reflect because it is fraught with energy. If you are ready to change, now is the right time.

The Black Moon Astrology Cards are blue tarot-inspired black-and-white cards with new astrological symbols specific to the current moon phase. They can be used in place of the standard tarot cards and stand alone as a unique system to explore the mysteries of the New Moon.

Black Moon Astrology Cards
  • Sheppard, Susan (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

What Does a Black Moon Mean Spiritually?

For those who believe in the spirituality of the cosmos and the effect that nature has on our lives, a new moon is considered a powerful time to reflect on all the positive things in our lives and strive for a more fruitful future.

The traditional belief in a dark moon is that it is the start of a new cycle and a time to take stock of our personal and spiritual lives as we work to improve our habits and behaviors.

About the Authors:

Susan Sheppard is a well-known paranormal specialist and astrophysicist. She is the writer of A Witch’s Runes and the developer of The Phoenix Cards.

Jane Marin is a gifted Australian author, therapist, and mentor who moved to Australia with her parents and younger sibling from England when she was seven. She resides on a cane field with her husband, Livio, in the lovely Wide Bay region of Queensland, Australia.

Jane is a versatile artist who works in various mediums and gained early accolades for her pencil drawings and photographs. Jane is creating magical healing dioramas based on her gorgeous images, which she combines with her abilities as an insightful therapist.

The Black Moon Astrology Cards Review

A celestial tribunal and other divine entities in heaven, a peaceful place and a place of compassion, fellowship, and devotion, accompany God.

A one-of-a-kind oracle card derived from the ancient art of deciphering the dark sky to gain access to the physical truth hidden in the heavens overhead.

The motions of the planetary systems, lights, and comets are reflected in events on the ground, impacting people’s lives, entities, spirits, and fates. As a creative activity, astrology exposes the wisdom and experience initially represented in the constellations.

The fifty-two discernment cards are based on the most prominent astrological configurations, making this a comprehensive deck for prophecy and personality. The 184-page manual offers information on the cosmos, catastrophes, and moonlight peaks, among other celestial factors.

  • The readers will not need an astrologer to interpret the inner meaning of the card set.
  • This set will connect the users and heaven using the cosmic concept.
  • The card set comes with a box.

The size dimensions of the box are 4.9 x 6.7 inches, and the dimensions for the cards are 3.75 x 5.5 inches. This item weighs 1.15 pounds. Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. and Llewellyn Publications published the book in English in January 2018.

Previous Users’ Experiences:

  • The book begins with an overview of astrology and then briefly explains how the cards are arranged, six layouts, and a couple of chapters for every card.
  • A synopsis and buzzwords are included at the end of each explanation.
  • It can bring attention to the book by revealing the elements engaged and indicating the aspects of life in which the readings are meant.
  • The piece of art is well crafted, incorporating ancient culture and meaning with a contemporary twist.
  • Some users say the images appear a little hazy, most likely due to the fabrication.
  • The cards are shiny, and they can be shuffled very quickly.
  • The booklet is well-written and has sufficient explanations for the user to grasp the primary premise, even if unfamiliar with the astrological concept.
  • Every card has a vibrant and bright color scheme.
  • In some cases, the image quality affects the elegance of the card set.
  • The cards are too big.
  • The cards sometimes get sticky.


This is an excellent time for making significant life changes, including getting rid of old habits, looking for spiritual growth, or making new contacts. The deck is pretty fun to use, with glossy illustrations and an informative guidebook. The users will have a great experience with this set of cards.

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