Moonology Oracle Cards- Review(PROs & CONs)

Moonology Oracle Cards are a new form of oracle cards born out of a love of Paganism and Earth magic to make Paganism accessible to as many people as possible.

The concept of Moonology oracle cards is simple. Each card represents an element in the periodic table of the elements and describes a Pagan ritual action to do with that element.

Actions are performed by the reader, always according to the Moon cycle, and the cards are left on the table during the performance to guide the reader. It’s a Pagan approach to divination that is quick, easy, and fun.

We have provided the details on the Moonology Oracle card in the article. Have a look at them below.

Moonology Oracle cards meanings:

These cards provide answers to all user questions about their use and requests for education about the moon phase and moon position.

Each card relates to our lives, including life goals, communications, relationships, a new beginning, health, love, work, dreams, healing, success, family, home, money travels, and friends.

Its card will also guide us to take action or to reflect on things. With magic and mysterious images, this deck is a beautiful and wise companion for those who want to restore the power of the moon.

Moonology Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook
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  • Best to gift to a book lover

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Moonology Oracle cards vs. tarot cards:

Moonology Oracle cards and tarot cards both have mystical techniques of divination. But, what are the differences between moonology oracle cards and tarot cards?

Many people claim that oracle cards are intrinsically different from tarot cards. My answer is no; there is no difference between the cards; they are just two different reading cards.

Moonology Oracle cards have their origins before the invention of the tarot, or tarocchi cards. In the past, these oracle cards were often made by individuals to consult them.

About Authors

The deck was created by the authors Yasmin Boland and Nyx Rowan.

Yasmin Boland is a popular astrologer and author, and her horoscope, astrology, and new age columns are read by millions of people every week. She has written for Red, Closer, and Health and is a co-author of this Angel Astrology 101 with Doreen Virtue and astrology writer.

Nyx Rowman is a freelance artist and illustrator that is based in Victoria, Canada. He has illustrated this beautiful Moonology oracle deck.

Moonology Oracle Deck Review:

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The Oracle of this moonology is a powerful spiritual tool that allows you to be attracted to the moon and make your dreams come true. If you need a clear answer to your questions, then use the cards to gather advice, information, and knowledge of your goals.

This deck contains all the information you are browsing, which means the depth of each card.

Astrology Yasmin Boland, an expert on the moon, impacts our lives and knows the working techniques. She created this Oracle deck to give more answers and directions for those who believe in hookups to work with the moon’s natural magic.

Features and Specifications:

The Hay House UK published this deck, Crds edition, on September 25, 2018. It comes in the English Language. Moreover, it weighs 11.6 ounces and has 3.94*1.44*5.38 dimensions of inches.

  • It is a 44 card deck that provides us the power to gain clarity on our life.
  • It features a deck for providing more answers and guidance for those who want to seek help.

User’s Experiences:

  • The deck of the booklet has all the information and instructions on how to use the deck.
  • The deck is easy to use, durable and provides deep interpretation.
  • It gives the reader more ease of interpretation by assigning cards to lunar phases or astronomical events.
  • Some users claimed that every card has the same meaning.
  • Its artwork is beautiful and the booklet provides specific and accurate information.
  • It ensures users for long-lasting use as it is durable and very insightful and easy to use.
  • The card is not matte and dull but not too glossy that causes reflections while taking pictures.
  • These are easy to read straight out of the box. A little knowledge of the moon and Zodiac immediately makes you deeper knowledge than the original phrases.
  • The deck is related to our life and provides guidance toward us.
  • The deck of its card guides us to take action and things to reflect on.
  • This deck contains all the information that has a deep meaning.
  • The deck of the card is a little wider, so it is easier to shuffle.
  • The deck of the cards is of high quality and has a balanced finish.
  • This deck includes a booklet providing all the relevant information and instructions on how to use this deck.
  • The deck of its card provided simple messages and are smooth and flexible.
  • The deck of its pictures is not too glossy that causes reflections.

To read moonology oracle cards, you must first obtain your own cards. You can purchase the cards from Moonology, or you can get them from the authors. They are available through e-mail, or you can send the authors a private message on the moonology oracle cards group.


So, we hope you have understood all the information that we have provided in the articles. Feel free to choose these Moonology Oracle cards.

It will be worth your buying. Happy Shopping.

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