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Panic Attack is a category of new hope psychology. From this category, you will know about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of panic attacks.

Is Psychopathy a Mental Illness

The question of whether psychopathy is a mental illness has been a topic of debate among experts in the field of psychology. While some argue it is a mental disorder, others believe it is a personality trait. This article will explore the different perspectives on this issue and clarify the matter. Defining psychopathy and mental […]

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Depersonalized Disorder Test can bring a superficial change in your life. How? Okay, then, think, have you ever felt like you are walking into a zombie world, and everything you saw in the movie is suddenly happening in reality? Or are you feel confused about everything around you? A person with a syndrome called “Depersonalized

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A human being is capable of reflecting great degrees of self-esteem. A person constantly improves his personality in every aspect of his life, which is called personal development. People acquire some qualities from reading influential books, how a person behaves, his awareness of life, and developing talents. These are called “Best Books on Personality Development.”

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Who or what is a psychopath? Learn more about the concept of psychopathy, the use of the term “psychopath,” and psychopathic personality disorder (vs. antisocial personality disorder defined in DSM-V and DSM-V-TR). What is a psychopathic personality disorder? Individuals with psychopathic personality disorder tend to lack empathy or concern for other’s rights and feelings; however,

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The ancient Greeks understood narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), even if the term was only coined recently. After all, Greek mythology gave us Narcissus; a handsome young man who callously scorned his would-be lovers, driving his many admirers to despair and even death. One day, one of Narcissus’ victims prayed to heaven: “So might he himself

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