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How to know if a tarot reading resonates with you

When you do a tarot reading, there is no guarantee that what the cards say is going to be 100% accurate. The cards are not a foolproof tool to read into your future, whether it is you doing your tarot reading or a professional tarot reader. Often, in the world of tarot and tarot readers, […]

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In the tarot, the Hierophant is a symbol of religious authority and traditional values. As such, he is often interpreted as a figure of conservatism and orthodoxy. However, the Hierophant can also represent a need for spiritual guidance or wisdom and a desire to connect with the divine. In a reading, the Hierophant can indicate

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In the world of tarot, there are endless possibilities. The tarot can be used for guidance, self-reflection, or entertainment. But what is the world tarot? The world tarot is a spread that can be used for any purpose. It is a versatile spread that can be used for any question. If you are new to

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The High Priestess is a powerful archetype that represents wisdom, intuition, and mystery. She is a guardian of secret knowledge and a seeker of truth. She is a teacher and a guide, helping us to access our inner wisdom. The High Priestess is a powerful ally on our journey of self-discovery. Major Arcana:–  In the

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The Emperor Tarot card is one of the most powerful cards in a Tarot deck. It symbolizes strength, authority, and leadership. If you are considering a new project or undertaking, the Emperor Tarot card can be a great sign that you can see it through to completion. The Emperor is also a reminder that although

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The Strength tarot meaning is all about raw power and determination. This card reminds you that you are strong enough to overcome any obstacle in your path. The key is to tap into your inner strength and trust that you have what it takes to see things through. With faith and perseverance, you can achieve

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The Chariot tarot is all about movement and change. This powerful card suggests that you are moving in the right direction and towards your goals. The Chariot can also indicate that you are about to embark on a new journey or phase in your life. Whatever the case, the Chariot tarot reminds you that you

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The Death Tarot card is one of the deck’s most feared and misunderstood. It’s not surprising, given its associations with death and endings. But the Death card can also represent new beginnings, transformation, and rebirth. The Death card can offer guidance and insight if facing a major life change or transition. In this post, we’ll

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The Justice tarot is about seeing things differently and making choices that align with your highest good. It is a card of truth and asks that you look at both sides of any situation before making a decision. The Justice tarot also teaches us the importance of balance in our lives. Out of balance can

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The Temperance tarot card is all about balance. It’s the card of moderation, harmony, and patience. The Temperance card can represent finding a middle ground in our lives or the world around us. It’s a card of peace and healing. The Temperance card can also indicate that we must take a step back and look

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