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Raju Akon, Counseling Psychologist

Is psychological Counselling right for you? What is psychological Counselling? Psychotherapy, or Counselling, is a type of psychological treatment that is designed to help people adjust and overcome problems in their lives. Psychologists use Counselling to help people work on mental health and emotional issues. Counselling sessions include talking to a therapist, sharing thoughts and […]

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Counseling is a type of Counseling that is conducted by a trained professional. Counselors help people with a wide range of issues and problems. They might be very familiar with the issues and issues of the people they work with and will tailor the type of Counseling to your specific needs. A counselor can help

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The problem of depression affects millions of people around the world every year. One of the biggest reasons people with depression suffer is that they cannot seek help. A worse situation exists in developing countries like Bangladesh, where psychiatric and psychological treatment is unavailable or unaffordable. It is good to know that there is Depression

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Bangladesh struggles with a lot of postpartum depression, also known as PPD. The country has the highest rate of pregnancy-related deaths worldwide because of poor care. While many medical professionals recognize that postpartum depression is a disorder and can be treated, much more must be done to help women and children. These days, Postpartum Depression

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Anxiety Disorder Treatment in Bangladesh is essential to overcome anxiety; if you succeed in your life, you must know about anxiety disorder treatment in Bangladesh. To get the best treatment for anxiety, you will need to find and choose the proper treatment for anxiety. There’s no denying it anymore–anxiety is one of the world’s most

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An epidemic of obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD) in Bangladesh seriously affects millions of people in Bangladesh. OCD is characterized by obsessions or compulsions that are performed to reduce anxiety. OCD Treatment in Bangladesh is becoming more effective day by day. In the early stages of OCD, obsessions are often bizarre and distressing, but they can become

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From this post, we are going to provide the Best Treatment for PTSD In Bangladesh. PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The disorder is caused by trauma. When someone suffers trauma, it causes PTSD. The disorder’s symptoms include flashbacks, anxiety and Depression, and other issues. There are many treatments for PTSD, including Counseling and

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Bangladesh Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma Victims (BRCT) provides holistic healthcare to people living with traumatic injuries and their families. It is a non-profit organization. It is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and is staffed by a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing the highest quality of care to its patients. Bangladesh Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma

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Schizophrenia Treatment in Bangladesh: One of the most critical factors of Schizophrenia is its treatment. The treatment depends on the type of Schizophrenia you have. A few treatment methods used to treat Schizophrenia are: using antipsychotic medication and antipsychotic medication, psychotherapy, hospitalization, medications, rehabilitation, art therapy, yoga, meditation, and environmental design. Schizophrenia is considered a

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Today we will discuss Sex Therapy in Bangladesh. Sex therapy may be talk therapy designed to assist individuals and couples in addressing medical, psychological, personal, or interpersonal factors impacting sexual satisfaction. In Bangladesh, The health system is incapable of providing proper sexual treatment. The policymakers are not concerned about the whole system. Yet, recent inquiry

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