“psychotherapy ” is a category of new hope psychology. You will learn various factors, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of psychological disorders


If you have recently been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, you’re probably trying to take everything in. You may still have a lot of questions that need answers. Questions such as: What are my options? How can I get back to my past golden life? How and where to start managing my ADHD? Although there is no […]

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There are always ways to control if you live with ADHD by leading a more focused and productive life. Unfortunately, people with ADHD find themselves constantly fighting battles. Simple tasks like going to the store or paying a bill can sometimes be overwhelming. But life doesn’t always have to be a struggle. ADHD, or Attention

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Living with adult ADHD isn’t easy. Family and friends may be well known about this, but they often can’t understand what it’s like to have this disorder. Even a person who has ADHD may have trouble understanding it. ADHD is not a result of laziness or a lack of it, but it will also. ADHD

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Online counseling services can be great support and comfort to the individual client seeking help through a private chat with a counselor. Online counseling is a cost-effective way of seeking counseling from anywhere at any time. This service allows the clients to save time traveling and access help at their fingertips. You can know more

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Various Psychological Questions ask mental help seekers to get psychological support. Such as how to start the first session. How long does therapy take? How to take medicine through psychotherapy? Does psychotherapy include medication? What is CBT? etc. I want to show some common inquiries: Most Common Psychological Questions What will happen during my first

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The term “mental health professional” can refer to various practitioners, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors. While all these professionals work with clients to improve mental health and well-being, they have important distinctions. Here, we will explore the different roles that mental health professionals play to help you decide which type of practitioner is

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