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Colouring Book of Shadows is a book that tells you how to use Tarot cards to interpret your drawing. It is not just for beginners. It helps you to interpret the illustrations you have made. There are many books on how to draw, but very few on interpreting the drawing. Let’s check the complete Colouring Book of Shadows Review.

When I first saw the book, I was initially impressed by the beautifully designed covers. While the artistic aesthetic of the book is impressive, I was more drawn to the stunningly detailed illustrations of the book. I am not sure of the exact images that Amy used, but the images in this book are quite vibrant and vibrant. I do not recall seeing colors like that before.

About Author

Amy Cesari (Author, Illustrator)

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Colouring Book of Shadows Review:

Tarot cards are full of inspiration and magic, and the user must find them on their own. Users can have access to richly illustrated notes pages with the help of this coloring book. They also consist of tarot spreads, spells, and much more. By following the intuitive path and helping your skills and perspective with the help of this enchanting tarot journal, you can color and follow the journey and push your personal growth.

The notebook provides the users with a versatile mage of dot-grid note pages for the easement of coloring. The notebook has an abundance of ideas to get started with tarot and continue practicing up until reaching perfection. Also, the notebook acts as a creative canvas for you to find inspiration and enliven and enrich your tarot readings and meanings.

Coloring Book of Shadows: Tarot Journal
1,160 Reviews
Coloring Book of Shadows: Tarot Journal
  • Cesari, Amy (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Features and Specifications:

It is available in the paperback and hardcover version on Amazon in the language of English. It was independently published on 13th March 2019. Also, it weighs about 14.8 ounces and has a dimension of about 7 x 0.51 x 10 inches.

  • The book has over 100 pages of original illustrations to color.
  • The book has over 60 illustrated note pages with dot grids measuring 0.5 cm, lightly printed.
  • The notebook comes in a handy size of 7 inches x 10 inches.

User Experience:

  • The notebook works as an amazing tarot journal.
  • The information given about tarot is very useful ad helpful.
  • The pictures are very beautiful, fun, and interactive to color and explore.
  • The tarot notebook has something for everyone.
  • The book is also entertaining, practical, and enjoyable.
  • The notebook walks you step by step into the process of learning and getting used to tarot.

  • The book consists of original instructions for a beginner in tarot and how to read your tarot cards.
  • Over ten pages of content describing the tarot spreads and ritual ideas.
  • Besides these, specific tarot cards keywords are added in the quick reference pages printed on the side of the page with a light dot grid on the back.
  • There is a surplus of quick-witted information in this deck which is very helpful for the readers.
  • The pages are backed with dot grids to make necessary and extra notes.
  • The coloring pages are plentiful and have enough room to add your own tarot cards too.
  • The notebook has separate spaces for adding your own tarot spreads, meanings, and interpretations and keeping notes of it.
  • From beginner to advanced tarot readers, anyone can use this notebook.
  • The note grids are very fadedly lined, so it is a bit hard to see the border of the images.


To let the magic of this notebook unfold, the users have to write, color,d create, and enthusiastically be fired up to learn and observe the mysterious world of tarot and follow your intuition with the help of this unique journal.

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