Earth Warriors Oracle Review & Buying Guide

Earth Warriors Oracle Review

The Earth Warriors Oracle is a unique deck of cards created with the help of a group of people guided by spiritual beings. When we need help, a card will appear and offer insight into a specific question we have. This article involves all the ins and outs about the Earth Warriors Oracle review with the pros, cons, sayings from the previous users, and product features and specifications.

The Earth Warriors Oracle is an easy and fun way to connect with yourself and others to empower your life. This deck will show you how to connect with your own personal guides and how to develop your own soul tribe.

Earth Warriors Oracle Cards Meanings:

“The Earth Warriors Oracle is an oracle deck designed to connect your soul with the Earth Warriors deeply and profoundly. Using these cards, you can get a sense of your soul’s purpose and mission during this lifetime. The Earth Warriors Oracle deck helps you to connect with your own unique guide, spirit, and mentor.”

Earth Warriors Oracle: Rise of the Soul Tribe of Sacred...
  • Fairchild, Alana (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About the Author

Alana Fairchild (Australia) is a recognized writer and successful innovative, intuitive spiritual instructor. Alana’s task involved oracle decks, books, DVDs, and records of insight meditation and holy music, among other things. Alana has also developed a one-of-a-kind and effective online healer training curriculum.

She is a well-known and distinctive character in the spiritual community, committed from the heart to assist the human race in going forward on the spiritual journey with sincerity, elegance, and a sense of style.

Earth Warriors Oracle Review

Earth Warriors are healers who follow the medicinal path. We connect further into earth remedies of energy, minerals, herbs, and creatures, holy places and hallowed melodies, metaphysical traditions, and ancient understandings, to name a few.

Earth Warriors attend to the profound inner labor of mending. Working on ancestral difficulties and deciding to forge a new path forward can help us cure ourselves and our ancestors.

The awareness that Earth Warriors are healing the collective consciousness exhibits on our planet. We are committing to a better meaning of embracing knowledge to leave a long-lasting impact and honor the joy of salvation.

Instead of terror, wrath, and selfishness, we bring out a new vision of compassion and greater awareness. This emerging world is taking ground and becoming powerful, but it still requires guardians during this crucial development period.

Earth Warriors are the new world’s protectors, counselors, and direction, empowering everyone to develop and flourish following life’s knowledge.

  • This oracle is about pursuing our heavenly path with bravery, optimism, elegance, and holy flame.
  • This deck invites you to tap into your inner Earth Soldier and complete your spiritual mission.

Llewellyn Publications published this deck on March 8, 2018. The card edition consists of 216 pages written in English. The item weighs 1.1 pounds, and its dimensions are 5 x 1.5 x 6.5 inches.

Previous Users’ Experiences:

The cards are standard Blue Angel Publishing size (bigger than tarot cards) and satin-finished.

An introduction part in the manual contains information on how to use the deck and anointing the deck.

The graphics are confrontational, and the handbook is extremely “succulent” and educational.

Users were led into many rich indigenous societies and made available to both revolutionary and old knowledge.

This deck offers a profoundly transforming, elevating, and untamed feminine encounter.

  • The cards are colorful and bold.
  • The book is very handy.
  • The artistry is breathtaking.
  • The booklet contains sufficient information or assistance.
  • Lack of in-depth information.
  • It contains a faint smell when it’s new.


Let there be peace in this world, and let human society be one of positivity, inventiveness, involvement, understanding, introspection, collaboration, and guardianship of the world and one another for the overall benefit of all beings. Let it be today that our destiny is a glimpse of heaven that is both fortunate and attractive.

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