Fairy Tale Lenormand By Lisa Hunt: Review

If you are new to Lenormand or looking for a good introduction, you have come to the right place! Those new to the tales, as well as those who are experienced readers, will find Lisa’s book quite useful, which is packed with lots of great information about the meanings of words within the tales, as well as some interesting history about the cards themselves. This article reviews Fairy Tale Lenormand By Lisa Hunt with the pros, cons, sayings from the previous users, and product features and specifications.

There are so many things to learn about the cards, from their symbols to how to read a spread with a deck, and a deck of Lenormand cards is a little different from a deck of playing cards. In this book, Lisa Hunt and Arwen Lynch give you a walkthrough of the Lenormand cards, including a section with a comprehensive introduction to Lenormand.

Fairy Tale Lenormand Card Meanings:

If you love fairytales and fantasy worlds, then the Lenormand is a perfect match for you. There are several ways to interpret the cards, many involving a fairy tale or a fantasy world, so it’s a great way to explore those themes. The Lenormand deck is a classic set, so it’s one of those ways to keep enjoying the stories you’ve loved as a child.

Fairy Tale Lenormand
  • Lynch, Arwen (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About the Author:

Lisa Hunt has always loved to draw and would often stay up late at night doodling in her art books. In the current day, Lisa resides near London and continues to scribble and draw into the wee hours of the morning. When she’s not at her work, she can typically be spotted munching carrot cake at the neighborhood coffee house or waggling a piece of string at an overly excited ginger cat on the stairwell at the house.

Arwen Lynch, a dedicated happiness hunter, has researched and tutored Tarot since 1985. After hooking up with the concept, she included Lenormand in her collection in 2014.

Fairy Tale Lenormand By Lisa Hunt: Review

This deck’s topic is Fairy Tales, which are narratives that we recall from our youth, tales that amuse us while also teaching us valuable lessons. The realm of fairy tales is a wondrous place, and Lisa Hunt is the perfect creator to put it to life for us.

  • Fairy Tale Lenormand lets readers engage with the cards in fun and relevant ways by integrating fanciful narratives into the Lenormand framework.
  • Extra Gentleman and Lady cards are included in the 38-card cosmopolitan deck, which comes in a treasure box for customized interpretations.
  • Arwen Lynch’s 120-page handbook skillfully ties popular fictional stories to Lenormand interpretations, with a prologue by Lenormand scholar Donnaleigh de LaRose.
  • The pamphlet offers detailed directions for using Crossroads Spreads, Tower Spreads, and Happily Ever After.

U.S. Games Systems Inc. published the boxed tarot edition on August 31, 2016. The item weighs 5.6 ounces, and its dimensions are 2.75 x 1.25 x 4.25 inches. The card language is English. The cards are 2 14” x 3 12” in size.

Previous Users’ Experiences:

  • Some users argue that the Fairytales depicted on the cards have nothing to do with these cards’ genuine interpretations.
  • The card name, playing card connection, connected fairy story, and description of how the narrative ties into the card interpretation are all included with each card.
  • Understanding fairy stories will not assist us in reading or understanding the cards; we must first learn Lenormand.
  • Lenormand is a distinct form of communication from Tarot and Oracle cards, as well as intuitive interpretation.
  • This Lenormand deck is a powerhouse that should not be underestimated, despite its light appearance.
  • Arwen’s effort on the pamphlet is full of wonderful tales to go along with the imagery, but it stays true to the Lenormand heritage.
  • If one feels compelled to do so, this is a very adaptable deck that can be utilized instinctively rather than in the usual Lenormand fashion.
  • The container in which the cards are packaged is both attractive and practical for keeping the deck and handbook intact.
  • The artwork is fantastic.
  • The cards shuffle smoothly.
  • Names, labels, and playing card affiliations are all included on the cards.
  • The cards are tiny, but the stock is of a really high standard.
  • The only flaw in this deck is the card stock is very thin.
  • The cardstock felt rigid.


The fairy stories featured are multi-cultural, giving the deck added complexity. The design is fantastic. The time you spend with this deck will be well invested!

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