Fairy Wisdom Oracle Deck & Book Set-Reviews

The Fairy Wisdom Oracle is a 64 card deck made up of various unique and oracle cards. The cards have no common themes and the oracle cards are all original and created by the authors’ Nancy Brown and Amy Brown. The oracle cards are based on folklore and fairy lore.

Nancy is a psychic artist and Amy is a diviner. The cards and books are used to get answers and guidance from the Fairies. The Fairy Wisdom Oracle Deck and Book Set will guide you to discover and embrace your inner fairy. The cards are made of highly porous, vegan-friendly paper and are packaged in a clear, protective sleeve. The

Everything has its place, so it’s time to put away the old and bring out the new. The Fairy Wisdom Oracle is the perfect gift for the new year or any birthday!

We have provided the details on The Fairy wisdom oracle Deck and Book set in the article. Have a look at them.

About Author

This deck author, Amy Brown was born in 1972 in Bellingham, Washington. She started drawing at a very young age, always fascinated by the possibilities of the fantasy kingdom. She started drawing in 1992 for the small gallery she was working on, and in 1997 she converted to selling her work on the internet.

Fairy Wisdom Oracle Deck & Book Set
1,062 Reviews
Fairy Wisdom Oracle Deck & Book Set
  • Brown, Nancy (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Fairy Wisdom Oracle Deck Review:

This deck is a unique gift for anyone interested in fairy spirituality. Each deck card is illustrated with various symbols and eye-catching images of fairies, magic, and nature.

Amy Brown’s Fairy wisdom provides a bridge to the oracle Basic world, surpassing the world we perceive with our senses.

Fascinating fairies inhabit these spiritual dimensions. Angels, dragons, bows, and other primitive guides who interconnect with us for mutual development. Their job is to help and protect us spiritually.

Use the magic cards at fairy wisdom oracle to get acquainted with the community welcoming these fairies, who are always interested in you.

The guidebook of this deck provides a comprehensive interpretation of the symbols and images, which are based on the power and belief that fairies are a part of everyone’s lives.

Its illustrated books provide spiritual guidance in fairies wise messages with the minister to help you concentrate on your objectives and engage in a more positive attitude towards life.

The set included a 64 card and came with 140 pages illustrated hardback book.

Features and Specifications:

The U.S games system ltd published this deck on January 07, 2020. Its language is English and has a 140-page guidebook. It weighs 1.43 pounds and has 7.95*1.81*5.98 dimensions of inches.

  • It features stunning art by Amy Brown with beautiful colors and iconic arrays of her fairies, dragons, and other magical creatures.
  • Also, it included an illustrated booklet that provides spiritual guidance in the form of a fairy.
  • It included a card measuring 3.5” into 5,” and the box included its size 5.75” into 7.75”.

User’s Experience:

  • Its booklet is bound by the hardcover book with full-page illustrations of the cards, useful insight on the cards, and meditative chants to accompany each thought.
  • Its artwork is adorable and fairies and dragons are playful and provide good energy from these cards.
  • The books included are well detailed and the cards are numbered, making it easier to look up the meanings.
  • Some user’s claimed they have a slight downside in the size that makes shuffling a bit tricky.
  • Its booklet included descriptions and meaning for each card and a chant that is well written.
  • The card’s appearance is quite large and sturdy and it is not easy to shuffle but it is still not too difficult.
  • Its card has a matte finish with no borders that makes a nice card deck.
  • Its price is a little higher than others but well worth it for the quality of the product.
  • This deck provides spiritual guidance toward us.
  • It helps bridge the gap and access the wisdom of the elemental realms and connect us with more spiritual dimensions.
  • The deck provides us guidance through the form of fairy messages.
  • The deck helps us to concentrate on our objectives and engage in a positive attitude towards life.
  • This deck included a guidebook that provides all the information and interpretations of each card.
  • The deck of its information is well written and easy to use and understand well.
  • This deck of its cards is sturdy and is easiest to shuffle.
  • The deck of its card is sometimes difficult to shuffle.


The deck was created in the style of a Tarot deck, with the cards having a dark, gothic feel. The cards were created in premium quality images of fairy creatures, using paint and glitter. So, we hope you have understood all the details on the Fairy Wisdom Oracle deck that we have provided in the article. Feel free to pick this deck.

Happy Reading.

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