Five of Coins Meaning, Guide And Review

Five of Coins or Five of Pentacles are a part of what tarot card readers call Minor Arcana best used in Latin suited playing cards, including tarot decks. The games aren’t widely known in European countries, and tarot decks are primarily used for divinatory purposes.

Common superstition holds that you cannot tell the future with five of coins. A long time ago, they were regarded as an oracle. Modern science rejects the idea that the future can be read from the date on the coin, but it is no less fun to try.

Five of Coins is primarily focused on what is called cryptomancy or divination through the use of coins. There are many variations of this method of divination, but the one we recommend is to select five coins at random (one for each of the ancient Greek gods) and ask the gods how your future will unfold.

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Five of Coins Keywords

Upright Keywords:

Financial loss and poverty, isolation, worry, lack of mindset, hardship, abandonment, adversity, struggle, unemployment, alienation, disgrace, negative changes in one’s circumstances, feeling left out, recession, feeling alone, feeling the world is against one, bad luck, homelessness, financial ruin, bankruptcy, outcast, illness, divorce, breakups, scandals, lacking, sickness, rejection, lack of faith.

Reversed Keywords:

Luck, triumph, better health, improvement in finance, recovery, end of hardship, positive changes, becoming financially secure, making progress, overcoming adversity, paying off debts, forgiveness, health treatment, being welcomed, accepted, becoming employed, improving relations, letting go of toxicity.

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Five of Coins Description

The imagery of the card is very grim and cold, the situation seems somewhat hard and unfortunate. It almost seems like a quagmire that the characters won’t be out of anytime soon.

The men in the picture walk in the dead of the night with hunched and swooped backs, eyes locked to the ground. They give off an ambivalent eerie feeling and they seem trapped. It can either be their indecisiveness or lack of determination. Or they might be feeling left out, unwelcomed, and cast out from others. They’re living in destitution and poverty. Their attire seems to tell their life story; one is injured and is walking with the help of crutches and the other one is barefooted, with only a thin blanket wrapped around him to protect him from the icy winds of the cold winter night. They both share an uncertain relation but the poor condition they’re in binds them together in the same light; sick, poor, tired, and hungry. They lack the basic necessities of life.

As they walk through the icy wind and snow, the church lights brimming in light in the background are a foreshadow of hope and charity. The church has a stained glass emitting warm yellow light from the five pentacles. The glow of the church gives a certain warmth to the picture as if exuding heat.

The church stands as the symbol of hope, faith, and spiritual support for the unfortunate in the image. But as the characters in the picture are too focused to pity themselves for their plight, they’re unable to see the chance of rescue that they’re able to access. They fail to seek out the available help and continue to tread towards their desperate journey for survival.

General Interpretation of Five of Coins (Upright & Reversed)

More often, Five of Coins or Five of Pentacles is a bad omen; but do not fret as the meaning and interpretation of this card might change according to its place in a tarot reading. The interpretation of the card is based on the original Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Upright Interpretations:

The upright position of this card is a bad one to get in a reading. This card highly indicates adversity and loss. Especially, Five of Coins suggests that either you’ve hit the hard end for your career or you’re down in the path of financial ruin. This card might also suggest a situation where you’d endure a humble blow against your self-esteem and sense of worth. You might be feeling insecure and unstable as the material precious to you has been stripped away from you in one blow. The only advantage is that this effect is temporary as the card is of Minor Arcana which doesn’t convey as much impact as the Major Arcana cards. This too shall pass.

But not before you feel alone and the loneliness slowly grapples with your daily activities and challenges the natural flow of your life. You may feel left out and feel like no one’s coming to your rescue, like the people in the image of the card. You may also conclude that nobody even cares but it’s important to keep in mind that help is always there. Also, you may get rejected, but being proactive in seeking out help can benefit you in more than one way in this time of need.

Focusing only on what we lack and what we don’t have can throw us into a deeper sense of dissatisfaction where our demands grow endless and our needs become outrageous. This habit is to be avoided to be happy in life.

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Reversed Interpretation:

This position of Five of Coins is very hopeful to have and it indicates a positive change and a glimmer of hope. The card suggests an end to your difficult time, be it in any life situation.

The card is the indicator that you’re getting back on your life little by little with the help of someone. You might start feeling that life is worth living again and you’re regaining your old self with all this newfound energy. The card suggests that even after a bad time, your hopes will finally get renewed and you’ll be able to see your life in a new light.

The card might also indicate that you’ll stop obsessing over the materialistic possession of your life and will find minimalism the best way of life. This might be able to break you from feeling empty in your life.

Five of Coins- Yes or No

In case of a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question in tarot card reading, Five of Coins is, unfortunately, a ‘no’. The Five of Coins card is a controversial card with many negative meanings such as adversity. It predicts the time of bad luck such as financial, emotional, or relationship troubles. That’s why it conveys a negative message. So, before making any big decisions, one must be careful and cautious to add up any advantage or disadvantage they have in their situation. But even if the overall tone is negative, it doesn’t mean one has to give up. If one has faith and works hard, things will eventually work out best for them.

Symbolism & Astrology of Five of Coins


Five of Coins is associated with the numeral 5 and the Roman numeral V. The element which is associated with it is Earth.


Five of Coins card is connected to the Zodiac sign Taurus, which is ruled by the planet of Venus.

Five of Coins & Some Important Card Combinations

The Five of Coins or Five of Pentacles is a very diverse card when it comes to its meaning, symbolism, and interpretations. The message conveyed in the card can change according to its position, its use, and its surrounding cards drastically. That’s why it’s significantly important to learn about all the different variations of meaning we can face while doing readings with Five of Coins.

  • Five of Coins & Strength:

Five of Coins, when paired with the strong positive energy of a card from the Major Arcana conveys a bright outlook and hopeful future. The misfortune of the time is fleeting and though your bad luck may not vanish right away, you’ll be able to push through anything as long as you have the energy of this card with you.

  • Five of Coins & Temperance:

When encountered with health problems brought by the adversity of Five of Coins, the card Temperance brings good news. This combination indicates that things are about to look better and life is going to have balance soon. Taking account of time and utilizing any resources available to you might be helpful in these times.

  • Five of Coins & The Six of Cups:

Childhood or past traumas can seep their ways into your life when you’re adjusting to your life as an adult. Contrary to popular beliefs, sometimes, time doesn’t heal all wounds and the ghost of the past might be haunting you and hindering your development right now. The pair suggests that you should take some time for yourself and put your self-care forth.

  • Five of Coins & Five of Cups:

Feeling a lack of acceptance and warmth can be common when you’re faced with the bitter truth of rejection. Lack of support from others can also be painful and hurtful; no matter how strong they are. That’s why this combo suggests you practice gratitude even when it gets tough for you.

  • Five of Coins & Ten of Wands:

This pair indicates a certain situation where maybe you’re being underpaid for your work. Not only that, but the situation can also indicate someplace where you’re being under-appreciated. The combination suggests you look out for the resources available to you for improving your condition to avoid unhappiness and frustration in the future.


This unique card of Minor Arcana can provide one with many new insights and ideas about life and the situations we face. Embracing the discussion about negativity in our life and how to prevent it; is shown in this card marvelously.

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