Two of Coins Meaning, Guide and Review

‘Two of Coins’ or simply known as ‘Two of Pentacles’ card, is used in ‘Minor Arcana in the tarot suit. The tarot card is used for divinatory purposes in Europe and each of the tarot suit’s card play a different role in interpreting the meaning for the reader.

Two of Coins Keywords


Prioritization within multiple priorities, time management, adaptability, resourcefulness, balancing, flexibility, stretching schedule, juggling work, multi-task, perseverance.


Reprioritisation, lack of organization, over-commitment, imbalance, overwhelmed, messiness, chaos, overextend.

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Two of Coins Description

The visualization of this card is that of a young man juggling two coins in both of his hands; the coins seem to be tied up with a ribbon that looks like the infinity sign. Now, this clear materialization of juggling work and balancing priorities in life is what the card conveys. The infinity symbol suggests that this man can go on and take care of unlimited problems and solve numerous amounts of tasks if he manages his time, resources and energy successfully to his own benefit.

The background of the card conveys vague imagery and overlooks two ships sailing on high and low waves of the ocean. The sailing of the ship indicates the ups and downs of life and our work and hustle through it all. The waves also depict the importance and hardship of maintaining a certain balance and control over juggling the ribbon while dancing. Though the man seems to be on rough and choppy waters, he manages to balance the ribbon and coins just fine.

And the man’s dance ad juggling refers to that- no matter what chaos, he’s balancing and maintaining his position as he dances about carefully but joyously.

The card’s description and images are about juggling between work and sorting out your priorities to manage your life with grace and tranquillity.

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General Interpretation of Two of Coins (Upright & Reversed)

The imagery, symbols, and colors convey the meaning and message of the card perfectly and flawlessly. It depicts how struggling it can be to go about our lives and daily activities with endless chaos around us. But even with all that, we’re supposed to live our lives as usual with grace.

The upright meaning of the card is that you’re trying to juggle between life and work. You’re resourceful as well as mindful of your time. You’re handling everything with a firm grip, but you’re just as flexible to adapt to newness.

Moreover, if you’re struggling, this card can also indicate you to be cautious to not fall behind and stay active. It refers you to be more careful about your time and utilize your energy with care which is necessary in order to maintain balance in your life.

The card teaches to cut back the unnecessary burdens of life to live happily. Moreover, it suggests the need for you to take important decisions and the stress it causes you. Besides these, the card can indicate the necessity of struggle and finding balance in partnership and the toll it takes to maintain that balance between you and the other person.

The phrase ‘biting off more than you can chew’ is very suitable for the reversed meaning of Two of Coins. You may be trying to keep up and maintain too many things that are causing you to ultimately lose it all. Hustling and keeping busy is good, but the overflow of work and activities can also make you burn yourself out, both physically and mentally harmful. The lack of organization and time management also adds to that trouble, and you find yourself within an unbearable imbalance in between the various aspects of your life. This overwhelming pressure you’re putting on yourself unknowingly might make a mess in your life, which will be hard to handle.

Love & Relationship Meaning- Two of Coins


In the case of an existing relationship, this card indicates that you might need to make big financial decisions with your partner soon, such as getting a loan, buying a car, getting a mortgage.

In terms of the possibility of a future relationship, the card can signify the importance of putting necessary work and time into your partner. This also refers that maintaining balance in a relationship can be challenging.

In case of being single, this card can put you to question whether you’re ready to make room, adapt, and make your partner a priority in your life.


The reversed card indicates that you’re trying to juggle too much and maybe not putting off enough time for your relationship. The arguments, doubt, and resentment may put your relationship at a breaking point.

In case you’re single, this card may suggest that you’re overwhelmed by the thought of prioritizing a person’s need over yours, and maybe you’re not fully ready to take the next step and accept a partner in your life and be responsible for them.

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Career, Finance & Money Meaning- Two of Coins


This card suggests that you’ve got some important career of business-related decisions coming for you. Some of these can require risk-taking, and maybe the risk will be worth it if you weigh the cons and pros of your decision carefully.


The card suggests that juggling too much may be harmful to you. This might be the time to step back and breathe to organize and recheck your time and energy management.

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Health & Spirituality Meaning- Two of Coins


This is the indicator for your put forth your health and spiritual practices alongside your work. Your health and sound mind will help you keep up with your busy schedule, and it’s important to take care of your body and mind to keep active and fit.


This interpretation indicates that you’re neglecting your health and straying away from your spiritual practices with the excuse of your work. This can prove harmful later as you may suffer from many health problems or have trouble focusing on your work.

Two of Coins- Yes or No

Two of Coins cards isn’t simply just positive or negative, so it can’t be categorized as rainbows and sunshine or just doom. The card takes itself somewhere in between, showing the struggle of hustling as well as the precaution and damages when you’re behind your tasks.

Two of Coins- Advice Position

This unique position tells the reader not to make a judgment with a clouded mind. The advice of not choosing anything definitive is very useful if one feels doubt or feels uneasy in their thoughts.

Tarot discourages you from making any decisions based on other peoples’ perspectives, so the advice position highly advises you not dramatically to change your opinion just for messages from others. It’s very harmful to make premature decisions and actions. This can prove to have deadly consequences later in life. You should make a decision with a unified heart and mind.

Symbolism & Astrology of Two of Coins


The symbol of Two of Coins is inspired by the original Rider-Waite Tarot deck depicting a ribbon holding the two coins together. In traditional tarot, the ribbon often displays the name of the card manufacturer.


‘Two of Coins’ conveys the element Earth, depicts the planet Saturn, and indicates most to the Zodiac Sign Capricorn.

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Two of Coins & Some Important Card Combinations

During a reading, the meaning of Two of Pentacles can be influenced by the other cards of the same suit or spread. On special occasions, the Major Arcana and Court Cards can fully change the meaning of the cards. That’s why it’s important to know and acknowledge yourself with the combination and their interpretations to receive accurate readings.

  • Two of Coins & Death:

This combination indicates that you’re going through a rough patch of time where you’re growing and learning. During this time, you’ll hopefully learn to outgrow people, places, and habits which are harmful or just a hindrance to your new and improved lifestyle.

You’ll discover a newfound maturity within yourself. When these two cards fall together, change is imminent for that person. This change refers to that of which the person outgrows something to search for more fulfilling options.

  • Two fo Coins & Queen of Wands:

This pair of cards suggests the much-needed freedom that you crave, especially financial freedom. The card combination also aspires the person to think about profit, monetizing, and rediscovering the skills within himself to make money out of it. The cards push your thinking to what will make you change your reality.

  • Two of Coins & The Hanged Man:

These two together suggest financial loss or setback, which isn’t particularly good, but not totally bad either. The setback isn’t necessarily permanent and can be a catalyst for the person to look back into his situation to do better in the future.

  • Two of Coins & Temperance:

When combined with the temperance tarot cards, the combinations suggest the time for the reader to create the ultimate balance in life. The pair refers you to look back and notice if you’re neglecting any part of your life or not. The shift of focus and the newfound balance created by you will bring equilibrium and peace so that you can make better decisions in your life.

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Finding balance along with caution and suggestions about life and work will benefit us in many ways. The right use of Two of Coins can bring you to make meaningful and beneficial life decisions and shift your focus to a healthy lifestyle.

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