What Does Introverted Intuition Mean in 2021?

“I have planed the whole picture in my head. This is going to be a masterpiece.” That is how artists began with their work- by planning the possible future as a whole in their imagination, and it takes up a lot of self-time for thinking and brainstorming. Thinking is one of the favorite things to do- I talked about people who have introverted intuition. This is a popular term of psychology.

What is intuition?

“Sixth sense” can be a perfect word to describe intuition, but there is a lot of confusion about what intuition actually is. It is somewhat of a trait that allows one to exercise their imagination to plan the future or develop perception, which is quite unable to describe and make people understand. It is deeper thinking of one’s mind that is not always practical; rather, it comes in an abstractive form.

 Are introverts intuitive?

Intuitive people are more likely to be introverts as well. They are sometimes called thinking introverts. It is because they spend a good amount of time being thoughtful. That is just how they are. They are addressed as Intuitive Introverts in the Myers-Briggs personality system. As they are deep thinkers, they own a self-made world to analyze their ideas and think abstractly. For example, introverted intuition people are imaginative, creative and many people in this category are great artists.

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Signs That Say You Have Introverted Intuition

These might be the signs that show you might find an introverted intuitive person. Check these traits and match with your personality to find out about your intuitions:

  • Driven by own inspiration
  • Enjoys abstractive conversation
  • Individualistic
  • Independent
  • Thoughtful
  • Looks for inner story
  • Trusts subconscious mind
  • Needs self-time to think
  • Imaginative
  • Looks for deeper meaning
  • Finds it hard to explain own perceptions

What does introverted intuition feel like?

To explain how introverted intuition feels, we can say that it reveals its insights that are associated with a gut sense of conviction and certainty. They experience their unstoppable intuitions to be true and true and trustworthy from the core.

To illustrate, the “bigger picture” is their most important concern. They tend to be abstractive in personality and forward-looking. The artistic phenomenon shows their great sense of insights.

A sense of completeness is naturally inherited in them, which makes visionary about picturing the possible future. Strong sense of foresight work as the driving force behind their intellect.

How One Can Develop Introverted Intuition?

To develop introverted intuition- it requires a lot of work to make it useful in real life. To make it useful and accessible to others, intuitive introverts need to articulate and illustrate their ideas. They are like a dreamer who pictures the whole scenario in their imagination. In order to unpack their vision, they go through difficult and painstaking moments.

Finally, the moment of truth might take a longer time to be translated; one must trust the whole process with patience. Images, illustrators, words, and analogies are used to bring out the final product and be metaphorical or narrative.

 What is the difference between extroverted and introverted intuition?

It can be a challenging task to differentiate extroverted and introverted intuitions, but once you the basic characteristics of these two types, you will be able to differentiate them in no time!

Extroverted ones frequently shift their focus from one thing to another as they are less focused, and they tend to have a shorter amount of attention. Whereas introverts are more likely to dive deeper into work with more focus extending their attention.

They like to spend their energy and time to do something they really care about. When it comes to extroverts, they are more into expanding their social relationships and interaction with others. People who have extroverted intuitions are less sensitive, and those who have introverted intuitions are mostly sensitive people.

Conclusion: People who have introverted intuition enjoys the beauty of life in their very own way. Their thoughts transform into the form of symbols, images, dreams, or patterns. They own a strong visual element. With practice and good relying on the subconscious nature of mind, they build themselves as aesthetic people.

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