King of Coins Meaning, Guide And Review

King of Coins or King of Pentacles is the card of King from the suit of Coins in the Latin suited tarot games, including tarot decks. Across Europe, where the games aren’t well-known, tarot decks are primarily used for divinatory purposes. The meaning, interpretation, and symbolism of King of Coins are derived from the original Rider-Waite tarot deck.

King of Coins Keywords

Upright Keywords:

Wealth, business, leadership, security, discipline, abundance, prosperity, ambition, safe, kind, patriarchal, protective, businessman, provider, sensual, reliable, mature grounded male, successful, wealthy businessman, bettering yourself, not a risk-taker, empire, thriving, high status, stability,  enterprising,  cautious, careful, loyal, faithful, dependable, supporting, encouraging, conservative, principled, reaching goals, hard work will pay off, seeing things through to the end, groundedness.

Reversed Keywords:

Failing business, corruption, cold, materialistic, instability, ungrounded male, unsuccessful businessman, corruption, extortion,  poor judgment, gambler, the collapse of an empire, bankruptcy, underqualified, broke, slob, greedy, hasty decisions, disloyal, unfaithful,  unsupportive, discouraging, obstinate, cold, uncaring, ruthless, losing your grip on things, wasteful, chauvinist, poor financial decisions, exploitative, possessive, financially inept, obsessed with wealth and status, stubborn.

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King of Coins Description

The King of Coins or the King of Pentacles represents someone sitting on a throne embellished with carving on bulls in golden colors. Grapes and vines adore his throne, and his golden robes are also decorated and dazzling. These two specifications symbolize his wealth and abundance. In his right hand, the man is holding the scepter of power, and in his left hand, he’s holding a golden coin or pentacle, which works as the symbol is materialistic influence and power.

His overall aura and imagery uncover that the King can create even more material wealth or financial abundance with his capabilities and qualities. But he’s not working or doing things on a whim, and he can sustain his wealth over a long period of time with the help of his self-discipline, excellent control, and fantastic leadership skills.

There are even more vines, flowers, and plants; they add more depth and highlight the highest attainment of his material success and financial abundance. In the background, his castle sits behind him, yet another symbol of his efforts and determination. The king is shown as very serious about his financial security, and he has accumulated all his wealth during a long period and has sustained it very well. He’s proud of his achievements, and he’s determined to keep doing better. He’s grounded and humble but still knows when to show and secure his position.

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General Interpretation of King of Coins (Upright & Reversed)

Upright Meaning:

In the general context, the King of Coins represents one trying to work better, and someone’s hard work paying off. It also indicates that you successfully reach your goals and be proud of your own achievements and accomplishments. This Minor Arcana card can represent your desire and wish to reach a higher status and be enterprising. It suggests that you’re resourceful and principled.

In the case of describing a person, it indicates a grounded and skillful male who’s patient, stable, secure, loyal, a hard worker, and has a mind worthy of business. He’s mature and serious about the things he’s passionate about t and does all it takes to reach his goals. He’s a generous provider, and he’s careful with his own wealth and wishes to sustain it. He doesn’t gamble away his money or take silly risks. He’s a faithful guardian and also a reliable protector. He’s better at coping with practical matters than emotional ones.

Reversed Meaning:

In the general context, the King of Coins represents the habits such as losing your grip on things and not reaching your goals and becoming unsuccessful. Not seeing through things and being careless with what you have might be another indication. You’re unprincipled and reckless; you’re probably taking ill-advised risks and making hasty decisions, relying on your poor judgment.

Alternatively, the King of Coins can represent an older man who’s unsuccessful and ungrounded. This King represented in the reversed position indicates the extreme negative of the King in the upright position. It indicates a lazy, slobby person who’s gambled away all his money and his ruthless and corrupt. His negative qualities put him further into destruction.

King of Coins- Yes or No

In the case of answering questions in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reading, the answer that King of Coins or King of Pentacles provides is definitely a ‘yes.’ Especially in case of financial, career, or money-related questions are answered with a positive response from the King of Coins.

The King of Coins is itself is a very finance-related card, and it becomes successful in every one of its ventures. In the general context, the King represents a person who can have and get it all while staying grounded and true to himself. When the card comes in your reading, you can rest fully assured that you’re capable of excelling at the tasks that you’ve been wanting to do.

It can be starting a new business or enrolling in a new school or traveling, or entering into a new partnership of some kind. You can do anything of your desire with the confidence of the King of Coins.

Astrology of King of Coins

The King of Coins or the King of Pentacles is strongly associated and connected with the zodiac sign of Taurus and Capricorn. It represents the element Earth.

The zodiac sign represents the material habit and qualities of the King of Coins, and the Capricorn sign further emphasizes the characteristics and behavioral symbolisms of the King of Coins. Capricorn is like the traditional business-minded person within the zodiac signs. The Capricorns are practical, earthly, and enduring. The planet of Venus rules the sign.

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King of Coins & Some Important Card Combinations

King of Coins or the King of Pentacles embodies all three qualities of stability, security, and groundedness. When combined with other cards of the deck, the meaning of these founding messages can change slightly. Therefore, it’s significant to remember the important combinations for providing a thorough and accurate reading.

  • King of Coins & Other Kings:

    In the case of these two cards of kings coming together, it’s an indication that you’ll soon meet someone of great importance and effect in your life. If both of the positions of the cards are upright, the pair indicates that that person will be your lifelong close friend. If both of the cards are in reverse position, the pair represents rivalry and enmity, but not friendship. This could be someone within family, friends, or colleagues.
    In the case of three or more cards of King showing up together in a reading, especially all in the reverse position signifies that you have too many people attached or latched onto you that are weighing you down or putting you behind in your life. You need to make some quick decisions and trust your own judgments.

  • King of Coins & The Devil/ The Tower:

    In the case of the Devil or the Tweor combining with the King of Coins or the King of Pentacles, it means that danger and hard times are upon you soon. But you have to be prepared and thankful that you have the strength to fight that any difficulty that life throws at you.

  • King of Coins & The Queen of Coins:

    In case you’re single, getting the Queen of Coins combined with the King of Coins in reading brings good news for you. You’re soon to meet your destined one! This might be someone you already know or have met before; it could even be someone you encounter on a daily basis. It could be your colleague, someone who’s in the same business as you, or maybe someone you know or have met via a mutual friend. You just have to be awake and keep your eyes open to notice the changes and signs you may have missed before.
    In case you’re already in a relationship. Still, the combination means serious business for your future with your partner. The one you’re with now wants to be with you in the long run and build a stable future with you in a house with children.

  • King of Coins & The Emperor:

    King of Coins or King of Pentacles paired up with the Emperor means that you’ve to toughen up and keep up your cold exterior in the future to avoid damage in problems and difficulties. You have to be strong to make sure you can overcome and make it through tough times ahead. The result of this perseverance will be positive.


As the showcase of stability and security, and protectiveness, the King of Coins teaches us some important values for our lives. We can’t deduce it to be male-oriented or patriarchal as it represents that and so much more behind the cold exterior of the one in charge. The responsibilities and hardships one faces while keeping a cool head and protecting others are worthy of praise and can be associated with situations in our own lives.

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