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Page of Coins/ Jack of Coins/ Knave of Coins/ Knave of Pentacles/ Page of Pentacles is a card used in Latin suited tarot games, including tarot decks. It is a part of tarot card players called Minor Arcana. Across Europe, where the games aren’t well-known, tarot decks are primarily used for divinatory purposes. The interpretation, meaning, and symbolism of Page of Coins are derived from the original Rider-Waite tarot deck.

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Page of Coins Keywords

Upright Keywords:

Manifestation, financial opportunity, skill development, ambitious, diligent, goal-oriented, planner, consistent, star student, academic, grounded young person, loyal, faithful, dependable, good news in earthly matters, solid beginnings, setting goals, developing a plan, laying the foundation, taking advantage of opportunities, jumping in, excellent prospects, excelling in seeking education or training, deciding what you want and go for it, healthy lifestyle, tarot/divination, earth magic, nature, sticking to goals and decision, practicality.

Reversed Keywords:

Procrastination, unrealistic goals, immaturity, lack of progress, learning from failure, foolish, irresponsible, lazy, underachiever, missed chances, poor prospects, bad news in earthy matters, lack of goals, lacking common sense, sullen, rebellious, no groundwork, no followthrough, unworkable plan, not taking advantage of opportunities, failing/ dropping out of education/ training, learning difficulties, frustration, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, unhealthy lifestyle, obsession with tarot/divination, dark magic.

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Page of Coins Description

Page of Coins or Page of Pentacles depicts a young man standing and holding a gold coin or pentacle in his hands carefully, as though examining it. His expression conveys that he looks at the coin thinking ambitiously about acquiring more gold and abundance. His passion for discovering and better himself can be felt through the imagery.

The background of this card depicts that he’s standing in a grassy field filled with blooming flowers. In the distance, a small patch of trees can be seen and a newly plowed field that promises an abundant harvest. On the horizon, a mountain range can be seen, and this symbolism serves as a reminder of the hardship, difficulties, and obstacles he has to face as he surmounts along his journey. This imagery is depicted in the original Rider-Waite tarot deck. Other versions of art may vary, but they all include the same symbolism and meanings.

General Interpretation of Page of Coins (Upright & Reversed)

Upright Meaning:

In the general context, in the upright position, the Page of Coins is the bearer of good news, and it’s normally related to materialistic and earthly matters such as business, money, career, education, property or health, etc. It’s also the representation of a solid foundation being laid out for future plans and success.

This card of Minor Arcana conveys that you have to decide the path you want to take. Life is all about choices, and the Page of Coins suggests that taking the leap of faith and overcoming the doubts in your mind is the true obstacle standing between you and your happiness. Jump in and seize the opportunities beneficial to you while you can. Missing an opportunity can leave you with regret and frustration.

But the card doesn’t just blindly tell you to jump into unknown situations. Rather it suggests you overcome your doubts so that you may make the right decisions. It indicates that you should put the groundwork in advance for succeeding in your long-term plan. When describing a person, the Page of Coins to the Page of Pentacles indicates a person, presumably a young man or an ambitious woman, focused, planner, and very determined to make his future better by seizing the opportunities beneficial to him.

Reversed Meaning:

In the general context, in the reversed position, the Page of Coins or the Page of Pentacles can be the bearer of bad news or unfortunate situation in earthly matters of materialistic matters. But as a matter of fact, this card in this position also conveys that the challenges you might face aren’t due to some outside force or phenomenon but rather a summation and consequences of your own rash and reckless behavior.

The card represents many ill qualities like the lack of ambition or goals, irresponsibility and laziness, the lack of follow-through, and determination too. So, these habits might be preventing you or holding you back from reaching your goals.

Also, in the matter of having procrastination or laziness as a habit, you have to remember that the world won’t just deliver your destiny to you. You have to ride out yourself and work hard to meet it. You’ve to keep in mind that we as a person can control our own fate and carve our own life with passion, determination, hard work, and grit.

Idling away your life is foolish when, if utilized properly, one’s success can be beyond imagination. When describing a person, the page of Coins in the reversed position might indicate a person. Presumably, a young man or woman who’s lazy, procrastinating, sullen, rebellious, immature, and disloyal who’s also lacking in common sense and prospects.

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Page of Coins- Yes or No

In the prospect of answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, the Page of Coins or Page of Pentacles answers you ‘yes.’ The general mood of the card is positive, and to reap the information from this card, you’ll need to embody the qualities owned by the Page of Coins card; smartness and hard work. In case of thinking about approaching a goal, you should just go for it! The ‘yes’ of the Page of Coins serves the outward questions and the inwards ones. Like- seeking a promotion, wanting to start a hobby, or maybe trying out something fun, things that help you feel youthful and free are definitely recommended by this affirmative card.

Astrology & Symbolism of Page of Coins


The Page of Coins or the Page of Pentacles card depicts the sign Earth and is associated with the zodiac signs of Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn.

But the zodiac sign Taurus is traditionally deeply connected with the Page of Coins. The sign of Taurus values stability and comfort. The people under the sign Taurus are extremely materialistic and value filling their homes with luxury items. They love to lounge, relax and eat the right way. On the same note, they’re also very extremely stubborn and loyal, stable, and trustworthy. They’ll fight you to prove to them being right. The planet of Venus rules the sign of Taurus.


In divination usage, this card is meant for young people, especially students, beyond the imagery and other interpretation meanings. It’s often used to depict a hardworking youth towards his goals. Primarily, this card can also hint at you changing your line of work or taking on more and new responsibilities.

Page of Coins & Some Important Card Combination

Page of Coins or Page of Pentacles represents earthly desires such as money, career, investments, business, education, and physical health. The meaning of this card isn’t changed so easily by its surrounding cards, but they add something to its meaning. When combined with other cards, the supplementary cards show the way to success. That’s why it’s important to find out about the important card combinations necessary to have accurate tarot readings.

  • Page of Coins & The Wheels of Fortune:

    This combination hints at instability. If you’re looking forward to something happening, it will, and unfortunately, the Wheel of Fortune cards depicts your path to that way will be rocky. This isn’t an indication to give up, though. In fact, this pair gives you the opposite message. As the Page of Coins card is the embodiment of practicality and prosperity, tangible results can be expected from your situation.

  • Page of Coins & The Empress:

    This pair gives a positive message to the reading for women; it’s the giver of all desires. Be it money, career, education, or inheritance, the Page of Pentacles and the Empress is telling you to embrace yourself in any area that you’re looking forward to for increased improvement. You already have the power and skills needed for becoming successful. All that is needed is trust in your own power and self.

  • Page of Coins & Justice:

    The card of Justice embodies the idea of cause and effect. When paired up with the Page of Coins card, it indicates that your plans will be effective, and your dreams will come true as long as you stick to your goals and be honest with yourself. The pair suggests that your idea and passion have sufficient potential, and one day you’ll be able to reap benefit from your hard work.

  • Page of Coins & The Fool:

    The cards of this pair have something in common; they both jump into adventurous spirits. Is there perhaps anything that you’ve wanted but you’re doubtful about? Well, now it’s time to let go of hesitation. You’ve to adopt the ‘can-do’ attitude from the Page of Coins card and use it to take a leap of faith towards the task that needs to be done.


Page of Coins or Page of Pentacles embodies essential qualities. Its readings also convey the same message for its readers, which is why it’s important to learn and understand each part of this card to help live a successful and happy life.

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