Magick of You Oracle Review & Buying Guide

Magick of You Oracle Review

Magick of You is a system that assists its users in tapping into their own inner wisdom. The cards include the Magick of You Oracle, a deck of cards that assist in your self-discovery by showing you the most likely cards to show up. They are also used and reviewed on this blog. Let’s check the Magick of You Oracle Review.

The Magick of You Oracle will assist us to transcend hurdles to pave a way in times of crisis. Tap into cosmic intelligence and strengthen our domination to mend repeated difficulties in life.

This article involves all ins and outs of the Magick of You Oracle. The pros and cons, author description, and reviews from the previous users are all in it.

Magick of You Oracle Deck Meanings:

The Magick of You Oracle deck is based on the traditional Tarot deck and uses the imagery of the cards to search for answers to personal questions.

Magick of You Oracle provides a special opportunity to connect with the spirit, have your questions answered, and receive insightful guidance. You could describe it as a journey of self-discovery, a game of cosmic chess, or the means to an end. Whatever it is that you seek, use these cards to assist you on your path.

Magick of You Oracle: Unlock Your Hidden Truths (36...
  • Horne, Fiona (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About the Author:

Fiona Horne is regarded as among the most powerful sorceress in the entire globe. She is the creator of the fourteen greatest publications on current Sorcery, released over the previous two decades. Her works have had a multigenerational influence on the new Witch’s progress. Her unwavering commitment to debunking unfavorable misconceptions and prejudices has contributed to contemporary Witches’ ability to perform their Craft amid dread of demonization and condemnation.

Marcela Bolivar is a portraiture creator who specializes in computer graphics. Her works are built on pictures that have undergone a lengthy conversion, assembling, and refining program to move them nearer to a visual display.

Magick of You Oracle Review

This book will help us disentangle our problems to emerge into the brightness with serenity, satisfaction and build a sense of belonging. Inner perception can also become distorted during these trying moments. This oracle was created with the user in mind, allowing them to have faith in truthful, impartial, and existence-changing guidance.

  • This deck will lift us and direct our gaze toward the light, casting lengthy spiritual shades behind us.
  • The readers will be reborn on their path in life, ready to embark on their next journey.

This deck has in total 120 pages written in English and weighs 10.4 ounces. The dimensions are 102 x 140 x 35.56mm. Rockpool Publishing published this paperback from Australia on 8 August 2019. It is in 15,077th position in bestseller’s rank.

Previous Readers’ Experiences:

  • A fantastic deck for those who enjoy a little bit of gloom and a lot of complexity.
  • The pamphlet includes a color description of each card and instructions on how to execute a ceremonial with each card.
  • According to several readers, it has read in a gentle but direct style thus far.
  • The cards aren’t of the highest quality, but they’ll suffice.
  • They arrived in a little scrunched and crooked package, but the box was enough to let the cards fit in it comfortably.
  • This is a fantastic feature that will allow readers to connect with the cards more clearly and naturally.
  • Although the deck is lower in composition and size, it still packs a powerful impact.
  • Each card has some form of spell casting.
  • Suitable for being a present for our loved ones.
  • The amazing illustration makes it eye-catching.
  • It can easily be shuffled.
  • It is handy.
  • The box goes perfectly with the cards.
  • Sometimes the dark concept seems to be complicated.
  • Not for the beginners.
  • The concept might be crucial for future growth and development.
  • The printing seems a bit off.


Are you positioned and prepared to witness the splendor of your magick? This review is much more than a rundown of Fiona’ Horne’s debut oracle cards. As we uncover mysteries and supernatural happenings skillfully stashed away in each word and each of Marcela Bolivar’s stunning paintings, it’s a magnificent representation of reality in the tale.

Begin to perceive the realm in more mysterious and alluring accents.

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