Wonderland Tarot in a Tin Review & Buying Guide

Wonderland Tarot in a Tin Review

The Wonderland Tarot is a unique deck with a lot of depth and symbolism. This is a great deck to read with others, especially if you are looking for a way to express yourself creatively. If you are in need of a new deck that you can read with friends, this is a great choice. Let’s check the Wonderland Tarot in a Tin Review.

Morgana Abbey’s charming artistry pays tribute to Sir John Tenniel, the designer of the very first version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and his drawings in a Victorian manner.

This article represents all ins and outs of the Wonderland Tarot, including its pros and cons, features, and how the previous users felt about this tarot deck.

The Wonderland Tarot Meanings:

The Wonderland Tarot is a deck that has been getting a lot of buzzes lately. Morgana Abbey and Chris Abbey created the deck itself. The deck is very different from what you would find in the Rider Waite.

The major difference is in the imagery. The deck is very cartoony and many people like the cartoony style. A significant part of the book focuses on the animal/fairy themes. If you are looking for a deck with a lot of whimsy and fun, then this is the deck for you.

About the Author:

Morgana Abbey and Chris Abbey originated the Wonderland Tarot in a Tin. Morgana Abbey contributed to the illustrational activity in the deck, and Chris showcased his talent as an author with a remarkable change in the deck’s creation.

The Wonderland Tarot in a Tin
  • Abbey, Chris (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Wonderland Tarot in a Tin Review

Christopher and Morgana Abbey’s combined team brilliantly updated Sir John Tenniel’s pictures of Lewis Carroll’s writings to match the conventional Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) format.

  • The Wonderland Tarot in A Tin is a 78-card tarot deck with 2 extra reflective surface intros that can be used as bookends.
  • Because the Wonderland Tarot is built on the Rider Waite Smith deck, the pictures have been altered to correspond to the RWS visual structure.
  • The deck comprises 22 Major Arcana, arranged according to A. E. Waite’s labels and sequence.
  • The Minor Arcana is made of 56 cards separated into four groups, each having a distinct subject.

The tarot deck was published by US Games in 2017. The card size is 5.80cm x 9.50cm. The card language is English. There is a small booklet colored in white as a companion with the deck.

Previous Users’ Experiences:

  • The Wonderland Tarot in A Tin is a colorful and cheerful deck that is nevertheless a fully functional tarot.
  • It’s a deck that can be used for fun, for kids, or in circumstances when the person being asked finds traditional tarot cards uncomfortable.
  • While some of the drawings skillfully employ the tales to further the divinatory implications, others are merely descriptive, recasting classic Wonderland figures in Rider Waite Smith scenarios.
  • The guidebook starts with a quick overview of the deck before diving straight into the card interpretations.
  • The photos are surrounded by a wide white outline and a narrow black edge.
  • The cards are about the same size as a conventional deck of playing cards.
  • The Minor Arcana’s player card counterpart is noted in the margins of each of the corresponding cards.
  • The usual suits have been modified in this deck, which is among the most apparent features.
  • This is a beautiful deck that has been reintroduced.
  • It is incredibly adaptable.
  • It’s similar enough to RWS that it doesn’t need to comprehend the backstories.
  • The deck, which has the same image on the cards as the antique, perfectly fits the metal container.
  • The hues are vibrant and distinct.
  • Each card in the Minor Arcana has both astrological and opposite interpretations.
  • There are no summaries for the Minor Arcana.
  • This is an unusual deck with a well-defined concept.
  • Smaller cards.


This tin of cards is tiny enough to fit into a handbag or backpack without adding weight, yet it protects the tarot deck from harm. The readers will have a great time playing with this tarot deck.

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