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In “Messages from the Mermaids,” author Karen Kay brings readers on a journey of discovery as she shares Mermaid wisdom that she has channeled. Throughout the book, the author provides readers with powerful messages and insights that can help them create their dreams.

Karen Kay’s messages are simple yet profound, and her writing style is both engaging and easy to read. In addition, the book is beautifully illustrated with mermaid artwork by Linda Olsen.

I found “Messages from the Mermaids” to be a truly inspiring and uplifting read. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking guidance and wisdom on their journey through life.

Messages from the Mermaids: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook
  • Kay, Karen (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author

Karen Kay (Author) & Linda Olsen (Illustrations)

Karen Kay is known for her communicating with elementals like mermaids and fairies. She first connected with her fairy and natural-finned friends when she first moved to Cornwall. Previously, she was a BBC journalist but left her job for her passion and divine side. Since then, she has founded international magazines called Mermaids and Mythology and FAE.

Karen shares her love for element realms through her work. She’s an established author with two oracles published by Hay House. She sings, makes music, and tries to create meditation CDs in her free time. Karen connects to the elemental world and this material world through her powers and tries to bring ancient wisdom from mermaids, fairies, and unicorns to our human realm. Her passion for fairies was established when she was just a child, as she collected rose petals in her grandmother’s garden to make perfume.

Linda Olsen is a talented young professional photographer and painter. She has illustrated the deck Messages from the Mermaids. She grew up in California, and her love for the natural magic of the sea and mermaid lore themes heavily play a role in all her professional work and also works as her driving passion and inspiration.

Let’s check out more on Messages from the Mermaids.

Messages from the Mermaids Review

To learn from the ancient and mystical sea creatures and get knowledge from them, this deck is the pathway for the reader’s communication with the mermaids, the elemental guardians of the sea. They are all experts in matters of heart and emotions and are eager to share their wisdom with the human realm. This deck offers gentle and direct solutions to any challenges you may or already might be facing. This will help you overcome life’s hardships and challenging situations and guide you to a more harmonious way of living.

The timeless knowledge combined with the breathtaking imagery is what attracts and inspires readers. This will also enable you to connect with the fairies personally and find your path toward healing and realization.

Each deck card is filled with mermaid energy and wisdom from ancient times to guide lost souls. The key to receiving this blessing is to open up your hearts and reveal your thoughts to the mermaid or the merman to guide you and channel your energies.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in a card version on Amazon in the language of English. It was published on 16th June 2020 by Hay House UK. It weighs about 12.3 ounces and has a dimension of about 3.94 x 1.4 x 5.44 inches.

  • The deck has 44 cards.
  • A booklet with detailed meaning and interpretations of the cards by the author.
  • The vivid and accurately detailed illustrations of mermaids from the illustrator.

User Experience:

  • The customers felt a unique energy and connection to the oracle deck.
  • This oracle is believed to open up opportunities for miracles and mystical wonders with the help of the power of mermaids.
  • This deck is a must-have for mermaid lovers and enthusiasts because it’s divits and divine in quality.
  • It also spreads relaxing and soothing messages to its readers.
  • The imagery carefully depicts the actual representation of the mermaids and helps the readers get a clearer picture of their imagination.
  • This deck uses the technique of acquiring knowledge and inspiration in fun and interactive ways.
  • The deck brings forth easy-to-understand solutions from the messages of mermaids, which can be directly implemented in one’s lion’s deck and is very accurate, inspirational, and motivational in text and formats.
  • The booklet and details in the cards are printed nicely and have good resolution.
  • The imageries are all ocean inspires and are breathtakingly unique and mesmerizing.
  • The meaning on each of the cards is given with expanded meaning for any lingering questions or confusion in case of interpretations.
  • The packaging boxes could have been improved as it doesn’t doesn’tdate all the deck cards.


For the readers to be tuned in to the watery wisdom of the mermaids and learn spiritual guidance and emotional and gentle loving healing with these oracle cards will be very beneficial. This deck can be consulted for manifestation and salvation to find possible solutions in case of worries or problems.

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