Modern Witch Tarot Review & Guide

Modern Witch Tarot is a book of 78 cards. The cards range in color, from Dover white to green. The backs are printed with black and white images of witches and witches’ tools, as well as symbols, spells, and rituals.

Modern Witch Tarot is the first deck in the Modern Witch Tarot series and is designed for the modern-day witch. This deck incorporates traditional tarot symbolism but adds modern witchcraft themes to it. Considering each card has a one-of-a-kind illustration, this deck would be an excellent gift for a witchy friend or yourself if you’re a fan of tarot.

Modern Witch Tarot Meanings

The Modern Witch Tarot cards use nature, mythology, and folklore imagery to prompt readers into deep reflection. Although Rachel has her own unique interpretation of each card, the images are based on traditional tarot symbolism. Each card has its own accompanying card meaning, though the writer offers general insight and interpretations for the deck.


The Modern Witch Tarot Deck (Modern Witch Tarot Library)
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The Modern Witch Tarot Deck (Modern Witch Tarot Library)
  • Sterle, Lisa (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author

This deck is created by the author Lisa Sterile, an artist residing in Columbus, Ohio. She co-created this Modern Witch tarot. Her work ranges from comic books to concept design to pop-culture-inspired illustrations. Her work is bright and expressive. She has worked with various publishers and is currently working with graphic novels and comic series.

Modern Witch Tarot Review

The modern witch tarot is a feminist deck containing 78 cards that are dense with symbolic archetypes like The Magician, The Empress, and The Chariot. This deck reflects our life experience and serve as a mirror of how we interact with the world.

The author Lisa Sterile brings these symbols into modern life with vibrant art that observes the variousness, excitement, and energy of the new kind of magic happening in this world.

The Modern Witch Tarot Deck answers our questions about the past, the present, and whatever the future may hold. Its empowering messages will assist us in taking the next step toward whatever we desire.

Modern Witch Tarot- features and specifications

Sterling Ethos manufactured this deck on November 5, 2019. It is available in English and has 56 pages of paperback. The deck weighs 1.05 pounds and has 3.46*2.48*5.28 dimension inches. It features,

  • Contain 78 cards with unique illustrations and vibrant colors.
  • Included guidebook to understanding its rich meanings.
  • Blended with witchcraft and tarot.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • The Modern Witch Tarot comes in an eye-catching and very sturdy vertical slipcase. There’s even a cardboard insert to keep the cards from falling out of the box.
  • The card stock is far too thick, making shuffle difficult.
  • The cards are of excellent quality and are a pleasure to hold.
  • They are long-lasting but challenging to shuffle.
  • The booklet is beautifully printed, but the content is sparse and only tangentially functional.
  • It adheres to the composition of the original illustrations while incorporating modern interpretations.
  • They appear expensive and are well worth their price.
  • It has a small booklet with interpretations and is thick, high-quality pasta.
  • The card box is wide and matte laminated as well.


  • The readings are excellent, and the accompanying booklet is handy.
  • The graphics are crisp and colorful, and the imagery is stunning.
  • The deck contains a wide range of female and gender-fluid characters.
  • The cards are glossy laminated and made of thick cardboard paper.
  • They shuffle well, have a good weight, are a good size, and feel good when used.


  • These are based on RWS cards, but all images are female.

The Modern Witch Tarot takes the best of the classical Rider-Waite deck and blends it with the modern feel of art prints. A reader can use the Modern Witch Tarot as a divination tool and a piece of art.


In conclusion, we recommend that the Modern Witch Tarot be purchased. It is for card collectors, tarot practitioners, fantasy and sci-fi fans, and witches and wizards across the globe. It is also for book lovers, art lovers, and people with one ear always open to the magic.

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