The Spell Book for New Witches Review

A spell book for new witches, a spell book for those who are just beginning their magical journey. This article is “The Spell Book for New Witches Review” with the advantages, disadvantages, previous users’ experiences, product specifications.

The author, Ambrosia Hawthorn, says her intention was to give a handbook of spells for a novice witch’s first spell book. She wanted to make it easier for the new witch to find spells that were magical and easy to cast and help guide the new witch through the first steps of her magical education.

About the Author

Ambrosia Hawthorn is a tarot analyst, astrologer, and an eclectic wandering witch with Yup’ik shamanism and Puerto Rican folk witchcraft at her roots. She is the editor of Witchology Magazine and the founder of Wild Goddess Magick, a witchcraft blogging website.

Ambrosia’s objective is to make and distribute fresh content with all witches about all sorts of sorcery. Her devotion to the Craft is well-known. Ambrosia was born and reared in California, where she developed a passion for writing and magick at a young age. She now lives with her husband and two gorgeous kittens in Washington, the evergreen state known for its great woods.

The Spell Book for New Witches: Essential Spells to Change...
  • Hawthorn, Ambrosia (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

The Spell Book for New Witches Review

Engage with the surrounding world’s energy, manifest your dream employment, and shield yourself from negative energy. All of this is easy due to Ambrosia Hawthorn, the founder of Witchology Magazine.

The Spell Book for New Witches will educate you on how to cast spells and assist you in realizing your goals. It’s the ideal book for witchcraft novices who want to create passion, wealth, wellness, and more, with 130 basic spells. The spells are drawn from a variety of Wicca rituals, and the book also contains basic information such as:

  • How to Build an Altar: This book will show you how to build your special place filled with possibilities to execute your spells, celebrations, and rites.
  • Definitions, methodologies, and frequent misunderstandings about witchcraft: Involve yourself in the realm of witchcraft to strengthen your capacity to connect with the spiritual realm and enhance your practice.
  • How to utilize spells daily: Knowledge of calendars, cycles, and seasons can allow you to make the most of the magic. You’ll also get ingredient labels for a rudimentary witch’s pantry, so you’ll be prepared when it’s time to cast spells.

Features & Specifications:

Rockridge Press published the book on February 4, 2020. The paperback edition has 244 pages written in English. The book weighs 14.1 ounces, and its dimensions are 5.83 x 0.67 x 8.27 inches.

Previous Users’ Experiences

  • This is a book for not only beginner witches but also advanced witches.
  • Ambrosia has bestowed upon us a plethora of spells that we can utilize in our daily lives, and I adore the usefulness of it all.
  • Any Book of Shadows can easily be reproduced using the information.
  • Ambrosia also debunks common myths about witchcraft and provides the basis for conscientious magic creation.
  • It was a brief read with a lot of useful information.
  • It will provide you with all of the information you will require on your path to becoming a witch.
  • There are several particularly interesting spells.
  • The majority of the spells are simple to use and don’t necessitate any special equipment.
  • With so many moving pieces, a novice spellcaster could quickly become disoriented in the ‘ritual practices.’

As a new witch, this is an excellent primer full of spells with instructions on when to cast them, where to cast them, and how long they will take.

I can’t imagine why anyone would want to learn magic without this book. It’s comprehensive, inclusive, authoritative, and just plain fun. It’s easy to follow, well written, and inspirational. The author does not dumb down the content. She does not use tired tropes or tired stereotypes. It is a great book for those who want to learn how to practice magic for all sorts of reasons.


In conclusion, the characters are not the only ones who received a worthy update. The book’s narrative voice, tone, humor, its message are all sharper and funnier. This is also reflected in the additional content, which is welcome. It’s not just a reprint of the old book with some new spells. It’s a legitimately new book. The author’s voice, her expertise, her humor are stronger, more confident.

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