Original Mucha Tarot Card Decks Reviews in 2023

Are you fond of Much tarot and are looking to get a Mucha tarot deck? Well, you have come to the right place. As there are many decks, you may be confused about choosing the right Mucha deck.

The Mucha Tarot Deck is a reproduction of the deck of the same name, created by the artist Alphonse Mucha in 1902. It’s a very popular deck, and for a good reason, since it is considered one of the best tarot decks to be created and has become a collector’s item. It’s the kind of deck that people get for themselves and use, which is something not all decks can say.

We have provided the Mucha Tarot deck in the article with its details. They are just a few and have a uniqueness features rather than the other deck.

Read out the below information. You will get a complete guide on the Mucha tarot deck.

1. Tarot Mucha-Strong and Attractive Laminated Hard Pressed for Absolutely Gorgeous Impressions:

Tarot Mucha (Tarot Mucha, 1)
  • Lo Scarabeo (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

This card was created by the author Lo Scarabeo. His deck is well-known to all the world for its originality and quality in his work. A great tribute to Alphonse Mucha, who is a pioneer of the art nouveau.

This deck squeezes the twentieth-century dawning natural beauties along with the never-ending knowledge and understanding of the tarot. This unique edition deck represents full-bleed images and comes with a guidebook that tells us about the hidden secret of this card.

This card was published on January 08, 2015. It comes with a weight of 14.4 ounces and has a dimension of 3.25*2*5 inches.

  • The deck comes in a beautiful and sturdy box.
  • In the deck, its artwork is pretty.
  • The card stock is thick and glossy.
  • The colors of the deck are vibrant, sharp, and saturated.
  • The cards are easy to shuffle, and its booklet provides all the informative information.
  • There is no reversible information provided.

2. Alphonse Mucha-Colourful Large Format Deck:

Alphonse Mucha: Masterworks
  • Hardcover Book
  • Ormiston, Rosalind (Author)

This card was created by the author Rosalind Ormiston. She is a researcher, lecturer, and author in art, architecture, and design history.

Alphonse Mucha was a determined figure in the art nouveau era as an individual and spiritual artist. She is preferred for her distinctive lush style and the abundance of paintings, posters, advertisements, and designs she has created for the images of a beautiful woman in arabesque. Appreciate her full composition in the lesson.

This deck was published on March 01, 2007, and has 200 pages. It weighs 4.03 pounds and has a dimension of 11*0.88*11.38 inches.

  • Beautiful artwork and provided true history along with the images.
  • The deck is printed with heavy paper.
  • The deck comes in full color with a crisp design.
  • Its cards are easy to shuffle.
  • The deck images and text are not on the same page. After finishing, you need to go back to see the images again.

3. Tarot Mucha by Pietro Alligo:

Tarot Mucha by Pietro Alligo(2011-10-25)
  • Pietro Alligo (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

This is an altered card of Tarot Mucha, which was fabricated by the author Lo Scarabeo. In this deck, Mucha’s work has been amended to fit the meanings.

The artwork has the feelings of Mucha’s work. The deck has an accompanying guidebook that comes in several languages. The cards have a classic design and have the same style as Mucha art.

The colors of the major arcana card are colorful and warm the heart. The deck was published on January 01, 2014.

  • The deck comes with a sturdy box that is of good quality.
  • In the deck, cards are sturdy and thick.
  • The cards have a vibrant image that is printed in a good quality card.
  • The deck has a booklet that provides all the card meanings and helpful information on spreads.
  • In the deck, some of the minor arcana cards don’t have a famous figure.

Finale Thoughts

So, we hope that you have got your favorite Mucha tarot deck that you were looking for. Mucha’s artwork is incredible and has a unique style in his work.

Feel free to have these Mucha tarot deck that we have provided in the article. All these are going to be worth your buying.

Happy Shopping.

Mucha Tarot Card Review:

How many Card have in Mucha Tarot Deck?

Mucha tarot card is a fully illustrated deck with 78 cards and 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana cards. They are the same as the traditional RWS deck. Just the artwork and number are different. Each figure has an ornate art nouveau frame that varies between major arcana and each basic color and seasonal flower.

What is the Base of Mucha Tarot Deck?

Mucha Tarot deck is based on RWS. It is a standard deck with a numeral major arcana card and a regular number of illustrated pip cards. Here, strength refers to VIII and justice as XI, and suits are known as cups, discs, staves, and swords. The cards come with no words. Just an image is provided.

What is Alphonse Mucha Tarot?

If you’ve ever studied Tarot history, you’ve probably come across the name of Alphonse Mucha. Alphonse Mucha was a Czech artist and painter who is best known for his beautiful Art Nouveau posters in the late 19th century.

He was a French artist from the early 1900s who drew the famous Tarot card featured in almost all Tarot decks. In fact, his artwork has influenced the look of almost every single Tarot deck known to man, and many of his other designs are used in fortune-telling to this day.

Mucha is also known for his innovative take on the Tarot. The Alphonse Mucha Tarot is a set of 78 cards based on a traditional tarot deck of Major and Minor Arcana. The addition of the Minor Arcana to the Major Arcana makes the set a little more versatile than a standard Tarot deck.

This is a tarot inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s artwork. In this deck, the images of the card are not limited, but its booklet provides all the confidential information.

What does Tarot Mucha Lovers Mean?

Tarot Mucha Lovers Mean the tarot deck used for fortune-telling that was designed in 1907 by Maria Mucha. Her husband commissioned the deck, the artist Alfons Mucha, an author who studied occultism and the occult sciences.

Mucha had worked as a fortune teller and spiritualist in his youth, but by age 38, he had lost his faith in the occult.

You can clearly see the occult influences in Mucha’s art, especially in his earlier work. He was a member of the Martinist Order, an occult society that practices the Hermetic Qabalah, and Mucha’s wife was a psychic.

The tarot Mucha has the story of a man born into a great fortune, but the only thing he really desired was the woman he loved.

Although the two were in love, the woman’s father was more interested in her marrying a wealthy man that would help him expand his own business. The woman married her husband, and although they were happy for a while, she eventually left him.

Tarot Mucha lovers signify harmony and loss of balance. It shows one’s physical and emotional feelings.

What is the Hermit Tarot Meaning?

The hermit tarot meaning is an interesting card to receive in a reading. It represents an internal struggle, while others see it as a time of solitude. Its meanings are as varied as the people who interpret it, so the hermit tarot meaning is so frequently used in Tarot readings.

The Hermit Tarot card is often associated with older men, and while there are many older men in the Tarot, the Hermit is also a card of wisdom and not necessarily age. The Hermit is the old sage, a man who has spent a long time on his own, gaining knowledge and wisdom. When the Hermit card appears, you may feel a call to withdraw from your current situation and spend a period on your own, seeking and gaining knowledge and wisdom.

This Mucha Hermut tarot signifies who wants to spend time alone. The hermit does this. He goes alone in a mountain or a cave to spend quality time.

What does Mucha Tarot The Sun Meaning?

Mucha Tarot The Sun is the second part of the Mucha Tarot deck. It is the largest of the two decks and deals with universal subjects: the day-to-day questions of life, love, and money. The illustrations are bold, and the colors are vivid.

The cards are divided into two parts: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. Like in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the Major Arcana are allegorical figures representing the main life choices and consequences.

The Minor Arcana, on the other hand, correspond to the four suits of a standard deck: the cups, the wands, the pentacles, and the swords. The suits are divided into the same number of cards.

Mucha tarot the sun signifies Positive, fun, success that will come. This gives you optimistic hope.

What does Mucha Tarot Judgement Meaning?

Mucha tarot judgment means rebirth, inner calling. When the archangel Gabriel blows his trumpet by order of God, all the people will recall, and they all will be ready to judge.

The Mucha Tarot Judgement is a Major Arcana card from the Mucha Tarot deck, designed by Alana Fairchild and published by US Games. The Mucha Tarot is based on the classic French deck, the Marseilles Tarot. (In fact, it is a Marseilles deck, and only the name was changed.)

The Mucha Tarot Judgement is number 14, and, like any Major Arcana card, it has no number in the corner. It is illustrated with a woman in a white dress holding the sun above her head.

In her other hand, she holds a large hourglass. The faces on the hourglass are all black, indicating that she represents the end of time.

What does Mucha Tarot Lo Scarabeo Meaning?

This is a deck of Lo Scarabeo and nouveau pioneer Alphonse Mucha illustrates its art. This deck brings freshness to the beauty of the twentieth century, and the card comes with bleeding images.

The Mucha Tarot Lo Scarabeo is a Marseilles-based Tarot Deck with a very unique history. The deck was commissioned by Mucha, an artist from the Art Nouveau movement, and he used his own works from his Mucha Museum as the basis for the images on the cards. The deck was first issued in 1997 and has become a very popular tool for Tarot Readers over the years.

Mucha Tarot Lo Scarabeo (MTLSS) twist the classic Rider Waite Tarot (RWS). It was brought to life by Ophala and Chloe, two Tarot lovers and illustrators who decided to create their own Tarot deck, which would be a fusion of art and magic. To create MTLSS, Ophala and Chloe drew inspiration from the art Nouveau movement and the artwork of Alphonse Mucha, the creator of an art style from the early 20th century called many styles.

What is Mucha Tarot Major Arcana?

This Mucha tarot major arcana signifies life lessons and big archeological themes that influence your life’s journey.

The Mucha Tarot Major Arcana is based on the paintings of the artist Mucha. He was an artist who lived from 1860 to 1939, known for his paintings of beautiful women.

This deck has been made into a Tarot deck based on the artist’s life and his work. They are not a standard Tarot deck, but the unique style of Mucha’s inspires the artwork.

The Mucha Tarot Major Arcana is a deck that was first published back in 1994. Andy Rutledge and Dr. Stephanie Carr-Rutledge created the deck.

The cards are designed to have a very elegant and beautiful look but still use traditional symbolism.

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