Nine of Coins Meaning, Ideas & Explanation

Nine of Coins, commonly known as Nine of Pentacles, is part of tarot card readers call Minor Arcana. It’s used in Latin suited card games, including tarot decks. Across Europe, where the games aren’t well-known, tarot decks are primarily used for divination purposes. The interpretation, meaning, and description of the Nine of Coins or Nine of Pentacles are derived from the original Rider-Waite tarot deck.

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Nine of Coins Keywords

Upright Keywords:

Abundance, luxury, self-sufficiency, financial independence, rewarded efforts, success, achievement, independence, leisure, material security, financial stability, profit, prosperity, wealth, property, rewards gained through hard work, collecting on investments, thriving business, status, freedom, wisdom, maturity, indulgence, contentment, self-discipline, self-control, self-control, sophistication, elegance, grace, beauty, pregnancy, birth, menopause, retirement, making it easy, refinement, comfortable life.

Reversed Keywords:

Financial dependency, success at all costs, pride, trapped in a hustle, self-worth, over-investment in work, hustling, being guarded, living beyond means, material instability, reckless spending, superficiality, lack of independence, financial insecurity, shady investment, working too hard, not earning your wealth, gold-digger, marrying for money or status, sex trafficking/ exploitation, dishonesty, deceit, theft, property damage, con artist, scams, cheap, superficial, no style, failure, disappointment, lack of self-discipline, lack of sophistication or elegance, over-indulgence, miscarriage, termination, reproductive issues.

Nine of Coins Description

Nine of Coins or Nine of Pentacles depicts a woman standing in front of a very elegant garden. She’s wearing very glittering and gorgeous clothing, giving the fragrance of her elegance and flamboyance from the card to the readers. Her clothes are a flowing, embroidered golden robe reaching all the way to the ground from her shoulder. She’s also wearing a red beret showing the sign of her wealth and social status.

The vines in the garden behind have beautiful full branches of fruits and flowers. The flowers and fruits are shadowed by the pentacles or coins, which represent the fruits of her hard work and grit. That also indicates the fruitful accomplishment of all her wishes and desires. Her right hand is gripping the coins, and her fingers drape over the vines, suggesting her deep relation and connection with her wealth and money. She can hold onto and enjoy the fruits of her hard work without overdoing it and without losing herself.

A hooded Falcon bird rests calmly on her left hand, and she seems to be petting it. The bird Falcon indicates the self-control and spiritual knowledge of the woman. It also hints at her sophistication and elegance. His intellect is above average, and she’s a confident and independent person.

The background behind her features a large castle with vast land, which presumably belongs to the woman in the picture. The background in this card doesn’t add any extra meaning but provides depth for the existing symbolism for the woman being rich and independent. The large house and land only suggest her abundance and wealth. Overall, her life has been full of successful ventures.

General Interpretation of Nine of Coins (Upright & Reversed)

Upright Meaning:

This card in the upright position possesses a great omen that represents success, independence, confidence, freedom, security, and stability. This Minor Arcana card hints at the abundance of wealth, money, and property of people. But that wealth is earned and achieved through hard work, self-discipline, self-control, and self-reliance.

It celebrates that you’ve worked very hard to get to the point you are right now, so it’s time to pamper yourself and enjoy your surroundings. You’ll be able to experience the luxury and contentment your accomplishments have brought for you.

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The Nine of Coins or Nine of Pentacles also suggests that you’ve gained maturity and wisdom through your hard work, and now you’re a bit wiser from the point you started. The card is also an indicator of beauty, elegance, and sophistication, so you may enable yourself to enjoy the finer things in your life when they appear.

In the case of representation, this card represents a strong, beautiful, and independent individual who’s worked hard for their own worth and now are enjoying their fruit of labor.

Reversed Meaning:

Nine of Coins in the reversed position represents everything opposite its upright position meanings, such as lack of independence, freedom, security, or stability. This card shown in a reading signifies that the person is currently trying to achieve something in a short-cut way without putting the work in. Success can’t be achieved without hard work. As you sow, so shall you reap; there aren’t any alternatives.

This card with its nine pentacles in the display also serves as a warning that material position isn’t the only desirable thing on Earth, and obsession with materialism can be the destruction of you. This can cause people to become superficial, cheap, shallow, or tacky.

On the contrary, this card can be the indicator for someone working so hard on a single aspect of his life that he’s neglecting all his other tasks. Having dreams and ambitions are important and spending time and effort on your goals is understandable too. But life needs a certain balance in all its sectors. Focusing on just one thing for far too long can cause you to lose connection with other parts of yourself. For example, focus too much on your career and miss out on your friends and families activities.

Another possible interpretation for this card is being dishonest and driving others into your life with deceitfulness. So one should be mindful of treating others with honesty and integrity. The card can also indicate a lack of grace and elegance.

Nine of Coins- Yes or No

In the case of answering a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question, Nine of Coins or Nine of Pentacles certainly hint at the ‘yes.’ The lady in the card of Nine of Coins represents all our heart’s deepest desires and wishes.

Whatever you’re searching for or expecting, the Nine of Coins is the embodiment of that ambition. And getting this card within a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reading is the indication that your ambitions will manifest. If you’re waiting on a reward, especially a financial one, you might be receiving it soon. Your personal independence will also boon through your experiences soon enough.

Numerology & Astrology of Nine of Coins


The numerology represented by the Nine of Coins is 9.


The cards of Pentacles mostly deal with finances, money, work, and material matters. The Nine of Coins or Nine of Pentacles card is related to Earth’s element and can be associated with the zodiac signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The signs are known for their hard work and practicality. Mercury rules the sign Virgo. Virgo is known to be dutiful and of great service to others.

Nine of Coins & Some Important Card Combination

The meaning and interpretation of Nine of Coins can change and bend due to its surrounding card and can vary in readings. That’s why it’s important to know about how this card’s meaning changes through different cards to provide a successful and fruitful reading.

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  • Nine of Coins & The Chariot:

    This pair suggests the massive changes lingering on your horizon. If you’re ready to make big decisions and now you’re planning to make a big move, this is the time to move forward and do something.

  • If you’re not ready or you’re hesitating, this card suggests you get ready as fast as possible. You’ll need to practice self-discipline and control until you reach your goal. Your hard work will allow you to reap the sweet harvest of your efforts.
  • Nine of Coins & The Lovers:

    The Lovers card is associated with love life and relationships. Whether you’re celibate or you’re in a relationship, your relationship status is about to give you a huge confidence boost. This might indicate that your partner or your spouse is supporting your dreams or ambition. This suggests the beginning of a new phase of your relationship, in which both of you will feel accepted and loved.

  • Nine of Coins & The Seven of Swords:

    The combination indicates that it’s time to set out on our own, leaving our comfort. Although it’s good to enjoy the company of others, sometimes relying on your own and doing things yourself is the only and perhaps the best option. This is a bad thing either; you’ll find yourself becoming more self-reliant by using this method.

  • Nine of Coins & Death:

    Death itself is a metaphor, but it doesn’t always necessarily mean something old being replaced with something new. But one’s life can’t always remain as it is. Life changes itself through the course of time. If you’re doubtful and hesitant of change in your life, it’s high time you evolved. When the Major Arcana card Death is paired with the Nine of Coins or Nine of Pentacles, you have to adapt to change. You can rely on your own talents and instincts for this change, and by embracing your strengths, you’ll be able to live a solid life free of worries.


Nine of Coins or Nine of Pentacles represents the dichotomy between being successful and trying too hard to succeed and losing yourself. This is a phenomenon many of us go through in life. Some work strategically and utilize their resources and achieve their desired success, but some aren’t able to do that and are constantly reminded of their failure. That’s why by learning from this card, we can use the teachings in our own life to mend our lifestyle and way of thinking.

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