Page of Cups Meaning, Guide and Review

Page of Cups card is a part of what tarot card players call the Minor Arcana in tarot games, including tarot decks. The card Page of Cups is also called Jack of Cups or Knave of Cups. The tarot games aren’t well known in English-speaking countries, and the tarot decks are primarily used for divination and spiritual purposes. The meaning and messages of Page of Cups are derived from the original Rider-Waite tarot deck.

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Page of Cups Keywords

Upright Keywords:

Innocence, inner child, head in the clouds, idealism, sensitivity, creative opportunities, intuitive messages, curiosity, possibility, dreamer, naivete, child, youthfulness, inner-voice, spirituality, psychic, messages, happy news, naivety, crush, admirer, becoming emotionally mature, romantic proposals, engagements, pregnancies, marriages, births, romance, artistic, kindness, loyalty, beauty, fashion, style.

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Reversed Keywords:

Immaturity, broken dreams, envy, childhood issues, sexual abuse, bad news, broken dreams, canceled social events/engagements/ proposals, bad news, obsession, envy, jealousy, vindictiveness, emotional vulnerability/ immaturity/wounds, becoming sexually active, promiscuity, seduction, ignoring inner voice or inner child, being obsessed with image, attention-seeking, childishness, new ideas, doubting intuition, creative blocks, emotional immaturity, escapism, insecurity.

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Page of Cups Description

The figure standing in the middle of the image for Page of Cups wears a distinct outfit which makes the figure immediately recognizable. He’s seen wearing a blue tunic, which is a long shirt-like garment reaching his waist, with floral patterns and leave prints, with a beret on his head along with a long flowy scarf that adorns his shoulders. Behind him, we can see the ocean with tangled waves, and it’s safe to assume he’s standing on the shore. With the wavy sea behind him, he’s seen holding a cup or chalice in his right hand, with a fish popping out its head and looking at the face of the young man holding the cup.

This card has a lot to do with symbolism and hidden meanings entangled with its objects and elements. For example, the fish popping its head in the chalice and the vast sea flowing relentlessly behind him both indicate the expression of creativity, intuition, and intense feelings and emotions.

The fish popping its head out of that chalice is a metaphor for a creative idea popping in your head, which surprises you too. Like the fish, inspiration for our creative endeavors may come out of the blue.

General Interpretation of Page of Cups  (Upright & Reversed)

Upright Meaning:

The upright position of the Page of Cups card generally emphasizes happy news, important information, or even invitations to any celebration; such as weddings, birthday parties, promotions, etc. it can also hint at your chance at joining a gossip of a friend group as well as the possibility of receiving a romantic proposal.

Another depiction of this card is that it expresses the fluidity and expressive side of the inner child in you. Maybe you’re being too busy in your life and reconnect with your fun, frivolous and innocent side of you.

Alternatively, the card Page of Cups can represent fashion, style, and trends. Just looking at the figure in the image will give us a good idea of how much effort was put into the man’s attire. So this card indicates the glamour and beauty in your life too. If you’re hoping for a change of look or just exploring through the fashion of embracing a new personal style, the upright positioned Page of Cups implores you to go for it!

On another note, the Page of Cups can also suggest that you’re shedding your immaturity and taking on responsibilities as you should. Even if you’re a child at heart, you’ve become more sensible and stable.

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Reversed Meaning:

The reversed position of this card is not a good omen at all, and it can signify being the bringer of bad news. The possible interpretation of the Page of Cups card in the reversed position is that- maybe you’ve been looking forward to a piece of news or a social event, and it got canceled; maybe you’ve fallen in love, but the other person doesn’t reciprocate your feelings at all.

These instances will leave us to deal with mental pressure and frustration and the other negative emotions of sadness, disappointment, and even heartbreak.

Additionally, the reversed position of this card can signify falling into addiction and abrasive behavior or someone’s slow descent into madness and fury. Maybe you’ve started to like something or some activity, but eventually, too much of anything will take its form in obsession.

The Page of Cups card’s reversed position can also indicate shattered dreams or shredded innocence. Emotional wounds and trauma can potentially lead to us being emotionally vulnerable. For example- a child who’s been through sexual abuse might develop sensual habits, promiscuity, or seduction as a coping mechanism.

The reversed position of this card also faintly hints at you being disconnected from the inner child in your heart. Other interpretations include being obsessed with body image.

Page of Cups- Yes or No

The Page of Cups card appearing in a tarot reading is overall deemed a very positive omen, and that’s why for a direct ‘yes’ or ‘no’  question, the Page of Cups indicates a strong ‘yes.’ As the embodiment of the feelings of receiving good news, being youthful at heart, triumph, and other assertive emotions, this card stands as a booster for those who’re feeling low.

Symbols & Astrology of Page of Cups


The natural element with which the Page of Cups card is most connected is water. The fluidity and movement of water are in perfect synchronization with the meaning and messages of this card.


The zodiac sign of Cancer is associated with the Minor Arcana card Page of Cups. The sign of Cancer tells you about seeking comfort and ease; alternatively, it suggests the security and stability of a home or family.

The Moon rules over the sign of Cancer. The Moon stays ever mysterious and expresses intense emotions which are almost poetic. The Moon also symbolizes the psychic and unconscious powers vaguely.

Page of Cups & Some Important Card Combinations

The Page of Cups, in the general context, is the bringer of the news, sort of working as a messenger of thoughts and possibilities. But sometimes, which kind of news is delivered by the Page of Cups card depends on the card surrounding it in a reading.

  • Page of Cups & The Fool:

These two cards partnering up means a possible chance at finding new love. Although this new romantic opportunity might come as a pleasant shock to you at first, give it time; gradually, it would become a fulfilling relationship.

Your job is to trust that person and open up; so that you can love freely without the need to judge and, in return, be loved back equally; because you deserve someone to treat you the best.

  • Page of Cups & Death:

Although the paired-up card with the Page of Cups in this combination says ‘death,’ it’s a good omen to get during a tarot card reading. This pair promises you the silver lining of the thundercloud, meaning there’s good news awaiting you in the near future. You’ll be receiving good information soon, especially regarding your career.

So, no matter how down you might feel right now, you can’t and shouldn’t give up; because you’re so close to success. You have to shift your focus to more lucrative opportunities and grab the right one for you. Don’t let rejections or setbacks hinder you; keep hustling, and your persistence will surely pay off.

  • Page of Cups & Three of Swords:

The Page of Cups and the Three of Swords cards combined give a piece of very positive news for the ones ridden with anxiety over their rocky and bumpy relationships. This duo suggests that soon that uneasy period of your relationship will subside, and there’ll be smooth sailing ahead. But to fix this problem, both you and your partner need to step up.

No relationship can continue efficiently without proper conversation. Remember that in any bad situation- conversation is the key. If you feel like your relationship is becoming strained, talk to your partner about the problems ailing you and voice those thoughts. Being clear about the messages you want to deliver will significantly contribute to fixing a strained relationship efficiently.

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Page of Cups/ Knave of Cups/ Jack of Cups teaches us a lot about relationships, our inner selves, and how we as humans respond to good and bad news. It’s essential always to be compiled and patient while handling something. Be it a piece of news or our emotions.

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