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Seven of Cups is a card of the Minor Arcana in the Latin-suited tarot card games, including tarot decks. These cards are generally used for playing, but in non-English-speaking countries, these cards are primarily used for divinatory purposes. The meaning and interpretation of these cards are derived from the original Rider-Waite tarot deck.

Tarot cards are a great way to look into the future and glimpse our lives. It may be hard to read them when facing your future self, but that’s where the cards come in. A deck of cards can open up your imagination and allow you to see possibilities. For example, the Seven of Cups card shows a young man with a vision of his future but can’t tell what it is. He holds a cup he has made and reflects on his life, past, and future.

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Seven of Cups Keywords 

Upright Keywords:

Opportunities, choices, wishful thinking, illusion, searching for purpose, fantasy, daydreaming, indecision, lots of options, multiple possibilities, opportunities, picking and choosing, decisions, procrastination, dreaming, imagination, hallucinations, meditation, an abundance of options, opportunities.

Reversed Keywords:

Bad decisions, returning to reality, feeling trapped, reality, clarity, sobriety, poor choices, lack of choice, opportunities or options, lack of spiritual growth, avoiding issues, decisiveness, reality check, missed opportunities, focusing on the superficial/materialistic, lack of purpose, disarray, confusion, diversion, distractions, making choices, alignment, personal values, overwhelmed by choices.

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Seven of Cups Description 

The Seven of Cups card depicts a man standing with seven cups or chalices filled with gifts and goods of various kinds around him. Some of the cups hold valuable and desirable gifts which are coveted and wanted, such as gold, jewels, treasures, and a wreath of victory. But other chalices of cups hold items that can’t be deemed gifts. Instead, they’re curses. Curses such as snakes, dragons, and monsters can frighten anyone and run for their safety.

The clouds and the cups in the image of the card of Seven of Cups symbolize a man’s wishes and dreams combined. This image indicates a fever dream or a vision where you can’t differentiate between dream and reality and stumble upon your heart’s deepest desires and wishes.

The cups in the card hold various kinds of good and bad issues, and this image stands as a reminder for men to be careful about what they wish for, as everything may not be a blessing in disguise. Any advantage that may seem beneficial to you may prove to be of disadvantage later on, and anything that ails you at the moment may prove to be fruitful in the future; you can never be sure.

Choices and decisions are made for life to be easier for us. Still, while doing so, we must consider deciding without being influenced by the illusion and allure of options. Instead, focusing on what’s correct and beneficial for you might be the key to making a perfect and fruitful decision.

General Interpretation of Seven of Cups (Upright & Reversed)

Upright Meaning:

In the general context, the seated position of the Seven of Cups card indicates that you have too many options around you to choose from, or maybe you have multiple ways you can steer your life towards. But there’s something like having too many choices, as you can get overwhelmed and maybe even indecisive and unsure of what to choose. This can cause problems as you cannot focus on your goal entirely.

To be productive, you need to choose the things you’re going to do and keep your workload manageable, as too much work will result in you not giving them the care and attention they deserve. Having ambition and dreams is good, but you must also be realistic and consider how much you can do. You can’t keep indulging in fantasy, illusion, and the allure of hallucinations and live in a daydream, as reality is what you should focus on.

Reversed Meaning:

In the general context, the reversed position of the Seven of Cups card states that you’re finding your path back to reality and having clarity, and making conscious decisions about your life. You’ve probably been indulging in fantasies before, but now that you’re slowly steering your life back, there’s hope for you. This position of the Seven of Cups card represents a reality check.

Alternatively, if this card appears in a reading in the reversed position, it can also suggest that you have very few options, possibly little to none, and you’re suffering. Being hopeless and helpless can also hinder the decision-making process, and contrary to its uptight position’s interpretation, the reverse position of this card also hints at a struggle.

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Seven of Cups- Yes or No 

While answering a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question, the Seven of Cups card can be of little help. The card represents various possibilities and choices, so it doesn’t necessarily choose one side of a situation and stick to it. That’s why it can’t provide a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ but the card does give a ‘maybe’ answer to your question. Even if it’s not taking any particular side, the card hints at the direction your situation might steer you and gives you a probability of what might happen.

As this card embodies uncertainty and this card shows up in your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ question tarot reading, it’s best to mull over your options before making the decision.

Symbols, Astrology & Numerology of Seven of Cups 


The element strongly associated with this card is water.


The numerology strongly associated with this card is 7.


The Seven of Cups card is strongly associated with the energy of the zodiac sign Pisces. The sign of Pisces is all about spirituality and mysticism, so the theme of wish fulfillment and dreams matches it. The people of Pisces are generally intensely physically perspective and may fall into illusions, daydreams, and wishful thinking. The planet of Neptune rules the sign of Pisces.

 Seven of Cups & Some Important Card Combinations

We can use the keywords of choices, opportunities, and decisions to describe the Seven of Cups card. The card doesn’t take a firm stand but shows many possibilities regarding different situations.

The meaning and interpretation of this card can change and bend when combined with other tarot deck cards. Likewise, the messages can change drastically, especially when this card appears to be combined with some significant Arcana cards. So it’s essential to know various card combinations to deliver accurate readings.   

Seven of Cups & The Fool:

These two cards together hint at searching for a new beginning. If you’ve recently left your old relationship, city, or job behind, you will be fortunate to start with a clean slate now. But creating something new can be nerve-wracking and worrying, but there’s no need to panic as you’ll become better when this is all over.

Seven of Cups & The High Priestess:

Combining the Seven of Cups with the High Priestess indicates liberation and redemption from pre-existing shackles. For example, if you’ve been struggling financially and supporting others more than you should, this pair assures you not to worry as soon your sufferings will end, and you’ll gain financial freedom. In addition, several future jobs are waiting for you, and you’ll be lucky enough to pick them for yourself.

Seven of Cups & The Emperor:

The adult life cycle is elementary to get stuck in, and you can lose yourself. Remember that your productivity is at its best when relaxed and cheerful, both in body and mind. And the combination of Seven of Cups and The Emperor is here to remind you. If you’ve been feeling exhausted by doing daily chores such as dishes, errands, and groceries, maybe it’s time for you to kick back and relax. It will help if you recharge yourself by spending some time to keep working. In addition, a mental health day can help you revive your spirits.

Seven of Cups & The Star:

The cards Seven of Cups and the Star marks the anxiety and worry you might have over your fear of abandonment. Maybe you feel scared about a loved one leaving you and constantly mull over the possibilities and anxiety that day will come.

It’s important to remember that your past experiences don’t define your future, and your trauma doesn’t have to control your life and relationships. You deserve to be in a relationship you feel happy, loved, and cared for. This combination suggests you start letting people into your heart and trusting them. Maybe you’ll be surprised to discover where your relationship can lead if you do not doubt yourself.            

Seven of Cups & Three of Swords:

Making a decision can be a challenging job on its own, and if it’s a decision that affects someone other than yourself, the worry and pressure to make the best possible decision eat away at us. Even the whole has the best intention in our minds. We can unknowingly hurt someone in some way.

So it would help if you always were mindful and considerate of your actions. Combining Seven of Cups and Three of Swords reminds you of carefulness in your actions.


The Seven of Cards hints at the core of making decisions, choosing options to make fruitful action, and processing your thinking while choosing between going after an opportunity. It’s an essential life skill for us to advance in life.

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