Playing Card Divination & Fortune Telling Review

Playing Card Divination & Fortune Telling Review

Playing Card Divination and Fortune Telling Review: One of the tricks in magic that have been around for years is playing card divination and fortune-telling. Using a deck of cards as a prop in magic is common. It has many uses, but also it is mighty. Many people are fascinated by playing cards and use them daily. Playing cards are available in many different types.

This article involves all the ins and outs of Playing Card Divination and Fortune Telling with the pros, cons, sayings from previous users, product features, and specifications.

About the Author:

Joseph Magi has authorized different decks and edited many publications on Magi decks.

Playing Card Divination and Fortune Telling Review

We utilize two packs of conventional playing cards in the Magi technique of playing card fortune-telling, which is different from other playing card techniques. We record the Key Phrase for each card on one pack (Training Deck) and leave the other pack blank (Seekers Deck). It was a tactic employed by the Magis, who came to see the ultimate Magus, Jesus, with shepherds rather than priesthood at his arrival.

The author promises us that we are the true successors of this wisdom and then leads us through his methodology bit by bit. The art and science of forecasting are centuries old, with origins that go back to the Magi, who were present at the birth of Jesus and even further into the era of the kings preceding him.

  • The Magi Procedure is a unique fortune-telling system with a standard 52-card deck and two Jokers.
  • Because you created the deck, predicting fortune with regular playing cards is precise and efficient.
  • The education is gradual, with activities that build on background experience and clarify the topics and situations in which card interpretation may be helpful.

This deck was published in Kindle Edition on November 26, 2015. The printed edition has 195 pages written in English.

Previous Users’ Experiences:

  • It’s easier to alter the interpretations of tarot cards to fit whatever we want them to express, but playing cards are more challenging because their connotations are starker.
  • The deck and guidebook are both Christian in nature.
  • This book has some of the most robust card interpretations that users have encountered, and they make logical sense, which is vital when memorizing them.
  • The author’s methodology has a significant metaphysical base, which lends it force.
  • The well-written text briefly explains the Magi methodology in the framework of fortune-telling throughout history before immediately moving on to how to use the technique.
  • The book explains how to do readings using conventional playing cards.
  • This is a fantastic card manipulation system.
  • Vibration is strong, but it’s also genuine.
  • It’s never dull, instructive, or amusing.
  • Well-explained.
  • Lacks explanations of each card.
  • Teaches how to use regular cards rather than tarot cards.


The author has a solid understanding of the topic. While it may appear that mastering it will take some time, he provides instructions that will get you initiated as early as you can get your hands on the essential cards. It looks brilliant!

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