The Tarot Activity Book: Review & Buying Guide

The Tarot Activity Book brings together the author’s best-selling Tarot Activity Guide and the Tarot Transformations Cards decks to create a fun and engaging way to explore the Tarot.

The publication range from making your own Tarot cards to creating a Tarot healing system to performing Tarot rituals.

The activities are arranged by difficulty level, with a brief introduction and overview of the Tarot and a review of the Tarot deck and spread to help you choose the right one for your clients.

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What is The Tarot Activity Book?

The Tarot Activity Book is a collection of creative and therapeutic tarot card spreads, rituals, and activities that will help you explore the meaning of the cards in your life and enhance your spiritual growth.

You will find a spread for every day of the year, a spread for each card, and a universal spread.

Each spread includes an introduction with spiritual guidance, a reading, and meditation that can be done with a deck of cards or your own energy. This book is a great place to go for inspiration and ideas.

The Tarot Activity Book: A Collection of Creative and...
  • Matzner, Andy (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author:

Andy Matzner published this book.

Since 2004 Andy Matzner has studied tarot and read the cards.

He works in the field of mental health in Roanoke, Virginia, as a licensed clinical social worker. Andy is also a personal psychotherapist and life coach.

The Tarot Activity Book Review:

This book will learn how mixing tarot with the creative process is a sun and powerful way for your imagination to be stimulated.

Each card itself is, after all, a small artistic masterpiece full of symbolism and meaning. They are, therefore, natural instruments for self-consciousness and personal transformation.

Whether you are a beginner or older, you will find much to enjoy with this book if you are interested in tarot. With almost 100 activities and exercises, your card experiences will add a whole different dimension.

This book is also useful if you are a professional in mental health or an art professor practicing expressive art.

Inside, you will have a wealth of creative and therapeutic ideas to integrate tarot into your work with customers or students.

Features and Specifications:

The CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform published this book on March 17, 2013. It comes with 284 pages of the guidebook. Moreover, it weighs 1.09 pounds and has 6*0.64*9 dimensions of inches.

  • It features a tarot activity book that provides all the corrections and creative and therapeutic ideas for the cards.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • This book guides and interprets cards and provides all the activities on The tarot.
  • Its book is great, and all the exercises are informative.
  • Some buyers claimed that the bok don’t retread the same old stale ground.
  • In the book, imaginative and creative exercises are contained on every page.
  • Each activity that is provided is a couple of long pages with simple instructions.
  • Some buyers claimed that its activities are fun but nothing to dove into intuition or magic.
  • Its book is amazing and approachable, easy to try, and provides a lot of potential for introspection without verbose instructions.
  • The deck is of original and useful book food exploring the self through cards.
  • Its book provides many interesting exercises and helps to understand tarot cards better.
  • The book provided activities for using tarot to write poetry, create artwork, and other projects.
  • This book provides all the creative and therapeutic ideas.
  • This deck teaches us how to mix tarot in creative ways, which is fun and powerful.
  • Each card that is provided is a mini artistic masterpiece full of significance and symbolism.
  • Its booklet is useful and provides all the activities and informative information.
  • Some buyers claimed the booklet that provides information is not great.


The Tarot Activity Book is a collection of creative and therapeutic ideas for the cards. It’s a book of pick-up and plays Tarot magic designed to get you out of the tarot rut—and into new, unexpected ways of seeing, understanding, and interacting with the cards. I’m sure a fair number of readers have read this book, The Tarot Activity Book by Andy Matzner.

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