Reincarnation Cards: Awakening Far Memory- Review

Reincarnation cards originated by John M. Knowles et al. l—a respected member of the Christian Science church. He was asked to compile a set of cards that showed a person’s past lives as a prominent historical figure.

These days, he has more than two hundred different reincarnation cards. Just what is a card? Each card is a scene from someone’s past life described in a short written introduction that we call the “delineation.”

We have provided the details on the Reincarnation Cards in the article. Check them out below.

What is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is a fascinating concept and one that is becoming more and more popular among the general public. But, what is it?

Reincarnation is the belief that while you live, your soul can be reborn again into another body. Each time you are reborn, you come back to this planet with the same personality, memories, and traits.

Of course, this is impossible. There is no proof of reincarnation. It is a belief that goes against logic and scientific facts.

What are Reincarnation Cards?

Since reincarnation is the belief that one’s life is lived repeatedly, it is also believed that the memories of the past can be brought forward into the present. The cards in this book are based on the principles of reincarnation and are designed to reveal the person’s past through the image on the cards.

Reincarnation Cards: Awakening Far Memory
128 Reviews
Reincarnation Cards: Awakening Far Memory
  • Hardcover Book
  • John M. Knowles; Linda Leblanc (Author)

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About Author:

This deck was created by the author’s John M. Knowles, Linda Leblanc, and Patricia Peters.

John Marett Knowles, M.A. Econ. (Ottawa), was born in New York in 1923 and is a Cbaduan Philosopher and parapsychologist, Royal Canadian Air Force pilot, and intelligence officer (1941 45).

Linda Anne Leblanc was born in 1953 in Ottawa, Canada. She began accompanying her husband, John Knowles, on his United Nations assignments around the world in 1977.

Reincarnation Cards Review:

Everyone is fascinated by the phenomenon of reincarnation. Linda Leblanc and John Knowles believe a new perspective on the implications of reincarnation phenomena is needed in light of the incredible experiences reported by people who believe they’ve been reincarnated.

To convey the ultimate desire of every sentient being to know who they are and where they came from, the set contains a quality hardcover book and 61 beautifully illustrated full-color cards carefully designed to excite intuitive answers.

This novel approach to accessing previously forgotten memories appeals to people of all ages. Knowles and Leblanc present the evidence for reincarnation and a philosophy-based framework for greater understanding.

Features and Specifications:

Ger Maa Publishers published this deck; 1st edition on February 12, 2007. This deck translates into the English language and has 204 pages of hardcover. It weighs 1.53 pounds and has 6.1*1.3*7.9 dimensions of inches.

  • This deck includes a hardcover book and 61 full illustrated cards designed to extract intuitive answers.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • The deck comes with exceptional cards; they are primarily for working on your own past lives but can be used as part of reading to give insights into a client’s past life.
  • Its instructions tell you to fan the cards and select from each category, but some buyers claim that this is practically impossible because they stick together.
  • This deck is the best past life deck, and it covers a wide spectrum which is great.
  • The cards are approximately 4*6 large photograph sizes and come with a different set of cards designated by color and symbol on the back.
  • The book that comes with this deck is hard-backed and covered with indigo fabric.
  • The booklet has an introduction and begins with evidence to support the theory of reincarnation, including references.
  • Each of the cards is printed in black and white with a good description of what the drawing represents.
  • The card pages are categorized to match the 5 types of the cards-each section including an introduction.
  • The entire deck and cards come in a good quality cardboard box printed in color with some of the cards and the book shown on the front.
Pros: Cons:
  • This deck is sturdy and well made.
  • Each of the cards comes with five suits, and its accompanying guidebook is sturdy hardcover normal size text.
  • The booklet provided a ton of information about reincarnation, and its card meanings are easy to find.
  • The deck is the best past life deck, but still, they lack some bit of information.


So, we hope that you have understood all the details on the Reincarnation cards that we have provided in the article. Feel free to choose this deck.

Happy Shopping.

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