Tazama African American Tarot Deck Card Review

The Tazama Tarot is an African-American spiritual Tarot that is based on the Rider Waite deck. Tazama African American Tarot Deck Cards is the spiritual counterpart to the Rider-Waite Tarot, and it emphasizes spiritual insight over the magical practice.

The Tazama Tarot is inspired by African and African-American folklore. The Rider Waite deck is a beautiful example of the Waite-Smith deck’s romanticized interpretations of African-American culture, folk tradition, and spirituality.

From the moment the Tazama Tarot is studied, the meaning behind its cards reveals a vivid life philosophy. The cards are deeply spiritual, yet at the same time, they are fully on earth, a journey into one’s true self.

Tazama cards are designed to metaphorically guide the reader through life, showing the path to self-awareness and enlightenment. The Tazama Tarot is a valuable tool for those who seek authentic spiritual guidance.

We have provided the details on the Tazama African American Tarot deck cards in the article. Check them out below.

Tazama African American Tarot Deck Cards Meanings:

Tazama African American Tarot Deck is a modified Tarot deck by Abusua Pa. It has been modified to use a black and white view of the Tarot cards rather than the standard color view.

The images on the cards are more contemporary African images in color that are merged with the Tarot cards.

The cards include a number of Major Arcana cards used in the Tazama African American Tarot Deck and additional.

Minor Arcana cards that can be used in any Tarot deck that support cards numbered 0 through 9.

'Tazama African American Tarot Deck Cards - Rider-Waite...
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'Tazama African American Tarot Deck Cards - Rider-Waite...
  • Modern African collage art combined with African history
  • Perfect card size and thickness for shuffling, not too big and not too...

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About Author

This deck was created by the Abusua Pa. The Abusua Pa method is the best own circle of relatives of Akan, and the image represents the sturdy bond shared through the own circle of relatives members.

An own circle of relatives’ values makes it essential to make certain the sustainability of society as a whole, now no longer only for a near-knot unit.

Also, the cards were designed by Abusua Pa.

Tazama African American Tarot Deck Cards Review & Past User Experience

This deck inspires us to tap into the African Spiritual realm. If you are looking for some life tips and spiritual advice, this beautiful ancestral tarot deck is primarily the right choice for experts and specialists.

The subcultures of this continent blend in with this one type of Tarot deck, raising a clear attitude about the method of African descent. Features and imagery of colorful decks with scenes and images with male and female characters of African subcultures. These seventy-eight African Tarot playing cards pay homage to the spirit of African expatriates.

Choosing the proper deck may be very important. Understand what you want to recognize approximately a selected situation, and hook up with your internal know-how with this tarot card set product of remarkable artwork paper and soft-contact cloth to come up with an expensive and first-class of all is that we’ve got protected a guide with a guided rationalization of the playing cards, which means that you will constantly recognize a way to study them correctly.

These gorgeous black tarot play cards present a great one for all deck enthusiasts and those who like to experiment with tarot. The characters that reside within the landscape of the play cards are from the real historical humans of Africa, unique locations, and times. This ancestry tarot has its own story, so ask questions and ask for guidance.

Tazama African American Tarot decks- features and specifications:

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This deck was published by the Abusua Pa on January 01, 2021. Its language is English.  It comes with a weight of 1.06 pounds.

  • It features modern African collage art combined with African history.
  • This deck comes in a perfect size and thickness for shuffling, not too big, not too small.
  • It has luxurious gold foil details and golden edges.
  • It comes with High-quality touch art paper with a fully illustrated guidebook.
  • Moreover, it includes 78 intuitive cards in an African translation of Rider Waite Classic Tarot card decks.

User’s Experience:

  • The deck included a mini guidebook that is great for beginners, and the deck has no difference from the RWS.
  • The appearance of the card stock is of high quality and included a gold gilded edge.
  • They have heavy card stock, are sturdy, and shuffled well.
  • It included guidebook explanations that are simple and are easy to understand.
  • The cards have a rose petal matte finish appearance with holographic foil on the cards.
  • Some users claimed they found slight damage to the foil, but other than these are perfect.
  • Its guidebook is great, straightforward, and works for different levels of tarot readers.
  • It is written well and offers fresh insights and affirmations for each card.
Pros: Cons:
  • The deck taps us into the African realm.
  • It included a guidebook that was well written and provided all the advice and easy steps.
  • The deck provided us with life tips and spiritual advice.
  • The deck of the card stock is heavy, sturdy and cards are shuffled well.
  • It offers us fresh insights and affirmations for each card.
  • The deck has the same structures as the Traditional RWS deck.
  • There is a slight defect within the cards.

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The Tazama African American Tarot Deck is a deck of post-colonial black culture and was created to help serve as a bridge between the cultures of black people and the Tarot. The deck features interpretations of the Major Arcana as well as interpretations of the Minor Arcana. So, we hope you have understood the full details that we have provided in the article. If you are searching out regal cards that reflect people of the diaspora in dignified ways, purchase this Tazama deck.

Happy Shopping.

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