The Star Tarot Cards Deck: A-Z Reviews in 2023

The Star Tarot is a cosmic symbol of change, hope, and desire in the tarot card deck. To understand this card, think of the heavens as a map of your inner world. Your emotions and desires are like stars that guide your path.

When you look up at the stars, they look so far away. But they aren’t; they’re in your heart. They’re there, guiding you, reminding you that you are infinite. When you are lost, the stars help you find your way back home. The Star card is also a symbol of the Self and your journey to discover it.

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The Star Tarot Card Meanings

The Star Tarot Card is one of the most powerful cards. It is the only tarot card that is a woman, representing the feminine energy that balances our masculine energy. It represents our wish to be free, of limitations, and go through our journey with a clear mind. This deck means ambition, insecurity, and success.

The Star is the most universal of the major arcana cards and is the most often interpreted. The card often decides the meaning of the card it is placed with. The Star is usually placed with cards with judgment themes, such as the World, Temperance, Judgement, and the Devil. The Star is often identified with cards that have themes of seeking fame and are sometimes reversed. Also, the Star is usually placed with cards that have themes of fate or destiny, such as the Fool, Death, and the World.

The Star Tarot: Your Path to Self-Discovery through Cosmic...
1,450 Reviews
The Star Tarot: Your Path to Self-Discovery through Cosmic...
  • McClelland, Cathy (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author

This deck was created by the author Cathy McClelland. Her love for nature, archetypal symbolism, and the cosmos inspired her to create this Star Tarot deck. She hopes that her artwork awakens the viewer to see and feel the magic life.

Cathy McClelland is an American tarot card author whose claim to fame has published two books on the subject.

Let’s check the Star Tarot a Complete Review:

The Star Tarot: Your Path for Self-discovery by Cosmic Symbolism

This deck helps to discover your path through cosmic symbolism. So, Continue on the way to your self-discovery through cosmic symbolism, including the second edition of the star tarot. Using stunning 78 cards and a detailed guidebook, you can gain a deeper understanding of this world and beyond by recognizing and reconnecting your soul motives and underlying gifts.

This Stat tarot deck is made for all the readers and provides a superior method for a deeper connection to your innate gift and the true purpose of your soul. Look for new sections related to numerology with major arcana, revealing your lifelong personality with larger works of art on three associated spreads and cars with astrological references.

Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically explore this indispensable tool to explore the possibilities of an infinite personality. The Star deck is full of miracles and magic where they provide beauty to your life and heart.

The star deck gives hope and faith in your life. It is now time for significant personal growth and development as you are prepared to receive the many blessings of the universe. Anything is possible with this star card as magic is limping around you.

Allow yourself to dream, explore, and aspire so you can reach the stars.

The deck of the guidebook has 240 pages providing all the cosmic symbol meanings, its relevant theories, and instructions on how to read and use it.

The Red feather published the deck, 2nd edition, revised and expanded on September 15, 2020. It is composed and available in the English language. It comes with a weight of 2.1 pounds and has a 9*1.75*6 inches dimension.

The Deck provides:
  • All the cosmic symbolism to discover our path.
  • Its features offer hope and faith in our life.
  • It is used as an essential tool to explore the possibilities of life.
  • Its guidebook provided all the details that helped us follow all the instructions and information to use this deck.
  • The deck includes information on astrology, the lunar cycle, and numerology.
  • The deck of the cards is matte and has gold gilding.
  • The cards are borderless and come with a sturdy box.
  • The booklet provides each of the card’s meanings and theories as to what it defines.
  • The artwork is stunningly bright and includes a vibrant image on the card.
  • Great quality card and also provided astrological and lunar cycle meanings.
  • The card stock is thick and is easier for shuffling.
  • The Star Tarot Guide Book is easy for beginners to advance readers.
  • There is a grammatical error in the guidebook.
  • The cards are large, so it might be difficult shuffling for those who have small hands.

Other 30 Related keywords and Concepts Regarding Star Tarot Cards Deck:

1. The Star Tarot Reversed:

The Star card in the tarot deck represents the highest point of success and accomplishment in our lives. But what does this card mean when you flip it over?

This reversed card represents a period of trial and tribulation in our lives. It may be a period of pain or suffering. The upside of this card is that it signifies a time of reflection and introspection, where we can stop and ask ourselves what we are doing with our lives and how we can improve.

A reversed Star signifies a breakdown in our lives after we have accomplished something, and we can’t find a way back to where we were before.

The Star Tarot reversed meaning sometimes is a tough topic to cover because the Star is one of the most complex cards to understand and work with, and in the reversed position. It has a very different meaning. It has the potential to be a deeper reading, but it will also be more difficult to use because the reversed Star will often appear as a negative card.

2. The Star Tarot Card Upright Card Keywords

The Star Tarot Card is the 7th Major Arcana card in most decks. It is also known as the Upright or Hierophant Card.

The Star card, the 22nd card in the tarot and is often called The Star, is upright and the 7th card in the Major Arcana. It is a symbol of hope and the Heavenly Powers of the Universe.

The Star card represents the card of our energy, creativity, brain, and intellect. The Star Tarot card also represents our inner self, including our mind, heart, and soul. Also, the Star Tarot card symbolizes our independence freedom to move forward and dare to take risks.

In tarot card reading, the Star symbolizes a person who is rising to the top and experiencing success. They are achieving a higher goal and are setting themselves up for greater opportunities.

In a sense, they are past their childhood and have grown up. The Star is a “positive” card with a “future” feel to it and is thought to be about “sets” and “changes” in a person’s life.

3. The Star Tarot Yes Or No

Star Tarot is a tarot card game that explains the meaning of the Star card in the tarot and the nature of the Star as it relates to the tarot.

The Star Tarot Yes or No is a simple answer but an effective method of predicting the future, based on the 77 cards of the traditional tarot. The process is based on the relationship between the various cards in a spread.

It is a mixture of astrology, numerology, and tarot. The Star Yes or No will help you explain Star Tarot cards and learn what they mean.

Have you ever looked at the Star Tarot and wondered if it is a good or bad deck? Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. The Star Tarot is an artwork, and therefore the answer to this question is determined by its creator’s personal opinions.

The Star Tarot is not a tool for fortune-telling. It is an artwork consisting of images meant to be interpreted using personal experience and thought.

Moreover, the Star Tarot is a decent deck for beginners, but the esoteric symbolism of the cards makes it stand out from other decks. For instance, the cards are very open about their inspiration from myth and culture.

This makes it a good deck to explore with a group of friends since the imagery may work extremely well for collaborative reading.

4. The Star Tarot Feelings

The Star Tarot Feelings is a tarot reading that directs you to the star you are, confirming and defining your current position in this life. The cards for this tarot reading are very clear and easy to understand, with each card having a relevant meaning which explains the card’s card.

The Star Tarot is an unusual tarot deck that uses a different format from most other tarot decks, where the cards are arranged in five suits, and the number of cards in each suit is indicated by the number of stars featured on the artwork of the card.

The Star Tarot is a deck that focuses on how feelings shape our lives and affect our choices and also includes a section on the cards featuring emotions, love, relationships.

5. The Star Tarot Zodiac Sign Means

The Star Tarot Zodiac Sign is the star of the zodiac sign of Aries. As a result, Aries people are enthusiastic, ambitious, and a bit of a daredevil. They are usually very forward, outspoken, and straightforward in communication.

Aries people are very bold in their beliefs and have no trouble making their feelings about certain situations known. They are highly energetic and creative and love just to get things done!

6. The Star Tarot Card Jojo Means

This is the 6th card of the Tarot deck. It’s also known as The Star Tarot card Jojo and is a card of triumph and pride.

“Jojo” is the name given to the Star card of the Tarot. It is a bit of a misnomer since it is not a star. It is a spiral galaxy. However, since the term ‘space’ is not often used as part of a name, Jojo is a name that feels like a fitting one. This cosmic card often symbolizes a person who has a very big idea that will change the world.

7. The Star Tarot Tapestry 

The idea of the Star Tapestry began when I was thinking about a spiritual guide. I wanted a direction aligned with the stars and would be my source of spiritual guidance. At that time, it didn’t take me very long to decide that I wanted to buy a tarot Tapestry with a star on it.

I started looking at them. I considered the Tapestry that had a picture of a star on them, like the Star of David or a pentagram. But if you look at the Tapestry that has stars, you’ll see that some Tapestry has pictures of stars on them.

8. The Star Tarot Card Meaning for Love

The Star is the eighth card in the Major Arcana (the four major arcana of each tarot deck) and is considered a very positive card. It symbolizes the divine feminine, the great mother, or the moon (in some traditions).

It can bring great joy, inspiration, love, and luck to those receptive to its message. The Star is also a card of great change, as it can signify a time of renovation or a journey to a new destination.

It is a card of great joy, as it can also bring luck and success to those receptive to its message. However, the Star can also indicate a time when your heart is in greater danger.

Also, The Star is a card that represents our conscious awareness of our innate love and divinity. It is the awakening of our divine dream. Because the Star is the only card in the tarot that can increase without needing a higher card to draw it, it is the most potent card for manifestation.

9. The Star Tarot Meaning for Health

Everybody knows stars shine from the East. But are all the stars shining down equally bright? The Star Tarot Meaning for Health looks at the relationship between a person’s star and their health and the different ways that the stars influence us.

10. The Star Tarot Meaning for Timing 

The best tarot card spreads give insight into the future, though none describes the future for everyone. Instead, they are based upon the past, present, and future. The Star card in the tarot deck depicts a bright star in the night sky, sometimes representing hope, joy, and love. In the case of the Star card, it represents how you will achieve success.

11. The Star Tarot Reconciliation Means

The Star Tarot Reconciliation is based on the tarot card titled The Star. There is no other tarot card like it. It is the only card in a deck about a universal truth, like Mercury in the Marseille deck or the Sun in the Rider Waite Smith deck.

The Star is the only card with no number, or zero, in its title. Nobody is sure why, but they are happy that it exists. The Star is the only tarot card with all letters in its title.

Nobody is sure why, but they are happy that it exists. The Star is the only card designed to illuminate the most profound truths about the human condition.

The Star Tarot Reconciliation, also known as The Star of David, or The Star of David Tarot, is a divination deck by artist Peter Scarabosio. It creates the Kabbalah and is a fusion of the Kabbalah and the tarot. The Star Tarot Reconciliation is essentially a tarot deck with twenty-two cards based on the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

12. The Star Tarot Heaven Means

The Star Tarot Heaven is a Star Deck created by astrologers and tarot card readers. This deck is used to understand the significance of the stars in the starry sky. The Star Tarot Heaven will teach you how to read, understand, and interact with the stars in your life.

The Star Tarot Heaven is one of the most popular tarot decks in the world today, and it’s easy to see why. This deck has a distinctive look, and the best thing is that it’s one of the unique tarot decks out there. Its artwork is inspired by ancient Greek and Egyptian artwork and mythology, featuring symbols representing the starry sky’s major arcs.

13. The Star Tarot Meaning for Pregnancy

This is a very powerful tarot deck that can bring about amazing things in your life. It can represent Pregnancy, a good parent, a good provider, a good lover, and a good friend.

It can make you a loyal friend, a trusted confidant, a trustworthy leader, a powerful lover, and a funny friend. Moreover, it can help you through health problems, make you feel loved and appreciated, make you happy more creative, and provide clarity and insight.

The Star Tarot Pregnancy is the number one choice among tarot readers. You can read this deck any time of the week to get the best reading.

14. The Star Tarot Career  

The star tarot career is a stellar sphere of professional activity. It is the merging of tarot art and the sphere of art. The star tarot career is the sphere of art in which one works. The star tarot career is a sphere of professional activity that involves tarot art.

The tarot career involves being an artist, being a writer, being a musician, being an actor, being a party planner, being a makeup artist, being a model, being a dancer, and being a tarot reader. It may also involve being a counselor and being a therapist. The tarot career consists in being a witch.

15. The Star Tarot Relationship Means

The Star Tarot Relationship is not about a specific relationship but your relationship with yourself as a star quality person. It is about how we would like to be treated by our friends and the world in general.

It’s about the star quality of your character and of your ability to manifest your dreams. It’s about the star quality of your destiny and how you choose to live your life.

The star tarot is based on the original symbolism of the tarot cards symbolism. So, It also indicates the relationship between two people is built on trust, and trust is a huge part of any meaningful relationship. Therefore, this deck is based on trust, which is a huge part of any meaningful relationship.

16. The Star Tarot Card Necklace

The Star Card Necklace is a symbol of illumination. It shows the light that can be found within the darkness and the heart of the moon. It is also a symbol of freedom and independence. Also, it is associated with the ability to navigate the pathways of life and go beyond the ordinary.

17. The Sun The Moon The Star Tarot

While The Sun, The Moon, The Star Tarot are a very ancient set of cards, they have become very popular for their use in tarot readings, thanks to their popularity amongst people who believe that the cards hold hidden meanings that reveal the future.

The Sun, The Moon, The Star Tarot card meaning is very simple: They mean “new beginnings.”

18. The Star Tarot Elliot Means

The Star Tarot Elliot is a new deck based on the Star Trilogy tarot. The cards are inspired by the books of the trilogy, which are extremely popular and are about to be made into a movie.

19. The Star Tarot Love Reversed Means

The Star card is not the only reversed card in the Tarot deck. Most of the reversed cards have a long and rich history of interpretation.

Some of the most well-known reversed cards are the Moon, which reversed means a relationship is ending, the World (reversed meaning that you’re feeling out of touch with reality), the Fool, reversed, reversed and reversed again, and the Tower reversed, which means that you’re facing an emotional or financial crisis.

20. The Star Tarot Can Explore How Someone Feels About You

Yes, As the name suggests, the deck can predict how someone feels about you. For Example, people may like to know how things will turn out for a person, either short or long term.

Their question might be, “Will this person like me?” “Will they hang out with me?” “Will they call me?” Or “Will they get married?” “Will they have kids?” We will answer the Star card separately, as the reader may not be interested in learning about the other spread for the first time.

The significant card in the Major Arcana is The Star, which describes the feeling of attraction that can spark a new relationship for two people.

This card is the fifth in the series of the Suit of Wands, which is the suit of fire. The card represents a meeting of two people in love, a pair of lovers, partners, lovers, a couple, and a pair of people in a committed relationship who are in love.

21. What Number Is The Star Tarot Card?

The number is the eleventh card of the Major Arcana in the Thoth Tarot deck, so that means that the Star Tarot is Number 12 in the Major Arcana. This card follows the Sun.

This card shows a girl sitting in a chair, and stars surround her. She is looking at a star in the distance, surrounded by a laser-like beam of light. The star is pointing directly at her.

This star is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. It is a symbol of self-discovery. The woman is wearing a blue dress, and she has a necklace around her neck.

22. The Star Tarot Card Aquarius  Means

If you’ve been paying attention to astrology for the past few decades, then you’ll notice that the star of the zodiac sign Aquarius has shifted significantly.

It is no longer the “Water Bearer” that it was when it was first created, and the Star Aquarius is no longer a single star—it now consists of nine stars, and it is an unbalanced cluster of stars that sheds light on how we are all connected.

These stars near the ends of the Aquarius constellation and in its central area are now known as the “Dragon’s Head” and the “Dragon’s Tail,” respectively.

23. The Star Tarot Bedeutung Means

The Star Tarot Bedeutung means “The universal power of the stars.”Since the days of the ancient Greeks, humanity has known that the energy of the stars affects our lives. The “stars” are more than just the night sky, of course, since they are a sphere of energy that extends beyond the limits of our solar system.

24. The Star Tarot Marseille Means

The Marseille Tarot deck has been around for a while now, and the card images are fairly mainstream. This deck, however, is unique in that the images are based on the Marseille Tarot, which was created by a female artist, Marielle de Lespinasse.

Besides looking different, the Marseille deck lacks some of the more complex meanings of the Major Arcana cards.

The Star Tarot Marseille, otherwise known as the Marseille tarot deck, is a 78-card deck derived from the Rider-Waite tarot deck and uses the same numbering and minor arcana card descriptions.

The Star Tarot Marseille is a redesigned tarot deck by Cynthia Voigt designed using the Marseille Tarot as a starting point. It is a modern interpretation of an old tradition and is, therefore, a truly unique deck.

25. The Star Tarot Deity Means

This past year, we at Tarot Deck noticed a surprising number of readers asking about the Star Tarot Deity Means. So, we decided to find out what it is and why it’s so important.

Although the word “Deity” is often used to label the Eleventh Tarot Card, the Star Tarot Deity, we realized that the word means more.

The Star Tarot Deity means that you have a strong personality and are willing to control your life and the people around you. You are a leader, and you have a strong vision of where you want to be in life. The Star says that you know what you want and that you are willing to make hard decisions to achieve success.

26. The Star Tarot Daily Card Means

The Star card is not your ordinary daily card. It is so different that it follows a different set of guidelines than regular daily cards. To be read, it requires the reader to pay particular attention to the card’s layout and how it is placed in the spread.

The Star cards are a very esoteric deck that talks about the stars and destiny. In traditional tarot, The Star is the card that represents the person you are.

In the Star, you will find the answers to your questions, the truth of your life, and your destiny. The Star card is not given every day and is almost never shown in the past. Every question has a truth behind it, and the answer will be given to you in your own time.

27. The Star Tarot Labyrinthos Means

The Star Tarot Labyrinthos (also known as The Star of David) is a card of strength and light. It is a card of creation and empowerment. It is associated with the letter Daleth, the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

28. How does The Star Tarot Tattoo look Like?

The Star Tattoo Design is a unique design that shows a woman in a silver dress with many stars in the background. This is one of those card designs that would look great on the back of someone that is a Star.

The Silver dress and Star tattoos symbolize a woman looking to the stars for inspiration and guidance.

29. The Star Tarot Combinations

The Star Tarot is a unique deck of cards that utilizes the traditional Tarot cards, although it is not made up of just spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds. The deck contains 14 Major Arcana cards, each with two suits (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles) and two court cards (King and Queen), and the remaining cards are numbered between 21 and 30.

30. The World And The Star Tarot

Two of the most important symbols in the tarot are the World and the Star, which represent the concept of creation. The four elements of air, earth, fire, and water are described in the World card.

The four elements are important in tarot as they represent the four directions, cardinal points, and water elements. The following cards describe the four elements, the four seasons, the four elements of fire and air, and the 4 elements of water and earth.

The World card is also a celebration of creation, as the four elements are continually being created.


There are all sorts of tarot card readers out there, but the Star Tarot is one of the most popular. And that’s because it has a lot of power. It’s the card of the future, the card of peace and hope. It’s also the card of disappointment and destruction. So, we hope that you have Understood and got the details from this article. Feel free to choose this deck. This deck has stunning features. Buy this deck. It will be worth your buying.

Happy Shopping.

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