Temporary Memory Loss Signs & Treatment

Temporary memory loss is a condition, which affects a person’s ability to remember certain things. Chronic alcoholism, stroke, trauma, Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, hysteria, temporal lobe surgery, and vertebrobasilar circulatory disorders can contribute to memory impairment. Aging and stress can also cause temporary memory loss. psychological causes include depression, anxiety, mania, bipolar disorder, etc.

The symptoms of temporary memory loss are generally noticeable to the family members or close friends:

  • The person suffering from this disorder may inquire about the same thing several times.
  • He/she may not be able to find the right words to express himself/herself.
  • He/she may get lost in familiar areas.
  • Mood swings or behavioral changes may also indicate this condition.
  • He/she may not be able to perform a task, which he/she used to perform previously without any mistakes.

Temporary memory loss treatment:

Once the symptoms are diagnosed, the family members of the patient should take steps to treat the condition.

If the problem is chronic and interferes with normal activities, it is important to seek the help of a mental health care professional as soon as possible.

If the condition is caused by excessive use of alcohol, the sufferer would be recommended to stop it.

The professional would also suggest a balanced diet plan that helps to improve the condition. Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables provide sufficient vitamins and nutrients to the body, which in turn helps to strengthen the memory.

Foods like oysters and dairy products are good to boost memory. Age-related cognitive decline can be stopped by taking Vitamin C and E. Regular exercises help to promote blood circulation and thereby assist in memory treatment.

The sufferer can follow some simple techniques like repeating things to retain them in his mind. He can keep a journal of his daily activities and go through it.

Be proactive and protect your memory! your self-care strategy can get an effective result for temporary memory loss.

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