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The Celtic Tree Oracle Reviews

The Celtic Tree Oracle is a system of divination paper-based divination system that Colin Murray and Liz Murray originally developed. This article involves Celtic Tree Oracle review with the pros, cons, sayings from the previous users, and product features and specifications.

The long-term popularity of tarot cards has prompted the publishing of a new tarot book that features a different divination system. Instead of using letters and numbers, The Celtic Oracle uses symbols that are said to come from the early Celts and feature roots, trees, and the like. More importantly, the symbols are said to be easy to learn and understand and have a very strong impact on the outcome of a reading.

The Celtic Tree Oracle Meanings:

Celtic Tree Oracle Divination System is a system of divination that uses the art of reading from trees and other plant life to discover information about yourself, your family, your past and future, and the environment.

In this system, you use the trees, such as oak or rowan, to divine the answers to questions. The basic principle is that Divination by Images from Trees is a form of divination that uses the art of reading from trees and other plant life to divine information about yourself, your family, your past and future, and the environment.

The Celtic Tree Oracle: A System of Divination
  • Celtic divination
  • Murray, Colin (Author)

About the Author:

The Golden Section Order, created by Colin Murray (dead), is a group committed to conserving Celtic lore. Colin was motivated to explore old Celtic tree knowledge after a terrible vehicle accident, which led to the creation of the Ogham cards. After his demise, his spouse Liz carried on his research, publishing The Celtic Tree Oracle, which included his Ogham prediction method.

Vanessa Card is an illustrator who has produced several publications as a freelancer.

The Celtic Tree Oracle: A System of Divination Review

This deck, authored by Liz and Colin Murray and designed by Vanessa Card, may pique your interest, and you may find it very difficult to get started with. And it’s understandable: it’s an archaic symbol that researchers continue to research, and though it could be represented as a more user-friendly tool, that doesn’t tell the entire story.

This deck focused on the more mystical and bigger aspects of Celtic tree knowledge. The Celts’ hidden language is hidden inside this box. To bring the lid to life is to uncover an old form of communication—as well as a technique of divination.

Each word in the Celtic Ogham or tree alphabet represents the soul of a tree or plant, which is depicted on this elaborately painted card. Whatever your inquiry, uncertainty, or concern, the Celtic tree oracle’s 2,000-year-old knowledge offers astonishing counsel and understanding for today’s frantic culture. The product features include:

  • 25 lovely tree cards
  • 128-page colorful book of exposition
  • A sheet to record progress and a pad to take notes in.

Eddison Books published this deck on April 1, 2015. It weighs 1.15 pounds, and its dimensions are 5.7 x 1 x 7.6 inches. The card language is English.

Previous Users’ Experiences:

  • Unlike other oracle cards, there isn’t much in the way of visual stimulus.
  • Throughout the deck, the aesthetic layout and boundaries are mostly identical.
  • The symbology isn’t the same as tarot.
  • The aesthetic emphasis is on a forest depiction, with characteristics of its leaves and twigs, timber, and fruit underneath it.
  • The engraving art style, on the other hand, does a fantastic job of conveying the excitement.
  • The “compressed definitions,” the technological and commercial background of the woods, and occasionally the year’s scheduling are all part of the story told by these cards.
  • A lovely and well-organized oracle tool.
  • The cards are little, but the artistry is lovely, with woods, their English and Gaelic names, and the Ogham arcana that corresponds to them.
  • The book was quite helpful, dissolving each card and providing a stage process guide on interpreting the cards.
  • It’s simple to understand the directions provided.
  • This is a fascinating historical investigation.
  • A lovely wooden box makes it attractive.
  • It’s a fascinating experience about Celtic tradition, particularly if you’re interested in prediction.
  • There isn’t much to see in the design.
  • The packaging isn’t particularly long-lasting.
  • The contents of the box do not fit snugly within.


The Celtic Tree Oracle is an interesting book. They focus on tools for discovering the meaning of a question and a number of different ways of using the system. This deck is an ideal one for beginners. Anyone would enjoy this amazing deck with an attractive outlook and informative content.

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