The Hermetic Tarot Review (Pros & Cons)

The Hermetic Tarot is a deck that has been produced before and after the emergence of the Golden Dawn. The deck is designed to be used for divination and has much in common with the Thoth Tarot deck by Aleister Crowley. Let’s check the Hermetic Tarot Review.

The deck is designed to be used for divination and has much in common with the Thoth Tarot deck. Both decks do not constrict the user by forcing them to read meanings based on the traditional titles of cards.

The Hermetic Tarot Meanings:

The Hermetic Tarot is a tarot deck created by Godfrey Dowson in the early 1900s. It is a simple and practical tool for a variety of applications.

The cards are commonly used in seances for communication with the “other side,” and in fortune-telling. They can be used to invoke a specific situation, prevent a specific outcome, or simply to provide a ‘past’ or ‘future’ glimpse into a current situation.

The Hermetic Tarot
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Godfrey Dowson (Author)

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About Author

Godfrey Dowson (Author)

The Hermetic Tarot is one of the oldest tarot decks that has survived into modern times. It was created by the modernist mystic Godfrey Dowson, who lived in England in the early 20th Century. He believed that the deck could be used for both divination and meditation.

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The Hermetic Tarot Review:

This tarot is of great historical and artistic importance, and U.S. Games Systems has proudly reissued the Hermetic Tarot deck for the sake of its recognition. The tarot deck bears history within and is the example of a tarot deck from back in the 1970s.

The details and symbolism in this deck are unlike any other. The deck bears much of the esoteric knowledge from the earlier century and is rich in its meanings and interpretations. Though maintaining a subtle palette of black and white, this deck is unique in its own way. It also bears the symbols of the Secret Order of the Golden Dawn, which steered the course of occultism in another way in the last century.

The black and white design is a tribute to emphasizing the effect of the Golden Dawn, and his symbols all have attributed to astrological matters like sephirot, angelic, geomantic, numeral, and other exotic kabbalistic elements. The details of the illustrations on the cards are exquisite and highlight the powerful elements of the cards.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in the version of the card on Amazon in the language of English. It was published on 1st January 1979 by the U.S. Games Systems Inc. it weighs about 8.4 ounces and has a dimension of about 3 x 1.25 x 4.75 inches.

  • The deck has 78 cards.
  • The guidebook accompanying the deck is 70 pages long.
  • The deck has a unique all-black and subtle white design.
  • The booklet itself is packed full of information the readers will deem worthy and is very helpful with its content.
  • The cards are very easy to get used to and give proper introductions and answers to questions.

Users’ Experience:

  • The deck is recommended by professionals and also used by them.
  • Every serious and enthusiastic student of tarot should own this deck.
  • This deck is an avid follower of the RWS tarot and is traditionally unchanged.
  • This deck helps the reader understand the meanings behind the symbolism of tarot on a deeper level.
  • The symbols of this deck need careful and knowledgeable interpretations.
  • The tarot deck combines a variety of knowledge sectors such as astrology, esoteric knowledge, and alchemy too.
  • This deck is recommended for beginners with a little bit of prior tarot knowledge.
  • The readers could feel themselves being deeply connected with the dark and deep artwork and illustrations of the tarot.
  • The Kabbalah enthusiast also might be interested in this deck for its clear symbolism and connection to the knowledge of that sector.
  • The deck is a powerful and interesting deck for studying and exploring.
Pros: Cons:
  • This deck has its instruction booklet written by Stuart R. Kaplan.
  • The card meanings are written by both Stuart R. Kaplan and Godfrey Dawson.
  • The booklet has an extra feature of providing with classic ten-card Celtic Cross taro layout and descriptions.
  • This booklet presents a chart of elemental and astrological symbols and a diagram of ten spheres.
  • The booklet has an introduction to the 22 letters of Hebrew.
  • This booklet offers insight into the 22 Paths of Tree of Life.
  • The cards are flexible, durable, and sturdy; so, they’re easy to shuffle.
  • This booklet has a tone of information, and it is gathered from sectors of different mythical and tarot knowledge groups.
  • The deck is not recommended for complete beginners with no prior knowledge of tarot.


For the true and dedicated students and enthusiasts of tarot, this deck is truly a different way to est your skills and earn more. To learn the ancient esoteric knowledge and brighten your life with that is the goal of this deck.

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