The Romance Angels Oracle Cards Review

This article is “The Romance Angels Oracle Cards Review” with advantages, disadvantages, previous users’ experience, product specifications. This deck is the perfect tool to help you in your quest for love. It will teach you how to remove blockages, stop attracting negative people to yourself, and encourage you to move forward in your life.

The Romance Angels Oracle Cards Meanings

The Tarot cards are used for different purposes, among other things, to predict your future, to determine how good you are in a certain area of life, or to know how others perceive you. They are used for almost anything.

The Romance Angels Tarot Deck is a beautiful, rare deck of cards featuring 44 uniquely beautiful Tarot cards featuring the romance angels. These books feature printed interpretations of the cards, as well as the meanings of each specific card. You can learn about the symbolism of each card, as well as their specific meaning in relation to your particular situation.

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Gayrrnel manufactured this deck.

Gayrrnel Tarot Cards Set,44 Lovers Tarot Card Romance Oracle...
  • Suitable for beginners: provides accurate readings, reliable...
  • UNIQUE READINGS: This tarot deck contains 44 romantic angel oracle...

The Romance Angels Oracle Cards Review

Picking a deck relying on your instincts is a routine exercise because that’s what tarot and oracle card decks are about. They’re primarily intended to assist you in connecting with your inner knowledge—and, according to some, the heavenly spirit that inspires that inner knowing.

The more intuitive information tools we have, the more help, signals, and communications we can pick up on. The notion is that your instinct (or the cosmos) directs you to select the card that includes details that will take you down a specific path or help you create specific energy within yourself.

The instructions and visuals we obtain from the cards are interpreted by our perception, determining which aspects are significant to us, whether the instructions are metaphorical or factual. What walk of business they are relating to.

The Romance Angels are a band of cherubic angels dedicated to all things romantic. Anyone can summon these entities, and they can assist a limitless number of individuals simultaneously.

Doreen Virtue’s wonderfully designed tarot deck will enable you to obtain angelic insight about your relationship state as well as give authentic and reliable interpretations to your acquaintances and visitors.

The Romance Angels Oracle Cards can help you gain more insight into soul-mate engagements, past-life restoration, and inviting more affection into your existence. These cards can provide useful information whether you’re looking for solutions for yourself or others. The Romance Angels are delighted to assist you on your journey to a lifetime of happiness.

Features & Specifications:

  • The Romance Angels Oracle Cards will help you gain insight on conscience connections, past-life restoration, and drawing genuine meaning into your world.
  • With their profound emotions, these numerology oracle cards are meant to support and encourage you while you journey within.

The item weighs 3.2 ounces, and its dimensions are 4.13 x 3.03 x 0.67 inches. Users aged 14 years and up are recommended for this deck.

Previous Users’ Experiences

  • Some users claim that this deck is not original.
  • These cards are a rip-off of Doreen Virtue’s Oracle deck “The Romance Angels.”
  • They’ll come with an adhesive component and a ton of gold glitter strewn around the edges of the cards.
  • They aren’t as brittle as other people claimed, but they are equivalent to playing cards and have a silky, wavy texture, if that feels right.
  • This deck of cards is stunning.
  • They were a little stuck together when they arrived, but a simple flip through readily freed them.
  • Beautiful designs with gold rims.
  • It’s a pleasure to hold and shuffle.
  • Gets stuck together a bit.
  • Too small.
  • Feels a bit flimsy.

They are fantastic for the price, even though they are not genuine (considered a collector item). The instruction book can be found online by scanning a Qr code on the back of the package with the camera feature on any smartphone.


In summary, the Romance Angels Oracle Cards are a pack of 44 cards with intricate, colorful drawings of angels on one side and very specific guidance on how to use them to find love on the other. Especially if you need a recommendation for a specific partner, the cards are great. If you’re looking for general guidance about romance, you’ll likely find that this deck isn’t quite right for you.

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