Egyptian Tarot Grand Trumps Review

Tarot is a centuries-old divination created by psychics and mediums to gain insight into the future and the deeper meaning behind our experiences. It has been used as guidance and spiritual reflection for centuries, with various decks available today. One of the most exciting and unique decks is the Egyptian Tarot Grand Trumps, which offers a unique glimpse into the ancient mysteries of Egypt.

This blog post will provide an in-depth review of the Egyptian Tarot Grand Trumps, including the deck’s symbolism, imagery, and overall feel. We will also discuss how this deck differs from other tarot decks and provide tips for incorporating it into your spiritual practice. By the end of this blog post, you will be well-informed about the Egyptian Tarot Grand Trumps and be able to decide if this deck is the right one for you.

Egyptian Tarot Grand Trumps (Egyptian Tarot, 3)
  • Lo Scarabeo (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Egyptian Tarot Grand Trumps Meanings:

The Egyptian Tarot Grand Trumps is a set of esoteric symbols representing various aspects of life and our spiritual journey. This system of archetypes is believed to have originated in Ancient Egypt and was used to help people gain insight into their life’s purpose and the nature of their existence.

Each card in the deck carries a specific meaning, from Strength to the Hermit to The Wheel of Fortune, and each card can be interpreted about its position within the spread. This tarot system has been used by many over the centuries to access higher spiritual guidance and gain insights into the potential of their lives. It is believed that, when used correctly and with an open mind, the cards can provide us with valuable guidance and understanding.

Egyptian Tarot Grand Trumps

These images, which feature stunning watercolor paintings on Nile papyrus, contain the mysteries of Egyptian magic. This deck contains symbols and imagery from thousands of years ago. This edition has been newly updated and printed on the highest quality cardstock, with improved graphics, revised instructions, and a rigid box.

Egyptian Tarot Grand Trumps- features and specifications

Llewellyn publications manufactured the deck, Multilingual edition, on 8 June 2015. The deck appears in the English language and has 64 pages of cards. The deck weighs 7.2 ounces and has a 4.5*0.75*6.25 dimension of inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • The cards are lovely, a little stuck together, and the instilling caused some cosmetic damage.
  • The cards appear to be of good quality.
  • They come in a simple but sturdy box.
  • The justice and strength cards are numbered incorrectly (reversed), and the pamphlet lacks information.
  • The card stock is thin but handles well and doesn’t riffle.


  • The cards themselves are beautiful.
  • The cards arrived in excellent condition and are fantastic.
  • It provided all the instructions and imagery of symbols.


  • There were only major arcana cards in the deck.

In conclusion, the Egyptian Tarot Grand Trumps is a beautiful and unique tarot deck that can be used for divination and meditation. Its unique interpretation of the tarot arcana and its connection to Ancient Egyptian spirituality make it an ideal choice for readers looking for an alternative tarot experience. Its vibrant artwork and intricate symbolism make it an eye-catching and powerful deck for any collection.

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