Top Psychological Thrillers Movies | 10 Best Thriller Movies of All Time

Do you know what is good or bad? You don’t, because no one can be so sure about that. It’s all just relative terms. Even though most of the audience calls something good when it suits their inner taste, a good creation can be that which can cover most of their inner tastes. So they can taste it differently with their individual feelings and perspectives. And the best can be said when creation has the ability to suppress many generations and times also. So here’s my choice of top psychological thrillers movies which have the ability to touch your inner soul, I believe strongly.

Top Psychological Thrillers Movies

I collected a list of the 10 best psychological thrillers movies that I have also seen. I think you must enjoy those movies.

1. Black Swan (2010):

Top Psychological Thrillers MoviesTales of a dancer girl constantly change her own natural way of behavior to fit in character ‘Black Swan.’ In that way, it also changes her every perspective of life, a conservative mother, people of her dance academy. She became so drowned to fit that specific character so that she almost lost her consciousness when she finally passed with that final act magnificently. You will constantly change your own perspectives also while going with that Best Psychological Thriller Metaphor. She lost her consciousness finally, but you don’t, you can go with that feeling too, that’s your advantage.

2.Taxi Driver (1976):

Top Psychological Thrillers MoviesA 26-year-old depressed, lonely and chronic insomniac man earns his living by driving a taxi at night shift when he became attached with a prostitute, going through her reality and saving her from her nightmare reality at last by almost getting killed.


3. The Butterfly Effect (2004):

Top Psychological Thrillers MoviesStory of a man who discovered himself in a new way and figured out that he could be able to change the past events through his journal & memory and then alternate his present moments.



4. The Sixth Sense (1999):

Top Psychological Thrillers MoviesA little boy who was able to communicate with spirits and dead people appeared to seek help from a child psychologist who became a spirit and finally found the child’s true psychic ability. So, I want to give it the number one position in my “top psychological thrillers movies” list.


5. Seven (1995):

Top Psychological Thrillers MoviesKilling is a dangerous thing, but it can be an artistic thing to some people. Here I introduce you to a new art of a killer who imitates his killings with seven deadly sins. To watch this, you need to know about the seven deadly sins first. They are pride, avarice, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony, and sloth or acedia.


6. Fight Club (1999):

Top Psychological Thrillers MoviesAn insomniac man met a strange person in an air flight and started living a new way of life with him, creating an organization and bringing about justice and chaos in the current society. Suddenly become disillusioned, he tried to clean all the messes that have been created for so long.


7. Nocturnal Animals (2016):

Top Psychological Thrillers MoviesIt all starts with a lady, an art gallerist whose ex-husband asks to read his new book manuscript. As it turns out, it’s violent and sad—and she just can’t seem to shake the idea that it’s metaphorical, and in some cases, non-fictional, rehashing of their troubled relationship.


8. American Psycho (2000):

Top Psychological Thrillers MoviesIt’s a surprisingly hilarious deep-dive into what makes a psychopath tick, and it’s also profoundly dark and brutally honest—its portrayal of 1980s American materialism is uncanny.


9. Before I Wake (2016):

Top Psychological Thrillers MoviesThis eerie film follows an eight-year-old boy after he’s adopted by a couple who recently lost their own son. The couple begins seeing visions of their dead son after he moves in, which makes them wonder if their grief has taken over or if something more sinister is happening.


10.The Hidden Face (2011):

Top Psychological Thrillers MoviesA girl found a mysterious hidden room in her new home, and she decided to observe her boyfriend through it. Leaving a farewell note to her boyfriend, she entered the hidden room to see what will happen. Suddenly getting trapped in that hidden room, she really became a watcher of her boyfriend’s new way of life.


To achieve the full pleasure of a psychological thriller, you need to have the capacity to take the different tastes to their own flavor. And you must have the courage to face your own fears too because ‘top psychological thrillers movies’ always have the ability to open you up that far.

So, let’s enjoy and face ourselves a little bit more by these new challenges if you didn’t enjoy them before.

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