Fiction Books About Depression | Top 10 Books to Read When Depressed

Fiction books about depression refer to creative writing based on the author’s well-thought-out thoughts and frustrations. Depression is a very common word in our everyday life. Frustration is one of the most complex aspects of human character. Different writers have worked with this frustration at other times.

Depression is a severe mental illness that can profoundly affect every aspect of a person’s life. While medication and therapy are the most effective treatments for depression, several fiction books can help people suffering from this condition.

The following is a list of the top 10 fiction books about depression, as rated by Goodreads users. These books offer a range of perspectives on depression, from those struggling with the condition to those supporting a loved one through it.

Top 10 fiction books about depression

Today, we will discuss some of the fiction books about depression.


Fiction books about depressionSOLD ON A MONDAY is one of the most fictional books about a mother’s frustration. Kristina McMorris wrote it in the context of 1931. The story revolves around a mother’s poverty, frustration, and her child’s sale out of frustration.

Ellis Reed, a female journalist, snapped a picture of a frustrated mother selling her child, which later shocked the nation when it was published in a newspaper. There are surprises at every turn of this story.” SOLD ON A MONDAY “is one of the best fiction books about depression.


Fiction books about depressionTHE GIVES OF STARS is a different and attractive book in the world of fiction books about depression by Jojo Moyes. This story is about the American Depression era with five extraordinary women in an extremely exciting story.

This is the story of 5 women Liberians from a remote village called Celtic. What happens to them, the man who came into their lives, their humanity, and the dangers that change their lives? THE GIVER OF STARS is an s fiction book about depression based on a true story. It sometimes throws readers into fun, sometimes excitement, and sometimes frustration. It is the best self-help book for depression.


Fiction books about depressionThis is one of the most extraordinary books in the world of fiction about depression—the New York Times bestselling author Lisa Tercourtshows different aspects of her life in this book.

Our lives are not always the same. When life faces such a harsh reality, we do not understand what to do then. The story revolves around the issue. You can get relief from various depressing thoughts. So, I can suggest it as the best book for depression.


THE WORST HARD TIME is a book about American history published in 2000. This book is about people who live in great despair.

This story is about those frames who survived in the dust bowl of that time—those who had spent much time in a state of incredible frustration and struggle. THE WORST HARD TIME is the most delightful fiction book about despair.



Fiction books about depressionCALL YOUR DAUGHTER HOME Although the book is fiction about depression, it reveals women’s lively character and convincing attitude. The novel revolves around three struggling women living in South Carolina in the 1920s.

Although various problems plagued the lives of the three of them, they were united because they were sensitive about their daughter. The conspiracies, epidemics, and diarrhea of the people around them complicate their lives. This is an exceptional novel in the world of fiction books about depression.


Fiction books about depressionIrish author Shelley Rooney’s NORMAL PEOPLE is one of the most delightful fiction books about depression. The novel was developed in Ireland living in Ireland, and the two youths named Marianne and Connell. Connell and Marianne, in social status, the behavior is entirely different.

The novel has moved forward with their unequal relationship’s tension, complexity, and frustration. This is a book on psychological disorders. The author describes various terms related to depression.


Fiction books about depressionTHE ROAD BACK TO YOU is entirely different from fiction books about depression. After reading this book, you will find yourself.

A book is an entirely different genre that will make you aware of ignorance, happiness, and self. Here is also a method called ENNEAGRAM, which helps you understand yourself and helps to understand other-self. It also allows you to understand the thoughts of the people around them. In a word, it is unique in fiction books about depression.


Fiction books about depressionHOLIDAY UP THE UNIVERSE is an adult fiction book about depression. The central premise of the novel is about a fat girl. The girl, whose name was Libby, was obese, and the boy, whose name was Jack, loved Libby. The lobby was so fat that she needed a crane to lift her. The novel mainly fights a frustrated girl who is overweight, loses her parents, and has complicated relationships. HOLLIDAY OF THE UNIVERSE IS THE letter for all teenagers in the world.


Fiction books about depressionIT’S OK THAT YOU ARE NOT OKAY is a different and fantastic book that discusses some complex aspects of our lives.

Happiness, frustration, and sorrow are standard in our human life, but we cannot take them for granted. This book inspires us to take grief and frustration straightforwardly. This is undoubtedly the best book in the world of fiction about depression.



Fiction books about depressionThough ORPHAN TRAIN is a fiction book about depression, it is also an adult novel. The story revolves around two women. One is 17 years old, and the other is 91 years old. This fiction’s main story is about two people’s complex life, attitude, and frustrations.


Conclusion: Fiction stories about depression are one of the most talked-about aspects of fiction so far. These stories will not only make you happy but also make you think about the possible consequence of the story. Every tale will stand you in front of something whose face you have never been to. Welcome to the strangely beautiful world of fiction about depression. If you search for books about depression, you can collect these fiction books. Read and wander into a new world.

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