What does the bible say about tarot card?

What does the bible say about tarot card

Tarot cards are often viewed as an occult practice, but for Christians, Tarot cards are a way to learn about our relationship with God. Biblically, the tarot cards we see today don’t exist. But the Bible does talk about divination, which is the practice of fortune telling. In various passages, God tells the Israelites not to practice divination.

Many people have expressed different views about the tarot. Some have called it good, while others have called it a no-brainer. Those who believe hear negative things about the tarot but do not take it seriously. The tarot has been around for many years, and its practice and practice still exists among the people.

What does the Bible say?

People mainly use tarot cards for divination. It deals with human life and refers to the secrets of the future in bizarre or supernatural ways that are inappropriate. It is not desirable to know any information about prophecy in advance, so the Bible strictly forbids the use of tarot because of this connection.

We should not follow the world and build our future on our own without resorting to any spiritual strategy. In Jeremiah 10: 2, the Lord says: “The nations that seek to see, read, and change their future with tarot cards. Do not be like that nation.

The spiritual dimension of our world is authentic and cannot be taken lightly. The Bible tells us that Satan wants to destroy us through various acts. Although tarot and the like may not have much of an impact on someone’s life, in reality, it is when the card is read that you will gradually become more interested in it. Go deeper into the darkness.

I will also mention my six friends, experts, and tarot readers. Let’s take a look at their ideas and opinions on this issue.

Karen Hollis, B.A. Political Science, Salve Regina University (1984)

I think it depends on how you feel about Tarot and Christianity.

Cards are inanimate objects that only exist with the energy we give them through our faith. That said, I am a Christian and read them to feed my family and live an authentic life. I see no problem in being a Christian and owning a Tarot card. Through God’s grace, I can see the future/prophecy. I have attended Catholic schools through college, and many pastors have also sent mourners to me for healing through the gift of mediumship.

I consider myself a spiritual gift.

1. There are different gifts for different situations; the same Spirit distributes them when needed.

2. Some are good, and some are bad. In this way, there are different services for other people, which the Lord will decide who deserves, but the Lord is the same for all.

3. Different kinds of work are done, but God is the same in all of them.

4. some holy spirits have been revealed only for all good.

5. There, the message of wisdom is given through the Spirit, and the notice of knowledge is given to another through the same Spirit,

6. For by one faith another is given the same Spirit, and by that Spirit another gift of healing,

7. Another miraculous power, another prophecy, another way to distinguish between spirits, another to speak in different languages, [a] and still interpret different languages. [B]

8. All these things are the work of one Spirit. He even decided that he would share the piece as needed.

I am sure many Christians disagree with me, and I tell them that the tarot does not own the wire or fall. It’s like anything else.

Hara Ravi Shanker, spiritual Christian.

There is nothing in the Bible that forbids supernatural things. As a Christian who keeps his tarot card, my advice is to proceed with caution.

Are there any ominous hints about keeping tarot cards?

There is nothing wrong with having a tarot card. These can be thought of as pieces of paper with different types of pictures. However, I see these as a surefire way to look beautiful on their own without any helpful or practical subtraction features.

Although I’m still a fan of terry cards, I think these are a kind of cheap entertainment, especially with parties and other social events etc. Be open-minded.

Supernatural, and embrace your faith too.

  • I still go to church.
  • I still pray to God every night in bed.
  • I still read Bible stories to my kids.
  • I also talk about other things like homeschooling.
  • I still have friends.

Used properly, tarot cards are a self-empowerment tool—nothing more, nothing less.

Nancy Blicq, author, ‘Medieval Tarot of Christians.’

It depends on whether you plan to use it for gambling, playing games, or making predictions.

What is a tarot, or what do its images indicate?

Tarot or Tarochi is a game that was invented around the 15th century, at a time when the church was in charge. People were not only religious but loved to be seen as religious, so their artwork, music, jewelry, and even their entertainment had a Christian theme. And so it was with Tarochchi.

Is it a prediction game??  

It was never intended to be used as a prediction. It was just a game of chance for entertainment, and many still play it today.

Think of it as a medieval Christian version of the board game “Life” or “Monopolization.”

The cards present the sanctification process as a Christian story of Pilgrim’s progress. If you are familiar with the scriptures, you will recognize the themes.

Where do these modern tarot play cards come from?

Modern play cards are derived from Tarochi.

If you consider gambling a sin, you probably shouldn’t be playing cards around. Or if board games or card games like Cribbage or Crazy 8 force you to sin, they should probably be avoided.

The cards themselves are not sinful. They have beautifully illustrated the process of redemption, but if you use them to tell progress or fortune, etc., you are wasting your time and risk losing the mark.

If you are a believer, you have multiple reliable sources of guidance and comfort from someone who knows and loves you.

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Caroline I. McGuire is planning to become a Marine Biologist.

I know many Christians who strongly oppose the tarot and do not object to it or even support it. A friend of mine who called me to do tarot if I wanted to (it was when I was on the edge of it) is the daughter of a priest and quite a Christian.

Christian and young woman throwing tarot, I can tell you that I know religion and something that is portrayed as the devil but not really between

But I don’t think I’ll leave the tarot anytime soon.

Here is the reason:

  1. It is very enlightening, and I have learned something significant from tarot.
  2. I used the tarot to find some guidelines to pull myself out of bad situations.
  3. I have helped guide and advise lots of people through tarot readings.
  4. This is a great way to calm the mind. I light a candle, prepare my crystals and take out my deck. Usually, I do a practice lesson or practice to advance my tarot skills.
Quick or not, I’m still a typical teenager.
  • I still love to talk about anime and art.
  • I love nature and science.
  • I have always loved my family and friends.
  • I love God and my conviction in God.
  • I look exactly like other kids my age.
  • Tarot does not set me apart from anyone else.
  • If anything, the tarot has only made me more intelligent and more intuitive.

Rhonda Sellers, I’ve been reading cards for many years.

I don’t know if Christians own Tarot cards – I’m not sure there’s a reason, but I’m not a Christian or a religious scholar.

I know that tarot cards in no way fit the definition of “prediction” or fortune-telling. I understand that there will be disagreement among many people, and you can find a lot of artists out there who want to sell you through future Target readings. But tarot cards don’t work that way, and even if someone tries to mislead you, they don’t tell the future. The evil is the greedy liar, not the cards.

Does the Tarot card work through spirituality?

Tarot cards do nothing but open your eyes to the things inside you that are already there. They work through psychology which is not through spirituality. Situation. Anyone can achieve anything they like by reading because the cards only take people to the answers beforehand, but they don’t understand.

 Will the cards tell my future by describing the situation in playing with the cards?

The position of the cards in a layout does not mean that the cards will tell your future. What this position does is relate to references and other cards. If 3 card spreads are drawn to someone and their love life that they are focusing on, there is no consideration of how the cards are drawn. It means it never gives any specific information that could be anything other than usual.

The person will apply the card to the meaning of what is happening in their head. Apply that future position card is no different. It only plays with other cards that describe the situation and how the problem occurs. The situation is possible if the future card does not change the case. The result tells me what it won’t be. It generalizes and advises on the things you were able to come up with based on the information provided.

People keep an eye on tarot cards because if you look for help and highlight things your subconscious already knows, you haven’t considered it yet. It seems like they illuminated parts you didn’t see before. But it is not magical or mysterious, or divine. It is only psychology.

Brian S. Holmes, Minister for Distribution, pastor, MPwardChristian.org

No. They are a form of prophecy.

Anything used to communicate with the dead, the spiritual realm, or the “divine heavenly” (revelation) is otherwise forbidden and sinful.

Tarot is based on what?

Wisdom God forbids specific ways of acquiring wisdom and knowledge, which never includes practices that fall under the category of prophecy. It is always based on His Word, prayer, and other spiritual branches designed to deepen your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

FYI, the reason for banning these things is because they expose us and make us more vulnerable to demonic influence.

Are those who use tarot being sharers of sin in any way?

It is, in fact, a “widespread sin of witchcraft. It can mislead people. It even falls under the category of sin”. Keeping such a cursed thing in your house can open the demon’s door. The history of their use and the curses associated with your bloodline can worsen it significantly.

You verbally repent to God in the name of Jesus and ask for forgiveness for taking part in any evil magic and sorcery.

Lay under the blood of Jesus and know that you have been forgiven by faith in His finished work on the cross.

Is tarot a curse in the name of prophecy and sorcery ??

Declare with your mouth in faith; leave loudly. As a result of the authority you have received in Christ, you have been given access to any soul. You declare that they are now completely separated from you in the name of Jesus, and they must leave immediately!

Also, repent and leave everyone by name if you have a history of such beliefs or behaviors. Speak as accurately as possible. I have also broken all the curses of prophecy and sorcery in the name of Jesus.

What should be done to remove yourself from the Tarot card?

Then (or before all of the above), get rid of them. If you have a fire pit or metal trash can, it is best to burn it.

Asking God bless you for requesting this and for His will and righteousness. Do the above, and you will do well.

And please ignore the foolish advice of “Christians” who say that some tarot use is okay. Seriously. If they behaved like me, they would know this statement is idiotic.

How can tarot and prayer work together?

Whenever we pray to God or our angels in anticipation of something, we may ask for directions or messages to help us succeed. When I read tarot, I noticed that the same thing would happen when I first read the card, and then when it happened, I started to wonder if these two things are not mutually exclusive.

So, I will begin to set the direction and my purpose of becoming more transparent and more understandable before praying to God and my angels so that we can understand the confusing things. Even what is best for me and for which I can make the best possible decision.

This is how we can receive the most important messages with the help of God and my angels. With tarot, prayer, and universal power, we can be better equipped to handle any situation.


The Bible thinks of tarot cards as inanimate objects that carry only the energy we give through our belief in cards when we use them. This means that the card has no power of its own, depending entirely on the confidence and work of the readers.

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