Knight of Coins Meaning, Guide And Review

Knight of Coins or Knight of Pentacles is a part of what tarot card players call Minor Arcana. It is a part of the suit of coins in Latin suited card games, including tarot decks. Across Europe, where the games are still unknown and unheard of, tarot decks are primarily used for divinatory purposes. The Knight of Coins card’s interpretation, meaning, and symbolism is derived from the original Rider-Waite tarot deck.

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Knight of Coins Keywords

Upright Keywords:

Hard work, productivity, routine, conservatism, practical, reliable, efficient, stoic, slow and steady, committed, patient, conservative, loyal, responsible, protective, defensive, stubborn, ambitious, profit, finishing what you started, working with nature, working for what you want, making your dreams/ wishes come true through persistent actions, environmentally conscious, getting back to nature/ giving back to nature, consistency, strong will, improvement.

Reversed Keywords:

Complacency, stubbornness, laziness, self-discipline, boredom, feeling stuck, perfectionism, workaholic, dull, boring, no initiative, cheap, irresponsible, gambler, risky investments, impatient, apathy, lack of common sense, unstable, unskilled, unreliable, disloyal, weak, loser, conscientious, deadbeat, broken promises, not finishing what you start, obstinate, ultra-conservative, pessimistic, obsessed with money/ materialism/ looks, abuse, misuse.

Knight of Coins Description

In the Knight of Coins or the Knight of Pentacles, the Knight sits on a stationary draught horse. He’s carefully looking at the gold coin or pentacle that he holds in his hands. His body language and posture states that although mounting a horse, he’s in no hurry, and he much prefers to think and plan out his actions. The knight presumably hints at people young in age.

In the background, the imagery consists of a large field that is plowed row by row. This is also a symbol if the knight has a hard-working mindset. He’s willing to do the deed necessary to make his plans come to life. Even if the work is dull or repetitive. Much like the other cards in the Coin Suit, the Knight of Coins revolves around work, effort, and general responsibility. The image of the Knight of Coins card also conveys a certain amount of groundedness. All the other knights are off to an adventure one after the other, but his one decides to stay home and plow the field if necessary. This kind of sacrificial decision sets him apart from other knights.

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General Interpretation of Knight of Coins (Upright & Reversed)

Upright Meaning:

In the general context, the Knight of Coins in the upright position serves as a good and motivational sign. The Minor Arcana states the importance of achieving your goals through perseverance and determination. It can also represent awoke and conscious person well-aware of his or her surroundings. It also suggests that the person defends and protects the ones close to him or loved by him.

In case of describing a characteristic, the Knight of Coins depicts an adult person presumably in their 20s or 30s who’re stable, reliable, loyal, and patient. They also have common sense and have a sense of responsibility and practicality. They work hard for what they desire, and they always intend to finish what they start working on. The qualities like ambition, honesty, and protectiveness make him different from others. The people who’re similar to the Knight of Coins or the Knight of Pentacles may have a bit of a problem with showing their emotions as they might be raised by a strong father figure or male role model. But still, he manages to convey enough to make sure the people he loves are safe and sound.

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Reversed Meaning:

In the general context, the Knight of Coins or the Knight of Pentacles in the reversed position serves as a bad omen and often describes a character lacking in many fundamental life prospects. They may be irresponsible, impractical, lack common sense, and maybe even want rewards and recognition without willing to put in the necessary work to achieve it. They might be lazy and arrogant and often leave work behind half-finished. Moreover, they don’t commit themselves to finish what they start. This Minor Arcana signifies that your dream may start to slip like sand through your fingers if you do not put the effort necessary to materialize it.

As a person, the Knight of Coins represents someone who’s unconscious of his surroundings and is extremely lazy, weak, a gambler, and a loser or a slob in his work. He may also be unstable, unreliable, disloyal, and impatient.

Alternatively, this card exudes the image of someone too obsessed with the materialistic world, a workaholic working day and night to quench his thirst for greed. He may be fascinated with money, wealth, or power, and he may be doing everything in his power to obtain it.

Knight of Coins- Yes or No

In case of asking a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question, the Knight of Coins or the Knight of Pentacles represents a strong ‘yes.’ As long as you’re consistent, persistent, and determined, the Knight of Coins comes as a good omen in any ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reading. You can ask questions related to any aspect of your life, and it can be answered by this card of Minor Arcana, such as relationship, new job, car, or anything else you seek. Although to achieve what you desire, you must acquire and adapt some of the Knight’s fundamental qualities within yourself to reach your goals. The traits of dependability, strength, strong will, and consistency will see you through.

Astrology & Symbolism of Knight of Coins


The Knight of Coins or the Knight of Pentacles is traditionally linked with the zodiac sign of Virgo. The planet of Mercury rules Virgo. It is also associated with the Earth sign.

By personality and characteristics, Virgos are a self-sufficient, independent, and dedicated sign. The people under this zodiac sign are presumably, analytical, detailed, and focused very much on the present. Virgo is also a very hard-working sign, and they’re reserved and happy to be assisting others. They’re content by staying in the background and being of support as they’re not such a fan of the spotlight.


The Knight of Coins or the Knight of Pentacles describes a person more thoroughly rather than giving advice. As the position reverses, each of the positions represents a stark contrast character. The upright one is driven by motivation, and the reversed one is driven by hopelessness or greed.

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Knight of Coins & Some Important Card Combinations

Knight of Coins or Knight of Pentacles is the card meant for you to reflect on your actions, think about what you must do, and take actions accordingly. The card’s root meaning and message aren’t bent or changed when paired with other cards from the tarot deck. But the combinations add more meaning and depth to your reading. Below there are some important card combinations that can result in you delivering a descriptive and accurate reading.

  • The Knight of Coins & Other Knights:

    When this pair is combined, it not only says that you should indeed take action, it also urges you to take that action swiftly and quickly. Things are coming at you fast-paced, and you must keep up with speed not to fall behind. Even if you’re overwhelmed by the number of situations you’re being put into, it’s totally fine. If you put an efficient amount of effort into your work now, you’ll soon be able to reap the benefit of your hard work and grit.

  • The Knight of Coins & Pages:

    This pair comes as a slight warning. Do not let others tell you what to do, and never let others’ immaturity ruin your time. It may prevent you from succeeding in your goals. There’re different times for working, relaxing and having fun. It’s essential to know the difference between it and prioritize your work and your hobbies. There’ll always be the chaos of others around you. But don’t let that affect you and your well-being. Being in control of your life and destiny will result in happiness for you in the long run.

  • The Knight of Coins & The Fool:

    Have you ever considered that you might be overworking and over-exerting yourself and maybe now it’s time for a relax? The combination of the Knight of Coins and the Fool sends a strong message for balance and juggling between work and relaxation. Although the two forces seem opposite, these two complete each other, and too much of either of these can destroy your life. The Fool card can teach the Knigth of Coins to let loose once in a while and be adventurous. At the same time, the Knight of Coins can work as a reminder for you to return to your work after having your sweet rest.

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Being centered, focused, hard-working and successful are the life goals of many, and the Knight of Coins or the Knight of Pentacles works a strong reminder for you to acquire and adapt these prospects in your life to shine. The teachings of this card can inspire anyone to be hard-working and motivated to reach their goals.

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