Ten of Coins Meaning, Guide And Review

Ten of Coins, commonly known as Ten of Pentacles, is part of tarot card readers call the Minor Arcana. It’s parallel to the Ten of Diamonds in the playing cards. It is the 10th card in the coin suit of Latin suited playing cards, including tarot decks. Across Europe, where the games are usually unheard of, tarot decks are primarily used for divination purposes. The meaning and interpretation of the Ten of Coins card are derived from the original Rider-Waite tarot deck.

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Ten of Coins Keywords

Upright Keywords:

Wealth, financial security, family, long-term success, contribution, ancestry, inheritance, windfall, foundations, privilege, affluence, stability, tradition, legacy, roots, an unexpected financial windfall, lump sum, deeds, trust funds, privilege, inherited issues, family home or business, family values pr responsibilities, old money, business empire, domestic bliss, contracts, pensions, long-term financial stability, being conventional, settling down, pre-nuptials, marriage, marrying into money, good family life.

Reversed Keywords:

The dark side of wealth, financial failure or loss, family disputes, bankruptcy, debt, fleeting success, conflict, over money, instability, breaking conditions, disputed inheritance, being excluded from a will or not leaving a will, unexpected changes, financial disaster, huge losses, the collapse of an empire, illegal activity, money laundering, rocky foundations, losing everything, family feuds, family burdens or negligence, domestic violence, fighting over money, divorce, new money, faking wealth or affluence, breaking traditions, unconventional, marrying for money, cold-heartedness.

Ten of Coins Description

The Ten of Coins or Ten of Pentacles card depicts an old man with white hair, wearing an embroidered robe adorned with ornaments along with his two loyal dogs cowering at his feet. A young couple holding onto a small child; presumably, their child stands nearby the man. The imagery suggests that the old man is the wealthy patriarch who has worked hard during his lifetime and accumulated wealth and money. He has achieved a great deal in his lifetime, and now he’s more than delighted to share his abundance with his loved ones. He’s immensely gratified, and that is depicted in the art. The success and wealth he has secured now can be used to protect and stabilize his family. Financial security and stability are now the legacies he has created.

The image’s backdrop depicts a large castle or mansion-like household; the people are sitting in the courtyard. The background is yet another hint at their fantastic and well-managed financial secure situation, prosperity, and comfort. The archway of this mansion is decorated with family emblems, symbols, and flags, indicating their rich and vast ancestry history. It’s also an indication that their wealth isn’t just merely materialistic and for the comfort of life; rather than that, it’s for acknowledging the deeply rooted connection they have to their family and lineage.

In other versions of this card, the man is depicted as the head of a family, and his loved ones surround him. The details on his robes are very clear, and they display crescent moons and grapevines- this stands as another symbol of joining spirituality with materialism.  The card reminds us repeatedly that the wealth of this certain family is related to tradition and the familial bond between the members.

General Interpretation of Ten of Coins (Upright & Reversed)

Upright Meaning:

This card depicts strong foundations and solid security and stability in all areas and aspects of your life in the general context. The Suits of Petnalces are commonly connected to finance, money, and materialistic things, so you may expect good things in these aspects of your life. The upright positioned Ten of Coins card gives you positive messages and affirmations for your thoughts and ideas.

On another note, it’s also a good card to get in case of doing family readings. It depicts a very positive relationship in the family with your loved ones and increases the importance o family responsibilities, support, and values. To be close to your family and discover its ancestry or family tree may bring you closer to your roots. If you’re close to your family as of now, the Ten of Coins depicts domestic harmony and peace. You may look forward to joyful times with your family members, like a family gathering or a celebration. This Minor Arcana card heavily focuses on old school traditions and embracing them for life to be settled.

Reversed Meaning:

In normal meanings, the Ten of Pentacles or the Ten of Coins depicts rocky foundations and the presence of insecurity and instability in your life and in your family. Dishonesty is associated with the reversed position of this card. It serves as a warning to steer off the illegal or shady activities going around you or in your family as it won’t be good for you.

It’s also not a great card to get in family readings as the card signifies family feuds, burdens, and negligence in the family. Domestic dispute or dispute over a will or inheritance may be dividing your family apart or ruin the peace. This Minor Arcana card can also suggest disharmony or dreading within a family, even tor gathering.

On the contrary, this card may be the opposite of the upright position and may convey the message of being unconventional and breaking out of the traditions. The card may also hint at the upcoming sudden challenges or changes that you might face, but you must be strong and remember that difficult situations are the ones that help us learn and grow.

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Ten of Coins- Yes or No

Ten of Coins or Ten of Pentacle usually refers to ‘yes’ in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question in a tarot reading. As the card answers questions about family concerns, relationships, or friendships, the card generally depicts a healthy and happy home along with extended family members close to you. In case you’re longing for something but aren’t sure of what it is, a human connection may be able to fill the void of that desperation.

Numerology, Astrology & Symbolism of Ten of Coins


The numerology depicted by the Ten of Coins card is 1.


Ten of Coins card is connected to the Zodiac sign Virgo, which is ruled by the planet of Mercury. The people having the Zodiac sign Virgo are generally seen as logical, practical, along with a systematic approach to life. The sign is also the ruler of the digestive system; that’s why the Virgos are very attuned to ingredients that make up the whole system; this applies to not only food but also all aspects of life. The element associated with the Ten of Coins or the Ten of Pentacles card is Earth.


The Ten of Coins or Ten of Pentacles card is adorned with ten coins or pentacles in them, and the coins situated in the front are ordered and organized according to the structure of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. This depiction is taken from the Rider-Waite tarot deck.

In the Thot Tarot Deck, this card is labeled as Wealth and is associated with the third Decan of Virgo, and it’s said to be ruled by Mercury.

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Ten of Coins & Some Important Card Combinations

Card combinations hold an important place in determining the accurate interpretation of a card. As a card’s meaning can be changed and completely be reversed by its surrounding cards, it’s important to be aware of these variations to get the right answers from a reading.

  • Ten of Coins & The Wheel of Fortune:

    This pair hints at wealth in general as well as family fortune. Financial security for yourself isn’t desired if your family can’t benefit from it. The key to a stable life is to find a way to secure yourself and your family financially. Suppose there’s a business idea hovering above your mind, or you’re hesitating to go through with an opportunity of an investment. In that case, the Wheel of Fortune encourages you to take a spin.

  • Ten of Coins & The Four of Wands:

    This combination indicates an upcoming celebration. The cause for celebration can be anything- an accomplishment or just enjoying a holiday; the key is that it will bring your family together and closer. The possibilities this combination holds are- family reunion, a baby shower, or a wedding, but the pair definitely speaks of happy times coming ahead.

  • Ten of Coins & The Ace of Cups:

    This pair surprisingly doesn’t disappoint and doesn’t come empty-handed either. The gift of this combination is most probably a little bundle of joy. The card suggests that if you have infertility, don’t fret and trust your fate. If it isn’t you who longs for a baby, someone from your family may soon be expecting.

  • Ten of Coins & The Two/ Three of Wands:

    The message hints at embracing originality. The combination of Ten of Coins with Two of Wands states that you’re looking for ways to bring in more revenue. If so, don’t be scared to look for unconventional options. Think of any talent you might possess. A family skill or trade might be of help too.
    In the case of the combination being with Three or Wands, the possibility is that you’re soon to explore uncharted and undiscovered parts of yourself. Trying something new and bringing in endless new possibilities. As long as one thinks outside of the box, one can reach the right path.


Ten of Coins or Ten of Pentacles card mainly focuses on two vital parts of human lives; finances and family. The card is also a depiction of the connection between the two. Combining the materialistic approach of money and wealth and the spiritual connection among the family members, this card reveals how we can keep ourselves and our family members financially secure by utilizing our efforts and talents.

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